Smash the Stack (syntactic vehicle)


clarence, whence thy clarity?


chaos & crustiness…

Searing flesh fills the pails of the aristocrats – – –

Loss and timing come close together

TIME!, that greatest most gargantuan of ILLUSIONS! 11105

Slide and syllogise, decorate and recreate, excoriate and bloviate

All the many things we undertake, we undertake and do all the things to which we are allowed, except for those to which we dislike, and also many of the things to which we are forbidden, my friends, and yet ; . . . → ∑

Sloppy in our executions, we also,

Our feet took us every which-of-where to which we desired, as well as many to which we did not…

We danced and we sowed, we jumped and we dreamed

In dreaming we became other than what we were, and shouting down the invading werewolf with a cry of \

LOL- RA – RA!!

To which they responded, under their breaths, the craven thing, i’m gonna eat’ch you.”

Repetitively we beat this drum,,,

Chaos theory notwithstanding,

But under the covers things were otherwise and not-of-so, yet always the same, yet ever changing and shifting and shimmering and flickering, yet always of the darkness of the abyss

I abound with the contrapuntals of life

Contrappasto, the Demonoids waxed and they waned, they seduced and beglamoured, the flirted and batted with the lashes..

Similarly of a different color all the finches of anomalousness became other than their own colors and of colors of a different dimension,

In our own time, we wept and we exulted, we rose and we teleported

All the atoms being smeared across subspace;

Acrostic and encryption was the lesson of the day in the 4th form

In the bellies of the angels, the stars grow their wings ; ;

LET THERE BE LIGHT! [ [ { { Firelords_flame } } ] ]


Poems and Oracle Reading


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Battle lines drawn
No art in the tubes
A line in the sand
A gender schism?
A lot for me to handle
No one speaks into the silence of dreams
Nuclear armed states
Plushies and demented crews
Blocking people who disagree with you is not the way.
The tubes require and respline
Campaign to small businesses is not
Dream – Writing for others is the best dream – Fortune … Also cut out comics
Playfulness is important. Natural magic. Allow yourself to be receptive,
….. fertil, overflowing with grace
Stop setting Artificial boundaries between the aspects
The website is enough
Poetry and playfulness and naturalmagic, fertility in the text blocks
Campaign to climate scientists not productive at this time
Release writing to small presses and lit journals. They want your
….. submissions and not your postcards
Campaign to congress/senate is Ta-Om the Poet
Campaign to environmental activists is bright courage
Campaign to newspapers is radiant healing
You are ready for initiation to the next stage
The website is enough, and get ready for things to become
….. unstuck and begin moving very fast
Consider taking a break from the postcards to get other
….. stuff done
You have more time when homework is done
Making chunks of time makes things go faster
[page break]
You could be making a big splat on social media and not
….. know it…
Let twitter go for awhile?
Scriggle your posts
Money making enterprises per the whiteboard
What was the reversed death card for?
The initiation card was a jump card
At peace with my past… ?
Deja Vu… Dreams coming back
Such dreams with self managed medications
Not letting things end also…
Cannot set unset inappropriate boundaries when other
….. people are the makers. Artificial boundaries.
Death – perhaps gather email addresses for direct help
….. requests, not postcards, and just send them
….. all the same letter.
Can reach St Vincent’s record label if you write a letter
Visit by the end
Do not concern yourself with those who treat you poorly
No where does it say not to make friends –
But the time is not now.
Clue in and consider, retrace and demand
Get mail more often,
Refine and gloam
Allow your puzzles to be written without checks
Haste makes waste, and post is toasted
Create and align, tool up and be
Not one to resign early –
Nor to give up without a fight =
Diacetyl morphine
Chill and respline
Code and repair

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Define and Versify

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bal•ly•hoo (bălˈē-ho͞oˌ)

  • n.
    Sensational or clamorous advertising or publicity.
  • n.
    Noisy shouting or uproar.
  • v.
    To advertise or publicize by sensational methods.

^^^ From stop motion by me I can’t find just now…

Eerily defined and catenated with the clouds of the alien archer of the tubes… and how many of these repeating words do I have? am i a poet or shuffling robot? Clear to the artwork. Silence of gross prescriptiveness. Science of demonic descriptors…

Into the checkpoints we Signals are told and when you respire, do you recall of your mothers, or your loves? Of what is the nature of A Certain Amount of Staring Into Space….

In the angled alleyways….

In the Feathered Sleep….

In your post-toasted overheating Cerebral Cortex….

In the reproductive organs of Angels….

Close and be thought of grossly, … Word!

Infighting of the shitheads grew gross with hatred… dehumanizing treatment is of a failure of imagination …. And so fuck her!

Sands drifting over the pages of the manuscripts, eating away first the ink and then the paper… alliteration of gross feelings of bastardy… Sopwith Camels on parade with Iron Crosses and demonstrably elated persons cheering on the demagogues!

