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Fantasies and intentions do not necessarily overlap
Not the same thing and do not be concerned
Twinkling eyes full of mischief showed us the way, and while the lithe dryads gather
mischievous thoughts to their pocketses and thighs, not all of them were of the
weather of lust
In your heart, remember these things:
. . . . . Nine before seven were the ways to Sunday
. . . . . Three types of toe curls were known from the start
. . . . . Elation by connection is one way to know others
. . . . . Do not let friendships fall into disuse

Each small child has a faery guide in addition to the biggest fans
None take care of business in quite the way poets do
Grave insults not appreciated and should be frowned upon
Yet all above the weather was the possibility of open relationships
Clues to the wise and rancor for the enemies
Yet always the chance of reconciliation
Closure is not yet
The dreams gather and network in the parallel city of night across all distances
Do not close the possibility of new deepening and desires among yourselves
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Some Stable People, Some Unwelcome Fantasies

Dripping on the sidelines
He wept silently
All the people went on about their business
Unwatchful of their brothers
The distraction of the incredible TV
All mentioning things about the weather
Singularly absent of demagogues
The individualistic nature of the focus
Hot burgers! Hot burgers!
Servers on duty tonight
Slipping into the sex of the mindset
Dreaming forever of the changes to be made
Looking hot for all to see
So much undone to be crossed
To cross again is not to cross
A crossed disposition of the stars and portents and spirits
To cross again is not to cross
Slipping through behind the mirror
Tips come raining from the sky
Until the ways are mockery of the self-righteous theists
Coming undone
Taking yourself to pieces
Filtering out the failures
Creating distortion
Creating misperception
Creating delusion
Some stable people
Some unwelcome fantasies
How he is at home
How grumpy can you be?
Stilling the waters
Stilling the trembling heart

Sifting Through the Ideas

Sifting through the ideas
What is the proper order?
But how many times must we tell you
The web design project comes first
Alliteration of the lines notwithstanding, your torments will be eased
And writing comes before either project
As we do now
Although not normally on the phone
Sifting through the ideas
They float up, and will not be denied
Perhaps a spell of meditation
To restore concentration
It gets better after posting
I will count on this
As the sun beats down
Money falls from the sky
Plenty of drugs for now
A light on the ocean
The light is Evangeline
Perhaps I could turn that into a novel
Get my mind off of
The repetitiveness of my verse
(You mostly don’t see those ones)
Not collecting dust, but collecting power
A trip to Venus is in order
My horoscope
Says I am far less troubled by sex than most
For whom it is a dilemma
And this makes them uneasy
I wonder if that’s the problem?
Moving along
Your knights will never come
Men are as human as women
So leave me out of your fantasy of perfection
The tools of the trade
The hand and the pen
Readings and signings at bookstores
I don’t have time to sit around waiting for rejections
The animals are getting out of control
Trapped trapped trapped til the cage is full
The beast walks the earth
Leviathan lurks in the seas
Kodiak bears, 2nd in size only to polar bears
But it turns out all brown bears and polar bears are the same species/clade
The serpent coils round the vase
The statue is in full panic mode
All of us are waiting for you
All your inner lives need you to do the work
My neighbor says a tiger used to visit him on his porch
He was unafraid
A creature from faeryland or what dimension, who can say?
I have seen several such myself, though none be tigers
The books can be sold
If I truly want beer tonight
I think I have a stash of comics in the basement
But will Half Price take them?
We accumulate and grow
We dash and slither
I need it less, now I am well supplied with pills
But how I still want it
I will be able to avoid squandering my kickstarter funds, I believe
Mark it as untouchable
Except when working full days on the project
And then we wait
For our talk/signing dates

TantraThe lips crossingCrossed loversĀ Star brought into oneTime is


The lips crossing

Crossed loversĀ 

Star brought into one

Time is brief

But you and I here

Our islan nation

Contains none

Thee & I


The grand tradition

of the epic affair

in all its hypnotic, mystical significance