Rejection Letter from Hermeneutic Chaos


For the Jane Lumley prize, not general publication:

“We always look forward to reading literature that moves us, excites our aesthetic sensibilities, and inspires our imagination to explore realms that are unique and enthusiastic. And there was much to admire in your work as it presented to us a narrative landscape stunningly wrought with haunting imagery and beautifully crafted language.”

Some article that was sort of like “25 things about how literary publishing really works” (I don’t have the link, it’s bookmarked on my disabled laptop until I fix it…) said that a personlized note of rejection means that you were thiiiss close to getting in. Made me think differently of the note for the [2007] drawings I sent to POETRY Magazine last year (visual poetry category) that said: “While we couldn’t use your drawings this time, we did really enjoy passing them around the office.” That was about all it said. This was more like a form letter with a couple sentences changed or added, but the same principle applies. Keep on truckin’ I suppose…

[ [ [ image: ‘A Dream of Apples” by Charles Vess from “Drawing Down the Moon” : ] ] ]

Unsent Draft Text to Disappearing Girl

And now to lead with something nicer…

Unstudied shades lurk and swirl
A rose without thorns would be less sweet
A chance is asked but not demanded
A five for changing
A faery for blaming
A tweak-ed weekend
Becomes all the choices made
Assume not nor slander
Webs of darts and malice surround
But the boiling out of fear restrains the mind from chaos
The turnstiles were all covered in vines
Resound and vibe, bounce and gibber
We, All the Small Ones, are seeking our places to stand
Yet know peace of mind or do not
I care not a frog’s toe
Yonder days of grace will be found
And none too soon…
Twinkling eyes full of mischief show you the
way, and Lithe Dryads (R) slip thoughts into
your pocketses, while envy vanishes and you
determine your course without undue influences
[emoticons] dice, globe, easter island head, shooting star

Valentine’s Rejections

Drunkenness retreats for days
Loss of pieces is loss of food
No grabbing for trophies just yet –
Asleep among men, we retreat into whispers
No buyers but no takers
No open mics to rescind
No plays to miss
Retreat and devour snarls
All alerting others to the weather,
Absent girls of Bellarmine,
So much illusion of mist
Require and replant
Diminishment of terms
Nothing seen yet
Forget it, forget it

Planning and Execution

Job applications
Send them off into the ether
And never hear back
Or get interviewed and rejected
Time and time again
Criminal record to back you up
No way out of it this time
Time to be certain and strong
Time to remain on the uplink
You must build and rebuild
Build portfolios and expertise
Build all with a presence
Rhyme it with timers
Recover ideas
Gather together on the wall
See what can be seen
When we get the computer back
The sky the limit
But time must be divided
All in proper measure
To each project a portion


I can’t right now

Building a screen of constant effort
I take on the challenge of winning a heart
I am told ‘i can’t right now’
So I suppose I should keep at it
Why isn’t it ‘I can’t left now’ anyway?
I travel through my day with mixed feelings
But on balance
I feel positive
My feelings do not rule my efforts
And the mixed pleasure/dread
And positive/negative
Are pleasingly invigorating
No one else has come along
Nor is likely to soon
So why not play this game with equanimity?
We grow into our pants
Like the weather on the moon