Magic Star Time, 2

Looney Toons is in arrears

Faith does not save me, yet nor does doubt

A balance of body, a balance of mind

The creeping exhaustion, ever ready to pop in

Holy Mother, in whom we live, move and have our being…

Guide me and strengthen my focus and will

Lift me from my dissolution

Help me lift myself

Stretch my limits, and become other than waste

Let me see the best choices in seeking my fortunes and independence

Lift delusions from my mind and see me complete…

Vines grow by the end of the garden

Captured mouse marks kitty’s 2nd kill

Let us not ruin our precious Earth

Violence bestrows it and technology ever growing

Shift our minds to paths of preservation and peace

Let it not be so that we care so little for future

In peace, rise again, Father Star

Let it be the first day of enduring healing

Let it be said…

In grace and thanks…

Fight for justice…

Go if you must stay if you will,

Thanks and farewell

Magic Star Time

Unlikely to BE any Magic Star Time today
The dose is too small
All I could afford
But there certainly was yesterday
The aniracetam not cancelling the dextromethorphan
As you might expect
Perhaps even Amplifying?
We’ll see in a little while
Bringing the doses closer together
Smidgen of strange feelings lingering in my head
Tremendous thoughts found
It crept up on me yesterday
I kept thinking, well it’s less than expected
Until, then it wasn’t
And I had to admit I had the full effect
Possibly more….
Happy days
Little beer, but some
Trade-offs and compromises
Cards VERY favorable for dosage
Do not disconnect
Love is in the air
But perhaps with the seeds?…
Then may we have victory?
Cards extremely favorable again
Although they may be cancelled by the venlafaxine
We’ll see, we’ll see indeed
Couple hours to soak
We’ll see
Bit of creeping headache
See where this goes
Delight I already feel rising
Perhaps a different sort of Magic Star Time,
After All
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The locks can be picked, but only with care
This is my last will and testament
Seven droplets fall
Islands of sanity sigh
Walking, talking, Lee
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Book: “The Driftwood of Our Live Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore” #poetry

Boisterous Whales (Non-Linear Poem)

Holding a star in the palm of her hand
A balancing act
Stealing up on the OK Corral
Staring into the sun
Glyphs of celestial bodies fall into your eyes
Stealing up on Capitol Hill
Singly or in pairs, they came and they went
The robots filled the great squares of the Earth in protest
The finger of God presses into your migraine
The angels in the alleyways
The great whales grow boisterous
Gripping the sidewalls of the universe
Collect and print the currency of the Hatted Persons
Spend all that can be spent
Sticking pins into the cactus to bleed it
The first two rules are not to talk about it
To the Shake Shack he departed
Dropped to his knees and prayed
Dripping with venom, the magistrate
Forget me own head next!
Some gather and plaint, some dance and bawd
Plenty of Funny Money to go around
I can bend time to my will
Falling down a flight of stairs
Not the best day to choose
Best in hole in the wall bars
Appointment are not for you
You come and you go at will
The Ways of War and the Ways of Women
Black holes suck in the next million stars
Staring into the black hole sun
Seeing the path ahead

Disconnected Star Verse

Implants, a screenplay, a few bullets

My mind ventures into strange territory sometimes

A pen drips ink on the obituaries

I say to myself, “Stable, Stabilize, Stable”

A knight moves across the board to benefit homelessness

My nemesis is depressed, should I no longer suspect him?

The fireflowers and amanitas grow in abundance

What shapes my trips?

Another star or starburst?

Or a broken mirror?

I look into my many eyes

And someone else looks back,

Then there was me

Elephantine Symbiosis

Clutter of human relations into the walled corridors of the underground city

Violent animosities and dysfunctional relations under the waters

Winging through the oily shroud of the fog into the depths

See the edge of the glowing star before the light is snuffed

Diving down into the vortexes’ center

Wild rats scurry from the portal

Down the abyssal shaft

Into the great house of shifting darkness