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Review: Aurora – “[the book {on society on a generation starship} was awesome] I stayed up until 3am to finish, [& in the morning] I went outside and kissed the frozen ground.” – a very excellent review. Maybe I’ll remember to get it, when I can buy books again (very soon hopefully). Or the library…

Free Discourse (1st attempt)

There is no free discours in the land

All is constrained by politeness

By uncivil politics

By need to keep secret

By insecurity

By the media hexes

By the hierarchies

By the need for money

There is no free discourse in the land


Freedom of speech on paper

No free discourse in the land

False flags of fear carried

to deny us a place

False flags of morals worn

to push us into one

Suppression of everyone’s individuality

by many vague social charges

Schools a vehicle

for vacuous automation

Television, Internet, Work, Gaming, Drinking

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

No Discourse in the land


Who are we? What are we? Where are we?

Where are we going? Why?

How are we?

Are we dead?

Commercialism’s a sucking parasite

Labor meaningless

Material culture vapid

Lunatical egos run rampant for status


Insane little fascists

Work the rumor mills

Petty manipulations to no purpose

but damaging

Bigotry of ambiguous qualities

Irrational hate undercover

Tyranny of perfectness

Tyranny of monotype


No place to gather

No place to go

Nothing a part of

Outsiders unwelcome

Go back to your screen

Say nothing or

face sanctions

no discourse tolerated

Persona non Grata

Fleeting hope & false promise

     I wait

Eagerly for the weight of polite lies & petty hypocrisies

     Endemic in America

sociopathic norms

     Rot, Rot foundations, you have ended yourself

& bring it crashing down

     The power of false words

They have their own consequences

     The fantasy of flawlessness

The bright shining face required of us

     For always to wear

Or else to be blacklisted

     Doomed at once

To be pitied and vilified

     And when the center rips apart

I shall farm and artisan

Instead of hoping for a binding paycheck Punching buttons

     Or making ads