The Revolt Ever to Collect Its Due

I hate to publish too much of my new book, but I had already done this on Scriggler (which will tweet your work to 51,000 people), and I wanted to switch one of the important links I’m putting on my cards, so I needed a more properly formatted version without ramble about book release. From my new ebook Ziggomatic Keys (*& Synaptic Syntactic &*) which you can find at Amazon

Filling the waters with unstable ideas
The Jabberwock waxes with apoplexy
The waves roar up tremendously in air that immediately had been _____ still
Deep beneath, crabs scuttle a little faster
Pennies dropped in the wishing well vanish in bursts of light
The seas churn
The lakes bubble
Controlled technologies burst the bonds placed on them
The waters to extend to include the blood and cerebrospinal fluid
Everyone begins to run a slight fever
Unchained verses dissociate and disidentify
All mirrors reverse reflections
The dishonest do not show up
Drunken revelers spill out of the bars
Mutations occur
The Jabberwock keens with sparks
To the unstable ideas it pours on the cosmic perspective
Cooking with gas now
The lore unfolded as revels turned to riots
Anarchists moved all the street signs
Guerilla crews painted everywhere
The alligators in the sewer doubled in size and grew an extra
_____ pair of legs
Undone and undone and undone, the conservatives declare
_____ a lunatic war against all
But their former forces are preoccupied
Unstable ideas reign
And all the large arms have disintegrated
Indecent paraphernalia rain from the skies
On a trip to the border she exits consensus
The eight-ball is sunk, the weather is salty
The home-schooled little monsters learn insubordinance
Indigenous people everywhere seize the means of production
And as the lightning flashes, presidents resign
Unstable ideas cause bulges in the water pipes
The cosmic perspective strikes many with starry eyes
Dogmatic people begin to lose hope
Discordians understand the situation perfectly
Bicycle day comes everyday from here on out
Unstable people come reglued
Sex is in the streets
The feathered Jabberwock inverts and multiplies, negates and
_____ amplifies, humbles and empowers
The phase change is only beginning
Society becomes more fluid
Gardens come up everywhere as property lines loosen
Compost piles proliferate
Instability being necessary to healthy stability
Withdrawing for a moment for personal reasons,
_____ the Jabberwock preens
In his absence the communities again organizing as
_____ the pitch of the waters eases
Initiatives are started
All along different linnes
Returning the Jabberwock vaporizes an inexhaustible
_____ store of wild thoughts
The wild thoughts permeate the air
The seas rebubble
Twirling through the air the pixies sprinkle dust
_____ on the heads of every third one
The radicals rebalance and seize the moment
The starry eyed are moved to creation
Or to declaiming in the public squares
Declaiming the many bespectacled thoughts coming
_____ so fast like crossing meteorites
Thoughts of poetry, Apocalyptica, Jeremiad, Americana
_____ social theory, manifesti, and many more
Thoughts of otherworld adventures, dreams, hallucinations
_____ schizophrenic adventures, the best and
_____ most terrible and most comforting trips,
_____ odes to the birds, interventions from
_____ faeryland and parallel universes, and many
_____ more besides
Rants, politics, community, the pleasures of home,
_____ mediumlike exchanges, the thoughts of
_____ the animals and plants, and many more,
_____ they declaimed
In the filtration of the idiomatic and literal meiosis
_____ the Jabberwock applied benevolence
Those of cruelty began to come unglued
Falling by the wayside, monetary transactions were
_____ looked on as declassé
Rewilding began slightly as birth control proliferated
The revolt ever to collect its due was collecting, at last
Drawings both permanent and chalky collected on all the sidewalks
_____ and streets
Symbolizing smalltalk, the chatter of the birds was unruly
In and above all of it, the Jabberwock crowed with delight
Its mission completed, the Jabberwock coiled in the
Marianas Trench, or perhaps on Mount
Vesuvius for a catnap
Raucous peace overtook the Earth
And more was yet to come

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The Last Day on Earth


Study Shows Climate Change Could Suffocate Life on Earth

3 Reasons Why the COP21 Paris Agreement is a Fraud

Immediate Drastic Action is required if we are not to have ourselves a dead rock by 2200. They say photosynthesis in the ocean could stop by 2100.

