The Organs of the State Wind Up

The organs of the state

Are being wound up

Like artwork

Clockwork, let us say

The Chinese Great Firewall

Has eyes everywhere

Some venture in

Citizen intelligence

All those Chinese students

Being debriefed when they get home

The symbol of the twilight

Is the ox

With its sleepy eyes

The Americans may not censor

But they also watch

The remixing of music with samples

Shall be prohibited

Some think this is not right

Re-mix Revolution!

And only Rand Paul and Perhaps Bernie Sanders

Oppose the rampant data collection

The organs of the state wind up

Like mousetraps

And the corporate state

Sucks up trillions of data points

Flickr makes it tough to use

Without signing up and signing in

Or perhaps it’s just a dysfunctional site

Too much data for my connection

Some value the Earth over property

Others value property over peace

Do not join up

News items of interest

Some recent news which has particularly caught my interest

UK Faces Food Security Catastrophe With Decline in Pollinators

Public Protests About Political Gagging Law to Affect Charities and Activist Groups

Primary campaign group:

On the realities of poverty in America, opposing the myth machines

Burglars who exposed FBI actions against dissent and the peace and civil rights movement tell the public

(1970s) ““It wasn’t just spying on Americans,” said Loch K. Johnson, a professor of public and international affairs at the University of Georgia who was an aide to Senator Frank Church, Democrat of Idaho. “The intent of Cointelpro was to destroy lives and ruin reputations.”

Stale but still aweful:

I Ching today:

000  – –  x  —
001  —     —
011   – –     – –
011   – –     – –
001  —     —
001  —     —

60 Limitations >>> 61 Inner Truth

The changing line is on how limitations too severe are self defeating, bringing physical imbalance in the realm of asceticism and revolt in the realm of governance.

In the case of the UK story this seems to apply to the lobbying law. Also in trying to eliminate pest insects we encourage their eventual rebound in epidemic proportions (not in story) and decimate the natural populations we rely on for food pollination. Actually I can see it in all five stories.

Posts to come later. Image borrowed from

Also Global Marches Against Monsanto, GMOs

Although I don’t know if all their claims are valid, it does seem to me that GMOs are not proven safe, particularly if some virus began moving the terminator gene or roundup gene to other parts of the food web. Outside possibility, but the longer we keep this up the more likely it will become.

The Special Children of the NSA (aka Treason)

UPDATE: my network started doing that thing where the DNS servers disappear every 2 minutes as soon as I posted this.  Bastards.

UPDATE 2: This blog has recently been followed by the international english broadcasting apparatus of the state of Iran.  It is not impossible that they are also logging who clicks the like button and comments and stuff (and there is another possible reason for an anomymous blog).  On the other hand I’m thinking more seriously about self publishing now…

This is how Moore’s law work.  Consider the recent NSA scandal: we use the same amount of data as we did before (okay maybe 2 or 3x more) but their capacity to store and decipher grows along the lines of Moore’s law: this is why I tend to disagree with the recent article I read where one Netroots Nation blogger said that “I know what metadata is; even with the most powerful computers they couldn’t store all the calls”.  Audio is not that gigantic of a data stream and once unbreakable passwords and keys can now be cracked in 10 minutes by a cluster of servers on Amazon EC2 (… They are limited much more by manpower than computers however many people of my generation and younger do not care if their network activity is followed (or interfered with(?))… ( however in order to get true security you need not only well behaved spies but also passkeys that would take like ‘the age of the universe’ or equivalent for a single PC to crack (1/1000th of that for 1000 cloud VMs)….

What other options do we have for security? 1) use passphrases instead of passwords where possible … use HTTPS Everywhere and Ghostery in your web browser, encrypt the disks and your phone, and use Silent Circle ( which encrypts your calls and message and also has a ‘burn after reading’ function….  You could join the Tor onion routing anonymizer too I suppose.  Paradoxically this may get you very close scrutiny from the evil spies (one recent headline said ‘If you encrypt anything, the NSA thinks you might be evil, so they keep everything until they’re sure’) …

Do I do all these things? No.  And the sad fact is that these cryptofascist children, with the new parallel processing technology of using graphics processor chips instead of just CPUs to handle bignum computing, could easily have an encryption hacker run 1 million times faster on 1000 machines, not just 1000 times.

The right is up in arms over this while the left dislikes it but is perhaps still too fatigued and jaded from the Bush years to work up a sweat over it… but this is an opportunity to change the law, if they can reach some agreement, left and right quarks, strange and charm quarks on this burning issue.  Turn off the TV (programmable hypnosis, numbness, and social atomisation for all!) for a moment and lets run this thing back into the maw of Azathoth where it came from.

Also sign the petition:

Of the things mentioned, Ghostery and HTTPS Everywhere are the easiest, followed by using the internet as a tool only, and not as a pervasive entertainment device.  That and throwing out your cellphone and getting an old fashioned one.  (no I’m not ready for that last one either). Alternative: keep your phone switched off except when its needed.

It makes me highly suspicious when my phone stops delivering messages to someone I have known for a year and had not quarrelled with…

For more on cryptofascism …. well I’ll just let you google it and see what you find; or if you might prefer not to have your searches and clicks recorded duckduckgo it instead ( )