Improvisation 7.7.2017 – SoundCloud + Note

Synaptic Syntactic is available anywhere you’re likely to get your ebooks. I have been a little slow on getting the metadata fixed and Bookshop (BookBaby postal and book page) page tweaked. And the limited time giveaway I’ll be doing via Noisetrade (only costs an email address). But it’s available now if you want to pay. […]

Improvisation 5.17.2017 – SoundCloud & Book of Stone and Sand, Zen Koans, Dailypedia app 5.17

Listen to Improvisation 5.17.2017 by conspiritech #np on #SoundCloud [the book of stone and sand is a book of 13th and early 19th century Koans which was posted on until it was taken down after 11/8 and is available other places] Zen Story: “A Zen Teacher saw five of his students return from the […]