Words fell in a glitter of dust
All of them were mostly luminous
Stitching together a tissue of blood and sinew
The teeth of the jabberwock came too near to this one
All along the riverbank the collected speech of the countrymen piled
In the enchanted silence it had no where else to go
The piles began to stink and spew gases
The words died and decayed
Only the most basic were left
When the enchantment was finally broken

Collected Words Dribble Through The Screens

A sliding into the corner

A collection of printed tees

A simple method for formulating humor

You collapse on yourself like droplets hitting water

Someone lets you in to say

That it is not time to go yet

You wander the halls aimlessly

Your mind bursting with old words

Rehashed and reused

A collection of dark thoughts impinges

And you are lost in woe

A collection of fire sprites diverts your attention

You wake up, noticing the morning lights quality of newness

more word recombination

chk chk chk

systems are online lets go

call <blank> on gas and lunch /// no

go clear mail and answer @ <redacted>

later to <redacted>

register for class

tonight clean house

call <redacted> & call <blank> about some payment


if by some miracle theres extra time,

_ – _ – _ load poems to wordpress


dizzy whizzy dizzy dizzy

possibly take cans to scrap metal

*church or buddhism or aa he was thinking

_ – _ – _ but he never gets a non-work day

You owe it to yourself to live clean

_ – _ – _ live in a clean house

Cash cash cash cash

_ – _ ? Going to just go downhill when you get paid?

<author’s intejection: asshat. ¬†you don’t have a clue>

_ – _ Well it seems to be getting better

Need that gas . . . . will scrap metal be a gain


Most important things:

_ – _ <shopping list>

_ – _ <shopping list>

_ – _ <shopping list>

_ – _ <shopping list>

some further words before the next notebook

Writing some things

Falling sideways

Under the whaling walls

So much falling

Why always falling?

Why always always always the same words?


<triangle circular leaf doodle>

under skirt




[dash dash dash

8 <name> vs <other name>







+ time