Triple Sevens

Triple sevens three times one morning
Lasiks correction, paranoid schizophreia
Oft times we see phantoms
Serial hexes of the unquiet mind
Messages from God made material, reading
Seeing too much in things, symbolic consciousness
Symbolic, apropos of nothing
Ringing ears suggesting eternal life

Rogue Whales

rogue whales

ply the ocean

the psychosomatic sea


pink, purple, white

bearing machetes, brochures, kazoos

& ubiquitous LSD


they damage foundations

key your car

don’t trim the crab grass


rogue whales lurk under crosses

behave unexpected imponderables


seeking the Way out of the logic distortion-

contortion; of their base’s inductive constructs


rogue whales

you and me, the elves & he

may our fins meet some dark night

ply conspiracy

& make them all free

Time is an Illusion

Mesh of semantic grids, divided

Fliter through unfocused I’s view on the world

Shifting, changing, various from person to person

To animal, to plant, to particle, to time piece

Waves of sound permeate

Stretching the differentiation of change to sameness

No clock tells reality

Reality is change

Change is motion

Motion is energy

Time is a frame of mind we use

To divide, measure & digitize

There is no time

Just as the origin of the ostensible big bang’s Cartesian coordinate

is empty

just another relative place

in a relative space

& altered by the ostensible observer

just as heisenberg taught

I am a strange loop says Hofstadter

logical train collision exclusion across dimensions

“i” am