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Stomach crying its emptiness

Head unpleasant too

Both becoming lessened by seconds

Time ticks on and the device shifts

Phenibut is amazing for dreams

None the last 3+ months

This is something else entirely

But should you wish to hack and crack the sleep of the powerful

Consider phenibut, and aniracetam (but do not brinf large doses of p to a sudden stop)

In the panpsychism and pantheism

In the splittikins and remergings of event/reality spaces and groups

In the limited options of OTCs, herbals, alcohols, tobaccos, . . .

And now feeling entirely better again, after the brief lie down . . .

And a bit of psychedelic verse

Yet shifting…

This brief descent into the verbal and textual plane

Drops me back to sobriety, even while it stopped pain

New protocol, 4, 3, 2, 3. .. (4left)  separated

And yet still too hot for a stroll,

But cigarette and drink, palatable again

The loveliness of evening

Hypnosis of goals, not yet, perhaps later

Shifting feelings untoward and unclaimed

Forget critics and bask in pleasance and joy

Lose not self, nor compromise

Stretch beer with splashes of herb tea and juice and ice

Consider the passionflower and St John’s wort of the field

They do not spin, neither do they toil . . .

Applications against alcohol notwithstanding

DXM (Diminishment of Terms)

Also posting to erowid and facebook and twitter and tumbler and scriggler

even after fifty
trip limit. still
mildly psychedelic
with meditation
300 mg level
15-16 years of use
withe technology work
and text messaging
I can assess the line
breaks when i get
short pages
still having coherent
verbal thought forms
in and out of meditation
last time i submitted
15 years ago (no less
but i feel like it
typing not yet
poet by trade
suspected us government
technology project
experience with psychosi
at least four times although
only out of hospital
once for seven days
dream telepathy
scientific studies in the
dont need long pages
don’t need typing
thought break
although sick
just barely
beta glucan
no aniracetam today
climate change project
postcards social media
diminishment of terms
easy to spell non immersive
some dissociative
no real visuals
meditation timer just
went off
is the size of notebooks
changing or jus me?
didnt check today at
drug store
fast response climate change
punk rock poetry pitches
at bar with climate
change project
no money no plastic
long time
art school
later design arts technology
can assess line breaks when
get back
visions many in dreams
vocoders officedepot
military transcription
visual synaesthesia
nonstandard spelling or
diminishment of terms
keep spelling focus
vision declining
not dream telepathy
loss of keys
not remembering where
dreams wake up burning of libraries
advanced consciousness
just put pen cap on
legalize all drugs
not a radical agenda
What have you
Phamaceutical advisoryes
Do most people need advice
from pharmacist?
Not me
Assess line breaks later
Uncertain location
one less empty
what have you writer
diminishment of terms
no three hoooked m
on keyboard
eyes blur
Though break
Painful auditory buzz
goto blog and erowid
blog password changed!
phone internet fail
the moth story slam louisville
a bit
august moon
nocoders rocoders
friends mail server attacked
beaten to death
ok now i think check phon
uncertain t+
text to mom
attempt text line breaks
break check research chems

slightly off center press
does erowid take .doc
or internet text or

if anyone is looking
to start in network
bookstores only carmichaels
and others no
paranoid mail checks
or postcards yet
government conspiracy
theory office depot
remotes to phones
diminishment of terms
move to table no mom
texts of feelys
emotion even
slipping in and out of
5 mine medittion timer
spinflips switchflips
“as you disintegrate”
rational trip
dissociative motion
decision to keep in
psychedelic poetry
use drug names
in school text
high school
of lsd psilocybin visuals
mescaline ayahuasca
native american church findable online
travel costs
host a white person?
no black market
sad me pot only
check research chemicals
get first paycheck
trust fund
down to 48k
parent control
neat handwriting
question pens
do diaGNOSIS
no, schizophrenia diagnosis
diagnosis not
keep addictive drugs
DXM addiction?
Just alcoholism cigarettes
penheindbut phenibut
either alcohol or phenibut
not both no money
need sharpies
should have three
Joe kid 20 thief
notebook and cds or just maybe?
No not so crazy
nothing gone up my nose
lo these many
dont recall any
dont recall coke
opiates high school
psychedelic lightweight
no many years gone
give me 2cb
research chemical
understand how to proceed
psychedelic schizophrenia
dont write that
no studies ongoing
who doctors or me?
I say I no schizo
doctor say twice
water salaries maps
make the call
blog post erowid
see visions first poet
many called such
no difficulty finding things
preponderance of spoons votes
hard disc in the radio
visions of death?
Not net yet
Climate rage. diminishment
of terms to facebook,
also wordpress
also tumblr twitter but not posted
psychedelic dxm poetry and
medittion hat no secretsbut
dream telepathy
remeditate short page trip
report verse later erowid dxm
no sick


Troubling things-
Flare and diminsh-
Replacing lies with death,
And then the stores of hopes and delusions-
Relight the fire-
In those lungs ☆
Become one and sink
Rise and claim peace
But think of the great dangers of certainties,
Take them on not lightly;
Nor cover or trouble yourself with them without necessity
Stick and stand ground
Waver in the seductive winds
The tongue in your ear-
Speaks no words

StreamOfC #x

In all collections of weird ways. Truth is love. Love brings
us together. To become distracted of sounds. To become
a new man. To rise up from your low state. To be changed
To slave away at new verse. Writing away to the
end of the page. Love is what holds it all together.
To cut or not to cut? To crown and adore. To cherish
and sing. To not require, but request. To see eye to eye,
right up in front of each other. Too many talks to

Reading of poetry strip the slashes
Code talks and talk codes, blinking in the mist
Loving your lies you say uninterested
Leaving the moment you walk into gloom
The lines of distinctiveness or the lines of reclamation, one feels that this is not the only way to distinguish
We fly through seas drifting on my tide
Idling in the spell check reference
Sitting on the seventies’ recliner, now in the drip of the post nasal inconvenience
Sleep falls lightly as the dropping snow
Dreaming of the spaceships and rubik’s’ of poetry
The festivals the baggage floating you beyond control. The needling of the friends to call
You drift in you drifting; you see and you don’t
Defining the terms of the debate-
We swing suddenly back into interpretation

Nonlinear Verse 12/2 #2

one silver tongued snake enters your room
stimulant species grow crystals in glue
a tank in readiness rolls out today
under your weather release red balloons
no animals come to rescue your hero
umbrella revolt never got it’s due
some people go rolling down alleys and streets
my mind captures all that and this time on tape
one weather, one feather, your mind on a tether
one closing door rings true to my eye
your closing is hosing down each simple path
my mind alters the moves for my bishop’s groove
a heaven of pasta in your feathered caps
your time and your blood cells are up for the night
a fever is burning to stake out his crew
my wether, my feather, your verse now in measure
prose verse reverses, your mind in a tomb
some open season on each lost chance
my people are leaving en masse and in flow
one mind and one body, one faith and one bill
some billiant billionaire will make it alright
one person to make it, one man to close
one sequence of insults follows your fears
forms a tumbling coil of leaps
a climbing species of vine chokes out the light
a closing of ego, a piece of a penny