We are here to change the world. Not just to follow rules, make money, and die. — Black and Red Anarchists on facebook

I have a sort of starter action plan. Watch this space in the next couple days.

Bring Your Arms! The Last Day on Earth No Matter How Hard You Try You Can’t Stop Us Now Don’t Wait Until You Grow Up Battle Scars kamikaze

Someone said “Don’t worry about the time it will take. The time will pass anyway”

Revolt and Rejoice!


Scrying through the interface of water
Seeing to the end of the war
Seeing all we will accomplish
Creating tunnels through the network
Breaking down the Great Firewall
Destroying the last vestiges of Trumpism
Locking in our gains by fire
Seeming to be on Cloud Nine
Visions of rejoicing in peace
Visions of accelerated adaptation
Visions of rewilding and generousness
We scrape our physical identities
From every computer
We live free and without toil
Each man has means that suit him
No one breaks their backs in labor
Violence is dealt with anarchic ways
And the comet sweeps out another turn

Ghost Dance

Ringing in your ears
The horrors of the day come out of the non-local sound machine
Dripping with fervor you become arid in your assertions
The hoarding of the sweat is a detriment to your honor
Dignity falls apart, but I remain integral
Seeing all the dimensions of the situation, the minister restrains his dogs
The policies hit the children again as they wake up
Demonstrably not all is wasted, but the profits are strewn over the fields
Columbus was the pestilence, horsemen of the apocalypse for the Americans
The Ghost Dance will be done again and bring down revolution; it will not be too long

As all this happens
You think only of your missing keys
You are taken by surprise
And brought to prison
Your modern consumer culture orientation
Is not valued by the interim chiefs
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Scoring (Non-Linear Poem)

Sleeping through the dust
You are the type primate to them
Collect and destroy
Dream memories
Collect and destroy
Singling out the dissenters
Singling out the consenters
Stumbling out to the horizon
Some thoughts to work out
Work out injury
Furry teacups
Amateur hour
Slipping out of the frame of reference
You wish to be known,
Quantum fizzics
Tripping on discontinuous phenomena
A challenge to interpret
What is next?
A war of revolution
A win and a loss
A challenge to overcome
Cats have never seen a monkey
Too much to be done
Something you have and something you steal
He’s a neurochemical expert
Cold milk for breakfast
Gather calories
Hangover over
The measure of a man

Tiny Sliver of Time

In a tiny sliver of time
A lot can happen
You can be rejected or accepted
You can discover your competition
You can run into trouble
Words can be written

In a tiny sliver of time
A lot can happen
You can have a car wreck
You can win a prize
You can win or lose at poker or blackjack
You might win the lottery

In a tiny sliver of time
Just about anything can happen
You can discover you got fired
You can turn back from going to work
You can burst with emotion
You can have a moment of divine ecstacy

In a tiny sliver of time
There are things that don’t happen
Climate change
A revolution
The births of Generation Y
Improving internet speeds
The fascist creep of the state

Composite Keys, the Reshaping

Composite keys to the reshaping
This point in phase space hides between
The council and revolution
On a point of mass hysteria may I expound
The propaganda organism may build on truths as well as lies
Or on nonsense to spark inspiration
The application of random and directed action
May bring about some gradual change in consciousness
While unpredictable, it is preferABLE
The effects are unknown yet in some small wise
we can confound the forces of uniformity and oppression
As with Bit Torrent it’s in the seeding
Seeding small thoughts of chaos, little mysteries
Or pumping out your potent message for others to hear
Let it be said: paper is more potent than pixels
;impact; ::: force to brain
More to come, perhaps, when I’m rested
The cards are leading me to political action
I shall choose my own strange and cheap means
With only these two hands
A resurgence of satisfaction and greater self respect is indicated
Images will have to wait as I still cannot upload