Some Stable People, Some Unwelcome Fantasies

Dripping on the sidelines
He wept silently
All the people went on about their business
Unwatchful of their brothers
The distraction of the incredible TV
All mentioning things about the weather
Singularly absent of demagogues
The individualistic nature of the focus
Hot burgers! Hot burgers!
Servers on duty tonight
Slipping into the sex of the mindset
Dreaming forever of the changes to be made
Looking hot for all to see
So much undone to be crossed
To cross again is not to cross
A crossed disposition of the stars and portents and spirits
To cross again is not to cross
Slipping through behind the mirror
Tips come raining from the sky
Until the ways are mockery of the self-righteous theists
Coming undone
Taking yourself to pieces
Filtering out the failures
Creating distortion
Creating misperception
Creating delusion
Some stable people
Some unwelcome fantasies
How he is at home
How grumpy can you be?
Stilling the waters
Stilling the trembling heart

A Tribe to Grow

Time to go

Time to trust

Time to filter

Time to rust

Get way off kilter

Even the score

Become your own hero

As you do ever more

Come with you

And come with me

Be ever true

Nurture a tree

We walk through silence

We walk through sand

We walk through clamor

We give them a hand

A place to build

A time to weather

A tribe to grow

Light as a feather

Clean as snow

The feeling becomes

A way to their hearts

A way to repair

The Earth’s parts

If you do care

Come to take part

dashed off in interim

rhythm silence rhythm silence

needs and wants pile on all the self interest

in my mind nothing fits nothing works

nothing stands before you

vacant and empty this man


a need and a want, a city on fire

coming down the turnpike the city stirs closing the eyelids feeling all-weather

a need an urge an inclination, a perversity

a time a need

nothing stands up to the hurricanes coming

watch for the time to begin making a stronger stand


later you may wish you had

Under the Weather

Under the weather

Head full of sloshing oil

And buzzing accusation

Unfully awake

Although not feeling ill

6 shots no dice

Sleeping too long

I guess entire day is shot

Maybe a shower

Maybe a meditation

Maybe . . . .

But have to leave in 2 hrs

So we die die in our minds

Let go Let go Let go

Shit happens

Tomorrow a new day

[addenda: was I involuntarily dosed the night before? that ‘head full of oil’ is a rare feeling for me]