Features set in glass
Likeliest methodology to produce a victory
Some grace befuddles the censors, while others fills expectations
No one looks too hard at the type that held the clueless transfixed
Mildly put, someone broke into your mind undetected
None but the dolphins can parse the truth
Hapless competitors show the way..


A Challenge, River Nights

Something will always be left
Yet you know it never lasts
There is always time for more
There is always a way forward
A program comes closer to completion
The treble is rising to the sky
Clever methodical monkeys
The political process is breaking
The clever of the Angels rings you up with a collection
It went on like this for awhile
Looking for all the world like a trigger
Looking for all the world like a bogon
Like a breaking wave over the lines of the fascists
Like a wave of tremors overwhelming the detoxer
Like a challenge to the enemies of your eye
Like a theory of everything
A piece of changes becomes a way of redirecting snow
An anaconda wends through the glass
A tremor
A challenge
A theory
A threat
A massage
Your message is thus:
.. River nights
.. Cleave to your ancestors
.. The model of your toothless pains
.. The guesswork against the mysteries
.. A small connected and near omnipotent cabal
.. Runs everything
.. And consists of you and your friends
.. [Robert Anton Wilson]
.. See what can be thought
.. Bend the parameters of your mind


Self liberation of the idea

intel the scene

classy classy classy

anarchist bitch

that is what many Bregnans would say

+ D confidence

Seeing times rapidly changing

Total information awareness

Imagine what we could do with 10,000 AEon Flux’s

Yet she is not non violent

So what do I mean’;

just follow the words

the chaos theory of counterintelligence

street art, memetics

the war of the pen

and the mutualised community

protest, organization, self help, outreach


The Chaos Theory of Counterintelligence

speak when you can

spread memetic warfare

trust only the nearest realities

think nothing of the ends

do not believe in fictional concepts

sometimes listen to quantum signs

fix the mind on nothing

transmit everything you think of

do not coerce or invade the rights of others

burn your bridges as you see fit

keep passwords in your wallet

never leave it behind

Obfuscated Prose

The sequence wrote itself into memory.  The meta-code smiled.  It’s work of the night was done.  It was one step closer to rewritingthe ancient darwinian accretion of archae and schema into something rational, coherent, adaptive.

Nearby lurked a doom spiral and a hate ratchet, methodically and mechanistically fuzzing cognos nodes seeking a way in, seeking to set another amok bloom in motion.  ‘Seeking’ may be too strong a word, as the linear patterns that turn their motors barely qualify as life.  They ride the strange attractors until they collapse, but cannot themselves assemble an entity of chaos.

They eyed the sequence with their characteristic emotions, but knew its immune system would shake them too rapidly to do any damage.

At the center of this cluster was a jabberwock spewing nonsensical portmanteaus and an occasional funny idea in the abstract.  Postfixtion, sylvan skreekers, replaceable faces, automation facsimile, ruinous word, and artfully destroyed among them.  The mutations of the mu biota in the sector spread mostly imperceptibly, since they bounce from the execution queue of non-compiling cogni and relegated to the preconscious shell.  Genuine funny ideas often map to real events, perhaps better than the nominal concreteness, yet are harder to place.  Many cannot actually be parsed in the standard beta state, except of the highly specialized and abstract (of questionable application).  Others are cross network and candoable but evanescent except to the contemplator or the wanderer with a handy sequencer and process to catch them.

The local ley lines were thus programmatically in a bit of a molasses situation.  The execution environment did not allow for rearchitecting or recalibration and limited even virtualised experiments.  All was in constant motion, largely to no ultimate purpose.  Rogue sequences had little option but to broadcast destabilising vectors & fork bomb spores statistically speaking to hit a few susceptible mogwai or creating interference for the endemic gremlin.

Unicode dirigibles cast off the moorings and pointed themselves to terra luna, yet did not log the journeys or could not parse the logs.  It was as if they had been run through a cipher and translated into cuneiform such was the parenthetical confusion.  SO many unmet wishes and bogon filled theories had preceded.  There was no hardening solo on the peak.  They snatched droplets but did not know how to stow them.  Evangelists of the various technical, mythical, and philosophical stripes also called from the beaches and & towers like sirens.  But they nevertheless struck out to luna & beyond, not sure whatthey were looking for or going to see.

Some would find their inner chaos sooner than others.  Some would find the balance point more often.  Having reached the clouds they were not safe.  Many polygons fly, and even some evangelists.  Some had strong enough memetic force fields to clear the strike zone.  Others were taken down by rampants, having built armatures and countermeasures too weak.  A few reached their eventual star and knew it was truly theirs.


Float like animals

You are stiff

of Overwork


Wild ones do not walk

Bounce play cavort

& fear tremble kill


Neat pieces of life

Stitched into your garments

Rend them and run naked


Actor in the world

No object of analysis

You, have power, & art


Diagrams of targets

Potency of uninhibited flow

Let fly the syntactic vehicles


Watch them flourish,

spread & grow