Other than organelles, also cognitive phase-space ::

IMG::: http://sumthinblue.com/house-of-leaves/ Don’t close tabs and minify windows.. Copy all into a .txt – Trying to close without copy, Ever a spiral of distraction Let be let be let be let do See if, at the end, you have a ‘MUST READS!!!’ section? Or was it a lot of junk? MUST READS , polish the […]

On Work & On Practice & On Flow (+ status update)

Sleep deprived Coffee to go Getting beyond self To make it to appointments “I would say I was ready before, but there were, uh, unexpected things” “But my attitude has definitely shifted a lot since then…” To the bus, to the bus. Who needs to drive? Criminal record be damned, I can get a job […]

Organizing Principles

Cut Out, Throw Away, Reduce, Simplify, Reuse, Keep Clean All along the angels watch us, ever silently All along we take our tea with Demonoid, the Faeries, Lao Tzu Master of Ceremonies wants no part of your foolhardiness In each Time Replace symbols With acts > But note: Questions unspoken can plague you But those […]

Finding my way to peace of mind Withdrawing from a course Having time for all my projects New ($) job to start tomorrow Underlandish intellectually Short hours late at night Theatre or poli sci in the summer? Depending on what’s a humanity Resume page for website and dating profile Traffic way down due to election […]

Status of Forces

(Repost from my http://poeticpostcards.wordpress.com !) Whooo! My I Ching for why my computers are acting so weird has 10 Treading changing to 28 Excess… I Suppose I am getting so into this and other internet projects that my homework is being neglected… I still have time though. I set a timer for 1 hour. We’ll […]


Shredding A texture of loss permeates all idle moments Filling them with all the wrong things Cheering the idea of making a break Knowing its impossibility Seeing a line of hope But not ready to embark osn89emrt6 fny0q3mny Ready But not ready Wavering Impossible to get the necessary work done here Or is it? Overcoming […]