In Synchrony

Making it so
Ever returning
Ever inspiring
Ever undoing
Ever unsigning
Types of people
Who do different things
Types of order
Arrayed in rings
Something unknown
Comes over the speaker
You turn to listen
Completing your task
Growing over your challenge
Spreading like moss
Overturning your maker
Becoming superior
Ringing with gladness
Slipping into sun
Making it so
Ever becoming
Ever retooling
Ever unwinding
Ever unscrewing
All we are
And all we be
Comes together
In synchrony

more word recombination

chk chk chk

systems are online lets go

call <blank> on gas and lunch /// no

go clear mail and answer @ <redacted>

later to <redacted>

register for class

tonight clean house

call <redacted> & call <blank> about some payment


if by some miracle theres extra time,

_ – _ – _ load poems to wordpress


dizzy whizzy dizzy dizzy

possibly take cans to scrap metal

*church or buddhism or aa he was thinking

_ – _ – _ but he never gets a non-work day

You owe it to yourself to live clean

_ – _ – _ live in a clean house

Cash cash cash cash

_ – _ ? Going to just go downhill when you get paid?

<author’s intejection: asshat. ¬†you don’t have a clue>

_ – _ Well it seems to be getting better

Need that gas . . . . will scrap metal be a gain


Most important things:

_ – _ <shopping list>

_ – _ <shopping list>

_ – _ <shopping list>

_ – _ <shopping list>

just word recombination

The .dot $dollarsign unto

Uncertain times, desperate measures

A time to sow & a time to reap

The end of the dots


Dot gap untime play

Uncertain times

Uncertain measures

Uncertain persons not knowing what they do

Until the end of the road

No one does

No one does at all