Organizing Principles

Cut Out, Throw Away, Reduce, Simplify, Reuse, Keep Clean
All along the angels watch us, ever silently
All along we take our tea with Demonoid, the Faeries, Lao Tzu
Master of Ceremonies wants no part of your foolhardiness
In each
Replace symbols
With acts >
But note:
Questions unspoken can plague you
But those voiced can sometimes be even worse
The inner pipings of the mind conspire
The hopes and fears collude and diminish
REALITY takes center stage once more,
After its lengthy and interminable patience waiting in the wings
Bibliophiles care not a whit for you –
At least not yet
Your cares unpile and dissolve
Clinging ever to the past –
Until these days of your era near
Coming unglued from conventionality
Abandonment of college
Failure of conventionality
Like a hot mess, I am resplendent
Need for mental care forgotten
The growth by leaps and bounds –
I am Ready; I know my Direction  
Never return and never recoil
End it all with peace and justice
Step forth into a New Life
Become whole and rejoice $
Ignore signs and portents and explanations
Finally, chart your own course…!

Goran Paunovic:

One – People – Liberation – Night

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∑ < • { : e – e : } • > ∫

People run in with machetes and sacks of ball bearings
/ / People have visions of transformation of their world
/ / / / People are left with no choice but to fall under spells
/ / / / / / People let go of their feelings for those they cannot have
One takes thought for the times when one has nothing
/ / One takes thought for the inevitable changes of heart
/ / / / One takes thought without stopping for the fears
/ / / / / / One takes thought to run up tabs and walk out
The liberation of crows is the liberation of magic
/ / The liberation of people is the change without the effort
/ / / / The liberation of elvenkind is the one thing that never ceases
/ / / / / / The liberation of you is your prosperity blossoming
One bit of solace becomes the thing you cling to
/ / One piece of truth is all you need to stay alive
/ / / / One iota of attraction is all you require to be enraptured
/ / / / / / One fragment of self-worth is all that’s needed to move forward
A night under the stars with a lover on a trip
< < < < Is all the method you need to reach a new level . . .

∫ < • { : x – x : } • > ∑

< < [ Taste the Rainbow ] > >

Knots and Spiderwebs


In the heart of the dialogue
Exits were found but not yet followed
The time was Nation, and the place was the Last Outer Outpost
Flooding the streets the pickets
Notching up wounds inflicted were the Forces
The end of the chapter came too soon
And all dissolved into chaos
Let us see what can be done…
Councils were established
Defensive protocols for those who could
The distribution of needles was disrupted
The end of the gloaming retreated into silence instead of crickets
In your sex, remark on how suddenly things have changed
Allow all to be heard and risen
Chaotic proposals
Etheric bliss
None call it what it is;
But all know –
The microphone went where it needed to be
The levers were applied to move the Earth
Tensile strength, be damned
Chaotic students will finally graduate
All is well, and all is well, and all shall be well
Remote interactions fluff up the semantic drift engine
Let be, let be, let be, let do
Still the heart, and come to unity
Be unlike the the sound of Ocean waves
Timorously, you think on your death
But it is naught to be feared
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you sir are definitely not brrr!. also free brrr!! and brrr! it is ‘base’ not ‘bases’

Producing Money

Fluidity of the terms
Allotments of attention
Becoming a seer, becoming a sage
Making fans!
Fans who play guitar, sing beautifully, and wear little dresses…
In the best of times, in the worst of times
We come forward with the ideas of transformation
But do they gain traction is the question?
Perhaps that is not my task
When we work we become solid
When we become solid we advertise
When we get these applications in…
But so difficult to focus on it
Free books to read
A better use of time
But still not…
Producing money
As of yet

In case you know who you are read this, People of the Moon is in The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore if you want a copy.

Finding a Space, Clearing a Place

Filtering out the ways and means
Tuning yourself to the ever present amber existence
Being clear on what you want
Seeming to ever be clear headed
Dreaming of ways to build your houses
Finding the space for yourself somewhere
Bringing along the animals
Severing connections to the systems of corporations
Severing connections to the systems of governments
Tuning yourself to the great void of the tonal distance to the violet connection
Becoming true in yourself
Seeing the untrammeled ways of freedom
Finding that pioneering spirit
Ringing your plans into truthful existence
Building on successes, learning from inevitable failures
Composting, recycling, conserving, gardening
Clearing the space of the detritus of dysfunction
Spinning the wheels until they catch and propel you off
Tuning into the theta wave screaming for a difference
Living life as it is meant to be lived

Summer Archives #10

The power lines that wreath the world; the Hopi prophecy alight

Spider webs across the Earth; & Internets – a House in the Sky (or three)

The great Rebalancing of the Cycle’s End – May come,


We, the people of the Earth

Change our ways

& change them sharply

As long as the states and powerful men continue their squabbles

Or trample the real peoples’ lives

?(There is little / That such an one as I / Can do)?