Summer Archives #8

The filtered fall, the wall of expectations, buttressed by keep-alive funding

Wears heavy

The sequined gowns are well out of range, as are standard employment

And all the tech managers want impossible things

Come to think of it, so do the others

The impossibility of making a living, or dying of a job

Force me to seek less orthodox paths



Noble creature of the earth

Mild tempered lad

Of a good home

Bored out of his skull

At mommmy’s work

Plays footsie with me

And naps intermittently

On the rug

In the entryway

Writing poetry

As the tech work assignments

Have defeated me at every turn


He don’t care how broke I am either

Nuff said


Have added a Flattr donation button to my blog.
Even the smallest donations would be appreciated.

To do the same yourself:
Create a flattr account
Add your blog as a ‘thing’
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Also they have apparently designated 11/29 as “Pay a Blogger Day”

Gravatars & Images


Note to everyone:

Your image in comments and likes is your Gravatar.  Since the Automattic team built Gravatar’s to be for all sites, and to your preferences, not just for WordPress, your links to your blogs are not in there unless you add them.  I am annoyed by the number of people who clerly have posted text about their blogs to Gravatar and then failed to link them.  You will get a smidgen more views if you add that to the {Gravatar} profile.

Images are big.  The included image is under 5kB.  The original from flickr was 300k and photoshop says it was 350kB.  You can squash the free with GIMP, the ‘Save for Web’ entry in the ‘File’ menu.  This is good for your cell phone readers who have to pay, dial up readers (Photoshop tells me the included image takes 2 seconds on a 56.6kb modem, imagine a page filled with 300-1000kB images?), readers who aren’t in rich world countries, you get the picture.  Yes, people do still have dial-up, particularly in rural areas.  You want to be able to reach those people, don’t you?

Also:  JPEGs handle smooth color transitions well with low amounts of data (e.g. photos) [disregard the included picture.  it is squashed to quality 5 of 100].  PNGs and GIFs are appropriate for images with flat colors, e.g. digital illustration.  Also if you want to reduce a JPEG to a small number of colors to get an interesting effect, but those ones will not shrink and may even expand.




CC BY-NC 2.0

flickr: Kathryn (♥KatB Photography♥)

“Day 305: Ever Changing Mood” : greatly reduced