In the articulata of
An anthropomorphic thought
In the seventh dimension
By the second son of a second son
By the medleys of bourbon flights
By the wings of a bat
(Be you woman or mouse?)
I invoke the spiritual nature of fortuitousness
I invoke the remover of obstacles
I invoke the energy of a hummingbird
I send them to myself
I give thanks

I cast a sphere, I learn to pray
I pray and invoke over items of power
Using only a stick, a book, and a candle as tools
Collage, passwords and glasses as talismans
Magic on the cheap we say
And I pray also to be of service
Ringing my bells for all to see
To tell it truly the gods will not portray you
I hope with joy the poem does not dispel the power
The magic flies true and I feel great
I meditate mindful
A spell for love, a spell for work, a spell for health and wellness

Invocation Against Video Screens

I did a couple drafts on this a little while ago

Not sure if they are any good yet,

and i have work under nine hours


I welcome posts with the topic ‘invocation against video screens – xjgxkiuyx’ whatevs

Will be working on a midgen myself and posting some by saturday midnight EST at least