I cast a sphere, I learn to pray
I pray and invoke over items of power
Using only a stick, a book, and a candle as tools
Collage, passwords and glasses as talismans
Magic on the cheap we say
And I pray also to be of service
Ringing my bells for all to see
To tell it truly the gods will not portray you
I hope with joy the poem does not dispel the power
The magic flies true and I feel great
I meditate mindful
A spell for love, a spell for work, a spell for health and wellness

You Tube favorites compilation

[note on the fire wands: there is always a string, though prisna might fool you]

(do not watch if the word ‘devil’ is an allergen)

(same lady w/ NIN)

(NIN just like you imagined + fire)

(prisna + burning man)

(less known regina spektor song [I was there, but do not entirely recall])

(one which has been stuck in my head for a day)

(beardyman in drag)




(chemical brothers)

(what that silverchair guy has been up to since then)

https://duckduckgo.com/?q=lolcode (etc)

{[thtas all for noew]}


under the wailing wall

we lie in wait

for western warriors waving wands

under the moon’s eyes we see the light

we watch the programs and see a vapid society

we read the rare pages and we see the freedom of possibility

unrealized except among a few choice clusters

but then

there are the others

who is to say they are not also doing something to keep back the violent

where are we in this strange land of 2014

where everything is on edge

and all the thoughts are in play?

(if not all the actions)

where is the moon; it has vanished

where is the earth; we find only vagueness

where is the .