Magic Star Time, 2

Looney Toons is in arrears

Faith does not save me, yet nor does doubt

A balance of body, a balance of mind

The creeping exhaustion, ever ready to pop in

Holy Mother, in whom we live, move and have our being…

Guide me and strengthen my focus and will

Lift me from my dissolution

Help me lift myself

Stretch my limits, and become other than waste

Let me see the best choices in seeking my fortunes and independence

Lift delusions from my mind and see me complete…

Vines grow by the end of the garden

Captured mouse marks kitty’s 2nd kill

Let us not ruin our precious Earth

Violence bestrows it and technology ever growing

Shift our minds to paths of preservation and peace

Let it not be so that we care so little for future

In peace, rise again, Father Star

Let it be the first day of enduring healing

Let it be said…

In grace and thanks…

Fight for justice…

Go if you must stay if you will,

Thanks and farewell

Boisterous Whales (Non-Linear Poem)

Holding a star in the palm of her hand
A balancing act
Stealing up on the OK Corral
Staring into the sun
Glyphs of celestial bodies fall into your eyes
Stealing up on Capitol Hill
Singly or in pairs, they came and they went
The robots filled the great squares of the Earth in protest
The finger of God presses into your migraine
The angels in the alleyways
The great whales grow boisterous
Gripping the sidewalls of the universe
Collect and print the currency of the Hatted Persons
Spend all that can be spent
Sticking pins into the cactus to bleed it
The first two rules are not to talk about it
To the Shake Shack he departed
Dropped to his knees and prayed
Dripping with venom, the magistrate
Forget me own head next!
Some gather and plaint, some dance and bawd
Plenty of Funny Money to go around
I can bend time to my will
Falling down a flight of stairs
Not the best day to choose
Best in hole in the wall bars
Appointment are not for you
You come and you go at will
The Ways of War and the Ways of Women
Black holes suck in the next million stars
Staring into the black hole sun
Seeing the path ahead

Sleeping on the nuclear switch
The cicadas buzz up a storm
A summer heat of bliss
Dissociative ecstacy lying in the grass
In the dark of the night the black cat roams free
Sniffing around the garden of weeds, then disappearing into the dark
Standing in the doorway as I wake at 9 am
We all go through the spiralling trials of life and also the spiralling realizations
Depersonalization disorder should plague the oppressors more and the oppressed less
Although there are good kinds of depersonalization, not disorders
Searing the visual cortex with a sun fired perception of beauty with a side of beer and cigarettes
The cat finds her courage
Bigots against the mentally ill and outsiders infest the local coffeehouse
Deeply unimpressed I take my business elsewhere
Realizing that I was not imagining them continually gossiping about me
Little birds flitter in the street; get out of the way of the oncoming car, you little fools
Overcast and bright today
And it is time to shower and get coffee (elsewhere)

Morning 4


Bright sun spot through blinds/ finally up
No relief/ single digit cold through this day
Later: must go out
In the meantime, 9 am coming, says the sun
Time; dispense with blogging; make today list
Blogging is work, but, today and every day, also other work
*le sigh* I guess I have to do email; I hate paperwork & insurance
Rather be making art or updating my %real% website
Move along; make magic of your life; not grousing
Yesterdays book reviews; to write
#~ open blinds, sudden blaze of sun; masquerades; killing cold out there ~#
Rock music
Shoot the car; jump start this baby
{Rockets ignite}