Updates + The Atrociousness of the Color White in Web Design

Well, I’ve been bumped to a different month on the 30/30 project,
possibly as late as Summer. Still, I have finished the text on the
updated manuscript, and if I get it in today as seems very possible,
it should be available around 3/22. Also working on a T-Shirt design
for Spreadshirt which 75% of my proceeds will be donated (15% to
erowid.org, 15% to the Drug Policy Alliance, 15% to the National Legal
Aid & Defender Association, 15% to National Association for Public
Defense, and 15% to the ACLU. Also, a new Message + Quote of the Day

The Atrociousness of the Color White in Web Design

The Horror! The Horror!
The Internet is White. So White.
Everywhere white. As if, ‘oh, we couldn’t be bothered to come up with a color scheme’ – ‘It’s just a webpage, after all!’
White. We have always had white.
Paper white, from brown to glaring…
One would think, …
Now that computers …
We have the means …
To forever free ourselves …
From the white ..
That sears the eyes …
We would _ _
But no. People dislike change. People fear choice.
All the possible colors [not counting LSD or natural synaesthetes..]
All the possible bad choices . .

[[ poem, night, 2/27 ]]

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Image source: Color Meanings | Color Symbolism | The Meanings of Colors

Google Image Terms: the laziness of the color white

Site Update + New Poem

My nexus page at Psychic Fugue Studio has gotten a chop & slight repurpose. It will be having a Message of the Day poem or other thing at the top (not necessarily updated every single day). You’ll have to click through to see the first. I have been planning to redo the homepage entirely, but yesterday I thought, it’s sensible to do this by increments for now, then I can stress less about problems and eagerness. I want the page to be fully  responsive , so it may take me a bit to get an all new one up. But would be working from a template I already made in 2015. After rejiggering my lists on the existing page, I must say, my existing page is really not so bad on a cell phone….


Slog Slog Slog Slog web design


must be better ways

sure, but do you have resolve?

have to look it up

is it a logical chimera?

the body is simply incapable

facing down the emotional storms

and still doing the logic behind all code

behind research and writing, well

used to be but I feel more competent


behind gardening, a plain old job, or a war

no problem


call clients to-day

see if they want refunds and referrals

or very late completion

I feel up to it now


Why the shift?


could be many things

[ – – – noun – 17. a resolution or determination made, as to follow some course of action.

18. firmness of purpose or intent; determination. – – – ]