A Leaf and a Little (Non-Linear Poem)

Collecting drops of destruction
Dreaming of the stars
Execution of the faithful
Visibility is low
But I see into the heart
Piloting your vessel down the canal
A time to head North
Some dream and some die
A leaf and a little, a little and a leaf
The fallen go to their graves
In the sleep of death
Antimatter piles up in the tubes
Growing with the weather
The throngs of the elves grow spirited
A pound for a penny you traded
Slipping into the dock
One piece of mind to close,
Non serviam
Dreaming of everlasting deities
You sift through the plots of the aliens
Illuminating the violence of the age
Temujin sweeps out of the East
And no one hears your cries
When you walk into the gloaming,
Although not going to see the Oracle,
Sharply divided
Awake to the eyes of the trees
Talking aloud to the spirits
The Wicked Witch of the West
You fall into the the pit
There are stars within




Haply the Sigils

Arrayed in an arc

They channel the power

From Aethir’s plane

Into thine


Come drink the wine of Pan

Dilate thy senses

Relate to the supra-somatic bliss

The psyche a dancer

Of the many veils


S/he wishes to drink you in

To taste your sorrow & ecstasy

To transport you to the calm origin

To bring you stars even here

The Lattice relaxes


On the other side

A new day,