A Challenge, River Nights

Something will always be left
Yet you know it never lasts
There is always time for more
There is always a way forward
A program comes closer to completion
The treble is rising to the sky
Clever methodical monkeys
The political process is breaking
The clever of the Angels rings you up with a collection
It went on like this for awhile
Looking for all the world like a trigger
Looking for all the world like a bogon
Like a breaking wave over the lines of the fascists
Like a wave of tremors overwhelming the detoxer
Like a challenge to the enemies of your eye
Like a theory of everything
A piece of changes becomes a way of redirecting snow
An anaconda wends through the glass
A tremor
A challenge
A theory
A threat
A massage
Your message is thus:
.. River nights
.. Cleave to your ancestors
.. The model of your toothless pains
.. The guesswork against the mysteries
.. A small connected and near omnipotent cabal
.. Runs everything
.. And consists of you and your friends
.. [Robert Anton Wilson]
.. See what can be thought
.. Bend the parameters of your mind

Magic Star Time

Unlikely to BE any Magic Star Time today
The dose is too small
All I could afford
But there certainly was yesterday
The aniracetam not cancelling the dextromethorphan
As you might expect
Perhaps even Amplifying?
We’ll see in a little while
Bringing the doses closer together
Smidgen of strange feelings lingering in my head
Tremendous thoughts found
It crept up on me yesterday
I kept thinking, well it’s less than expected
Until, then it wasn’t
And I had to admit I had the full effect
Possibly more….
Happy days
Little beer, but some
Trade-offs and compromises
Cards VERY favorable for dosage
Do not disconnect
Love is in the air
But perhaps with the seeds?…
Then may we have victory?
Cards extremely favorable again
Although they may be cancelled by the venlafaxine
We’ll see, we’ll see indeed
Couple hours to soak
We’ll see
Bit of creeping headache
See where this goes
Delight I already feel rising
Perhaps a different sort of Magic Star Time,
After All
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The locks can be picked, but only with care
This is my last will and testament
Seven droplets fall
Islands of sanity sigh
Walking, talking, Lee
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Tiny Sliver of Time

In a tiny sliver of time
A lot can happen
You can be rejected or accepted
You can discover your competition
You can run into trouble
Words can be written

In a tiny sliver of time
A lot can happen
You can have a car wreck
You can win a prize
You can win or lose at poker or blackjack
You might win the lottery

In a tiny sliver of time
Just about anything can happen
You can discover you got fired
You can turn back from going to work
You can burst with emotion
You can have a moment of divine ecstacy

In a tiny sliver of time
There are things that don’t happen
Climate change
A revolution
The births of Generation Y
Improving internet speeds
The fascist creep of the state

A Tribe to Grow

Time to go

Time to trust

Time to filter

Time to rust

Get way off kilter

Even the score

Become your own hero

As you do ever more

Come with you

And come with me

Be ever true

Nurture a tree

We walk through silence

We walk through sand

We walk through clamor

We give them a hand

A place to build

A time to weather

A tribe to grow

Light as a feather

Clean as snow

The feeling becomes

A way to their hearts

A way to repair

The Earth’s parts

If you do care

Come to take part

Summer Archives #2

Until the seasons change, do nothing but study, computer work, and writing

How to increase output; and decrease time spent –

Key to stress % Undoing

Watching the world pass, as, paychecks vie for attention

Against grades, dishes, garden

~~~ & longer term art and vision

Under the suppressing wail of freelance and class

Wondering why I did not attain the state of vacation @

~~~ semester’s end