One – People – Liberation – Night

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People run in with machetes and sacks of ball bearings
/ / People have visions of transformation of their world
/ / / / People are left with no choice but to fall under spells
/ / / / / / People let go of their feelings for those they cannot have
One takes thought for the times when one has nothing
/ / One takes thought for the inevitable changes of heart
/ / / / One takes thought without stopping for the fears
/ / / / / / One takes thought to run up tabs and walk out
The liberation of crows is the liberation of magic
/ / The liberation of people is the change without the effort
/ / / / The liberation of elvenkind is the one thing that never ceases
/ / / / / / The liberation of you is your prosperity blossoming
One bit of solace becomes the thing you cling to
/ / One piece of truth is all you need to stay alive
/ / / / One iota of attraction is all you require to be enraptured
/ / / / / / One fragment of self-worth is all that’s needed to move forward
A night under the stars with a lover on a trip
< < < < Is all the method you need to reach a new level . . .

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< < [ Taste the Rainbow ] > >

scribbles of the bored (but fit) christmas elf trains

protesterhe signs
wanderings of the disconnected –
stories telling ego
chop chop songs llyrics
little by little
I don’t know all the words to like any songs
did the radio just say something about spies
where is my life going
whence the panopticon?
[personal details refuted]
wow that was a dumb con, no wonder they fired
‘dream come true’
most interesting names are in the shoes
most interesting objects in transit
authorized personell only
no just worry all day
and false hopes
there goes one more minute
length to break?
sure wish i had adderall
the server is crazy today
who is responsible for this?
it’s not even possible to do
ah fixed
psychodrama from a to b
need to be doing other things
i have projects that can stand out
— long ride —
still worrying over the futures and pasts
at least now there are distractions
it’ll be seismic…
no it’ll be a dud
people will like it no you won’t necessarily see
but they will
[whispers T. strong self belief – the only way to claim your power
is to step in and run despite unspectacular results]
i deserve more
[most people have less but still deserve more]
conscious of self
scratches graffiti into the collective dream
[strong self belief]
{this is not a con}
unnervous no longer unnerved by what they likely do not think
why is this game so one sided?
you can’t have both it isn’t fair
[yes we can it is tradition and modernity both tilting one way]
uncertain and unsuccessful – however i dont care
not my fault
what’s got that wingnut so inflated?
campaign is on
fantasy would inform if only
[stronger self belief]
uncritical yet non -random
draft undraft plot incant
middle school is over, yet…
hollywood and washington still churn it out
funny i guess
someone must be caricatured
something must inspire fire and fury
on the thin surface of today
scratch – be weird
where that purple hooded robe in broad daylight on new years walking
(yes that did happen, no it wasn’t me – i did something else)
the untimeliness of cruelty
dishonesty is always heaped on the least able to cope
fixit breakit reincant cleanse purify
too out there for some
too serene for others
downdog & updog consider
level dog and circles working
into silence we flow
timeliness strip slashes
clean and empty the maelstrom
non so
yes 4 hours
*le sigh* no i dont like the network thing
too busy
make your list
roll your dice
die with regrets
sometimes (life, e.g.) real chance
real life flawed in its beauty
kept separate separated
tranquility v connection
false dichotomy forced in scramble
unseeing of the truth of others
intuit – bring gifts
the street statue she knew
once upon a time there was a castle
the end
under the tree frogs were the worms and the stones
theres the beat and the sound but no cares
can you believe those watches
who seriously is buying all these silly things?
no one wears them
climb the stairs
getting worse with the gum and the cigarettes back it up
– break –
one hopes lets see
sinking into the timeless
the place of truth
no not perfection
it will be over middle again
learn teach build
work for someone else’s vision? you kidding me?
(someone or some incorporeal profit)
the rat wheel of course but why?
why do we destroy ourselves?
The End of Money – – interesting
I know you can’t always be in opposition, but seriously, practically everything is suboptimal here
far far suboptimal
we can do it better
but wait,,, people spend their days as two dimensional screens of their true selves
(so many of them)
do you know? do you know where you voice comes from?
is it yours or someone elses?
some melange of ad propaganda and facebiook staus?
mouse, i command
oliphaunt become @$#
sigils of tribeca (wait what’s tribeca again? and why is it in here)
someday someday someday
doesn’t matter
do something today – no need for it to be that someday thing all at once
Untitled street art collection
variety of varietal killer voices unto thee, love
working into the night
sleep, integrate , interpolate masquerade
the hero with a thousand faces
the trauma victim
the shadow & the urge
pieces are dead – give them away now
let them live
how are we to be paid?
in currency?
cash credit or check card lock it up where no one sees it until it becomes simply tiring of looking upon
scribbles, now where did we go
it was too private to reveal
skimming along – stop
don’t think, impel oneself into the other
to do to be touched to be changed too be known’
caret – what when who – do you know them?
how can you? answer me honestly, do you know yourself persons of the earth?
well…. limited schmimited
others have much less
where can your rage be felt?
send it.
[is there any love left?]
it comes after the rage begins
days of war nights of love
we begin semantically
may the war of arms never be done
under the burning sons – will we never get there?
here is enough…
one day far off we burn out
people will know what to do, according to their preference
they will see it in plenty of time to face the choices
now is here. here is now.
fire ze missiles!

loginnothing is cordial. that is a fake.

The Power to Name *


to name gives power.
some things can be called many conflicting names.
which names you choose
depend on you.
which names you use can
(will) alter the course of the thing
or person
so named.
if they are vulnerable
they can be shoved further and further down.
be carefull of which names you use.
face the mirror with your words
before throwing them at another
(the other).
one who has found (is in) strength may instead
move further into opposition
to respond to thoughtless names
the wheel will event-ually spin in
your direction as well
[ it never stops / i know it’s golden ]
the use of powerful & empowering names
is advised
[ it’s the music that we choose ]
thought collage
seeds of a mighty deep rooted elm
to be fed by the golden sun
social mycelium ( i ching # 13 )
reaching the depths of the moon
bearing many progeny
blowin’ up yo’ speakers
with that kickin’ <u>LOVE</u> Power
[ I like that Boom Boom Pow ]




“Ice Melter
Definitely Poison
Do Not Consume”
Is the ‘Definitely’ really necessary?
Brought a smile to me though.

coin purses
more &
satchels and bags
want many
money little


note: some fitting pictures omitted due to uncertainty about lack of release forms

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flow vs loopage [intrusive processes]

simple text conveys

relation thoughts compiling

impressions momentary fleeting

reflecting back dropping away

easily and more easily

or forcing endless looping

change of context one way

make it long and silent

meditation brings calm faster

hard as it may be to sit

cut the stress, clear the plate

open to new life