Sleep Quality

Piling on sleep deficit –

Slipping further and further from goal oriented routines

Ring ring at 630

Notice of approximate ride time

Exhaustion no fun, though last night sort of was

Reflitter & refizzle; reboot & begin again

See that the pattern does not continue

This gets better, 

Perhaps tomorrow, perhaps even as soon as a post-class nap (if I can)

See that it…



This is far from the end of the world…

Diminish Not But Screw

That was, ultimately, not fun..

Lesson learnt yet again

The sleep disturbance, the knock on dysphoria

The channels of regret

All the more saying:

This beyond that, but only if true; choke without whistles, but thence and then sad; knock up or stock up, reversals & clues….

This new endeavor chokes my routines; a need to reprogram grows great, grows gross


The back flip of anti-sobriety

The channels where the voices of the angel’s come through

Let not this be your end

Add & repile, begin again & list up

Diminish not but screw….

Breakdown \ Collapse

{ { { Go to actual blog to see in color } } }

Twitter sends you regards,
Yet – no –
place in the head for love
In the true nature,
You become other than your wishes \ \ f a l l i n g . . .
to a place you remember well,
But had not expected to return so easily
L a u g h i n g at you – –
Strength in numbers;
Audience size is not a factor – bending between the ears \ \ L i E s \ \
No question of sleep until pharmacy opens . . . …
The regulation of time between the thighs
: : : {{Balance}} : : : – power…
= thoughtbreakdown [[mind]]{collapse}


awake since 1:30
a tremor in the night
a long way to fall
we shall see what shakes out
#micropoetry #mornings

a sleep that lasts for days
my longest at 15 hours
all because of something…
symbolism of dreams
a chaos piece
longing for change

Visions become nothing
Speed requires sleep
Swarms of giant spiders
Crawling up your leg
A terror of visions –
Don’t freak out when they come for you
Giants of the days of the week
Water gets everywhere
A little piece left for you –
Nothing is required to change –
– Yet longing for it
Asleep for days
Awake for minutes
Hearings on expulsion
Call a stone a stone
Become other than what you are

– aka TribalEphemeral


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Chainsaw Articulation of Feathered Storms

Off the cuff medium length surrealistic or something verse of a mix of different classes of words, and find in it what you will, I have not read it yet.

The elemental basin of quistarkten waiting with glee for us to require boasts of fear

The closing of the loopholes; the waking of the giants

The loss of opposable thumbs to the sea

When without choices we became something we had not wished for, we then found what we needed…

But We of All the Small Ones are pained, for life is so difficult

In the aftermath of the trees era, came the winged insects, came the hooved wolves, came the alliteration of cubes

And filing for bankruptcy, we ruptured and retired….?

But not to be woken, nor to be stirred, Our Pollyana went walking with the Ghost..

)(*&*$$#@^^:”{]][} Watch for Falling Fork Bombs ‘n’ stuff.

Wickety whippets, Batman, wherefore art the Old Juliet of Yore?  Wherefore art the Klansmen and Idolaters and Tweets and Broken Pieces? Wherefore art the punk bands? Wherefore art the Glitterati, ever deciding your appearance? Whence the Man and whence the Fig Leaf? A capitalization of intent, betokened, but unstirred, leaven me with kisses and batten me with ropes and threads and leafcutter ants…

Alienation. It rankles suburbia to know these things, yet it is these things that have created them and then been inflamed. All the artifice of the alien makers of the tubes, of the printers of the plastic guns, of the postals of the wholes? … ?

Of the addiction of blogging… Of the loss of grades ,,, Of the kidnapped children and immasculated horses and oxen and chimpanzees and Republicans… Of the failures of all the politics!!

Of teh weather, of teh Kittens, of teh intertubez< and of the interior spaces. Hold, be silence and do not splatter, for I do not make mistakes!

$code respire and #code. diminish and %code. replace and &code. Sling thou the immortality of HTML and CSS, sling though the immortality of dissociatives, sling thou the ephemerality of traitorousness, and the banality of the Rubik’s Cube. Sling thou the brokenness of chess, and the piping of dryads… Respire and diminish…delight and sing.. do graffiti and vindicate. Alienate and break down

The angels of our evil better twins rely on you to make the statement, and they are sometimes seen at bus stops in the guises of faeries Aeternal ”’

Blintzes and stories, Do Not Lose Your Car

Nor soiled, but permitted, nor wild but anarchic, nor stepped on, but ill, nor Twisted, but entombed, not Hellions, but infants

The pages. The horror. The Fallen.

The stop & cease & desist & #code $$$


And full stop…From old stop motion project


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Wheels squealing

Dreaming of doing some aggressive driving
Pulling into a gas station
Looping around the pump twice before I can stop
Seemed like a lot of fun
A girl with me
Wheels squealing
A time to collapse
Tired from lack of effexor
Waking to a neckache
Then to make coffee
And continue

Working a day
The tiredness grows
The hangover none
The commutes fierce
Cutting the labels out on the label cutting device
Building up a website until it is good
I go through the day
And when I get home-
Contemplating love spells-
And sound design
I eat the dust of lesser poets
Five pages today; though not eight-
I take the five triple mushroom aspects for the building fever of such
Bracing for minus ten colds in the morning
I blink and it is gone
A series of mistakes accrues through the afternoons
We make dinner and go to bed early-
Like nine, or eight now that I’m out of venlafaxine and can sleep late
Rising before six to by o out in the frigid predawn to write, meditate have actual breakfast before work-
Tomorrow I put on dry shoes when I get there?
Per Mom’s suggestion