The Fisherman

Plying the high seas

In a single triangle sail rig

Under the turning sun & moon


Fish jump, the waves toss


Slapped by a herring!

Under the scudding clouds

Wanders John

The Fisherman
The Fisherman who has seen a thousand seas

in many different guises

on many different planets

in many parallel realities

withe many different people

He has seen it all

Today, this time, though, he sails alone

Alone into the greatness of the boundless ocean

Which alone of our modern pleasures

Shows man his impotence

In the face of nature,

….Friend or Foe

Is a matter of philosophy

Under the waves Silly I thought the wavesThe last

Under the waves 

Silly I thought the waves

The last border under which

None emerge

But here in the deep prussion blue

I stand immersed

In the numinous trance of the ancients

Flywheel panopticon on the surface world of cities

All laid bare to my eye

Solitary consciousness on the center

Of fate’s luminous causal web

Information all exposed to

The open mind