@thelastword is of no contest withe each tool of remonstrating deescalating concerns are filtered by broken math…
Ballyhoo!! and relax among your peers!
While never forgetting your peril.

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Flash Data

Strychnine follows with blackened cells
Severing into the foreground into the floating spirit
Ringing truth until your eardrums thrum
Collapsing itchy trigger finger on the way to a wedding
At least that hasn’t happened yet
Over family grudges you spill your milk
And always the killer bees are coming for you
Jamming the stick down into first
Punching the clutch and leaping ahead
Punching the time clock and racking up cash
Seeming ever a few heartbeats away from change
But always too much the renegade to be goody two-shoes
Sending the mail over the mountains
Sending the books through the wood
Capitalizing on intentions and bringing into form
Slinging lines ever in the void
Snorting lines ever into sinus
Building to a peak of prosperity
Crashing down to utter destitution
Sending away your demons without a word
Firing all your angels for incompetence
Being ever the self-made even if unsuccessful
Falling through the ocean floor full of poison and strife
Cooking up excuses like it’s the last day
Firing your rockets and watching them fall
One by one like all the pawns
The great game of politics to be defeated and destroyed
The people to abolish and alter as is their will
Only you collect the data
Only you collect the tunes
Only you become ever-present
Only you match the thrills
Sequencing the genome as though it were needed
Seeding the stars with all your competition
Going supernova and ending our epic
Taking a selfie at the last of the moons
Moving on to another dimension
Rolled up forever into the sun
Coming down the pipeline into the outer darkness
Exploding again into different dimensions
Unshoeing the horse and hitting the target
Glowing with silence like lunar weather
Flashing the peace sign to god and the loons
Trembling with worldly anticipation
Bringing up babies in the space of the towers
Singling out suddenly the chance at your fortune
Following sharply and dropping the inclusion
Opening mouths to say all is in tune

Bubbling Up

Out of the cracks of malice comes
A brace of shivering quail needing
Sympathy, but getting payments, lost
To our broken eyes, bubbling
Up, on the other side of the world, flying
Free, for a moment before a shotgun
Rings out, downing one, in pity, seeing
Person, wearing a hoodie, marked
Dream Police, disturbing my peace, wanting
To erase the delusion or the reality, either one, missing
The point for sure, a point I cannot know, unless
I ask, wishing, but perhaps the mystery is better,
Loving, the way I hope to finally find, keening
Over the rising winds, have hope, you are bleeding
All over the paper

The Big Giant Lock

Junk Junk Junk

All I write is Junk

Fast Junk

Pretty Junk

Lazy Junk

Hazy Junk


Portable Expressions

Mist in the clouds

Fallen angels and delusions

Rolling Internet Memes and Perplexing Parity Paradoxes

Depression, Alienation Sickness, and Shock Drops

Dreams of anacondas and yellow poison dart snakes


Lifting My weight slowly in the morning

Pen to paper or something

Noisy finance woes

bah humbug


A failure of memory nothing more

Books reading reading reading

Serial killers to Norwegian Black Metal Scene

Wikipedia Laughter yoga

been here a year and my first drop in visitors

Junk Junk Junk

Drunk Junk

Starting to clear it out junk

Witchcraft and salad a walk in the neighborhood shocking plumage

Sticking on the guns wavering

At odds with society in perpetua

yet polite and domesticated

Drug drugs drugs failures inadequate explanations filling the

holes with fantastic delusions and obsessive controlling divination

the nation

the war the war the war the war

Glenn Beck freeware linux revoltution

the library thing and winged dragons in the i ching

deoxyorg plumage smart drugs where have all my magic bullets gone

missed memories rebuilt lessons learned age

the destruction of alcohol the missing pot years no hard drug issues

just alcohol and pot

actually pot then alcohol

hard drugs were clear in their direction


hard drugs misnomer miscalculation

stigma and prejudice lolling on the couch

the stupid unexamined assumptions

monogamous assumptions the wrecking ball of life

over needs no instruction on planar matters

the bereft social landscape saith the sage of deoxyorg do i know

i know i know all things i know all people i know you i know


you are fantastic ive lost confidence but its coming back

do you think you are you do you know where you are

don’t listen

fuck him that critic

pitic pickery picky pick pick pick away until its gone

no center never had one having to code from scratch issues the laughter

dwindling away

stopping halting ceasing as mysteriously as it came

the veil got thin towards the end of the weekend pluralities of voice splitting

non paranoia imaginary ghostage

serial killers living in the land

the bar owner, ??  no no just a strange humor

living on in futility lifted on the wedge of impossible unfitting expectation

legal dangers of the mission falling slowly

prey to war and torture paranoia the end gone below

living simply as nothing, no one, i do not exist anymore, political instaincts extinguished and destroyed in anomie


living growing understanding the power i now stand poised to grasp

but is it what i really want?  why not just pretty pictures

Junk Junk Junk

lift on the extreme

the extreme of plain boring me, no


touch /