To-Do Lists & Organization & Wholeness

In to-do lists, make time loosely blocked, yet if there is a fixed set that has shortly worked, do not neglect to consider it.

Do not overload list if you can, this is a downfall of disappointment

Leave room below for day notes. These will help you refine your approach and know strengths and weakness. Here add with ++ things to add for the day.

Make separate a list of all that other things not on the list of today. Make this list today. Make to-do dailies the night before…

Admit to self that there will be little interstitial things and distractives, but meditate on minimizing them

Seeming ever to be ready, burst forth into life!

Often there are hidden parts of ourselves that work to keep us small and out of fulfillment. These can be uncovered and worked with by methods inventive or prescribed. Is the dream really you, or is it a fantasy of evasion?

Tend to your four fires. That of coal, your basic level of life and health, that of flame, the enduring things projects passions that make you whole, and those of arc and star… (Evolutionary Witchcraft, chapter on North/Earth/Body/Material/Money)

Among times of Star, between times of Tube… See between pieces where to generate more time..

Lists and lists, my methods use 4 notebooks in a day currently…

Seeing between pieces the tools of opening.. Tools of creation.. Tools of balance.. Tools of true self..

Do not neglect to reduce isolating going forward, or if you have the opposite problem of lots of draining and distractive togetherness & messaging

Know or begin to search for your proper limits of what to take on..

Self, pride, power, sex, passion

Knowledge, law, liberty, love, wisdom… Note the sequences.. (EW, iron, pearl pentacles)

On the morrow one step closer,

On this eve, sleep in peace!

Blessed be.

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Self-Concept Commutative Telegrams x0001 five stars, I think..

Psychic Fugue Studio

Morning 4


Bright sun spot through blinds/ finally up
No relief/ single digit cold through this day
Later: must go out
In the meantime, 9 am coming, says the sun
Time; dispense with blogging; make today list
Blogging is work, but, today and every day, also other work
*le sigh* I guess I have to do email; I hate paperwork & insurance
Rather be making art or updating my %real% website
Move along; make magic of your life; not grousing
Yesterdays book reviews; to write
#~ open blinds, sudden blaze of sun; masquerades; killing cold out there ~#
Rock music
Shoot the car; jump start this baby
{Rockets ignite}

more word recombination

chk chk chk

systems are online lets go

call <blank> on gas and lunch /// no

go clear mail and answer @ <redacted>

later to <redacted>

register for class

tonight clean house

call <redacted> & call <blank> about some payment


if by some miracle theres extra time,

_ – _ – _ load poems to wordpress


dizzy whizzy dizzy dizzy

possibly take cans to scrap metal

*church or buddhism or aa he was thinking

_ – _ – _ but he never gets a non-work day

You owe it to yourself to live clean

_ – _ – _ live in a clean house

Cash cash cash cash

_ – _ ? Going to just go downhill when you get paid?

<author’s intejection: asshat. ¬†you don’t have a clue>

_ – _ Well it seems to be getting better

Need that gas . . . . will scrap metal be a gain


Most important things:

_ – _ <shopping list>

_ – _ <shopping list>

_ – _ <shopping list>

_ – _ <shopping list>