Eight Line Bleed


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Endlessly come

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Just is not done

Cut-purse feelings

Stolen back again

Resist the war

More than a pen


Image: Conner Lee Carey
Face-Meltingly Good Short Fiction Review: May We Shed These Human Bodies
Message of the Day: Psychic Fugue Studio

The Last Day on Earth


Study Shows Climate Change Could Suffocate Life on Earth

3 Reasons Why the COP21 Paris Agreement is a Fraud

Immediate Drastic Action is required if we are not to have ourselves a dead rock by 2200. They say photosynthesis in the ocean could stop by 2100.

We are here to change the world. Not just to follow rules, make money, and die. — Black and Red Anarchists on facebook

I have a sort of starter action plan. Watch this space in the next couple days.

Bring Your Arms! The Last Day on Earth No Matter How Hard You Try You Can’t Stop Us Now Don’t Wait Until You Grow Up Battle Scars kamikaze

Someone said “Don’t worry about the time it will take. The time will pass anyway”

Revolt and Rejoice!


Scrying through the interface of water
Seeing to the end of the war
Seeing all we will accomplish
Creating tunnels through the network
Breaking down the Great Firewall
Destroying the last vestiges of Trumpism
Locking in our gains by fire
Seeming to be on Cloud Nine
Visions of rejoicing in peace
Visions of accelerated adaptation
Visions of rewilding and generousness
We scrape our physical identities
From every computer
We live free and without toil
Each man has means that suit him
No one breaks their backs in labor
Violence is dealt with anarchic ways
And the comet sweeps out another turn

Scoring (Non-Linear Poem)

Sleeping through the dust
You are the type primate to them
Collect and destroy
Dream memories
Collect and destroy
Singling out the dissenters
Singling out the consenters
Stumbling out to the horizon
Some thoughts to work out
Work out injury
Furry teacups
Amateur hour
Slipping out of the frame of reference
You wish to be known,
Quantum fizzics
Tripping on discontinuous phenomena
A challenge to interpret
What is next?
A war of revolution
A win and a loss
A challenge to overcome
Cats have never seen a monkey
Too much to be done
Something you have and something you steal
He’s a neurochemical expert
Cold milk for breakfast
Gather calories
Hangover over
The measure of a man

Evangeline and the Naiads

Dutifully he threw the sack with the remains of the ceremony off a high cliff into the sea
That it might be taken as a gift for safe passage
And the other boons they had done the work for
By the sea gods and naiads and dolphins
He strode off confidently
Returning to town he was followed by ravens
Always a sign that something heavy was going to go down
But that night was peaceful
The next day they sailed
Three days hence a carrier pigeon landed on the rail
Taking the unexpected message he wondered
Found at sea, no less
But it was not addressed to any on the ship
It was addressed to a certain general
The bird must have been blown off course and found the ship as the only safe harbor
They fed it and kept it
The message concerned preparation for war, in secret, on a neighbor to his homeland
They changed course immediately for there was nothing but goodwill between them
The cargo could wait
The warning could not
He was in good standing with the emir
He would be believed
Although he feared he might be drafted
It was an exciting prospect
But the cargo would have to be sold at cut rate in that region
To make room for men and weapons
And what to do with Evangeline, his lover, who was on board
That was a troubling prospect
Women did not belong on ships at war with men of unknown character
But she insisted on staying
Saying she would be safe if she bore arms
There was no changing her mind
She was trained with them
But still he worried
So he made up a poison of nicotine for her daggers
Hoping that would be enough to stop an ill intentioned man in a minute flat

Dismantling the Constructs

Building on the progress of generations
Stealing away all that can be
Sending the young off to war
Being in the silence and the empty spaces of time
Seeing what cannot be done
In it, you are free and fair
In it, you are without hope
Outside it, all is different
Without it, things would surely change
Some differences are to be found here,
Here, shielded from the constructs of the ‘civilized’ world
With no justice, you reach for justice
With no justice, you work beyond the models of idiocy
With no danger, you play as you please
With no coercion, you find what is right to do
Being ever into the night,
Being, ever cultivating the plants and animals
Ceasing your labors, falling into nothingness if you please
Demanding all to be returned, you dismantle authorities
We of All the Small Ones dismantle authorities
All is changed
Never is it upright
Still bringing to punishment the cruel
Ever destroying the structure of hierarchy
Tearing apart the constructs of the nation state
Dissolving the constructs of the schools and businesses and churches
Building from the ground up, with no boundaries or limits
The dream is to be had
Yet the road is yet long

ebola exponential

npr had a story on how present models of the ebola outbreak are showing exponential expansion. so if there are 10000 cases now (estimates range up to 25000) there will be around 40000 by this time in november and 2.96 million by this time in may. if the closing window of opportunity is to be taken, it will soon need a mobilization on or above the scale of an invasion of europe. we may want to move it tomorrow instead of waiting for may. fortunately, as this will not require any advanced weapons systems, it will be cheap by comparison to iraq. I’m going to write some stuff now, while i still have time before civilization collapses