Reading of poetry strip the slashes
Code talks and talk codes, blinking in the mist
Loving your lies you say uninterested
Leaving the moment you walk into gloom
The lines of distinctiveness or the lines of reclamation, one feels that this is not the only way to distinguish
We fly through seas drifting on my tide
Idling in the spell check reference
Sitting on the seventies’ recliner, now in the drip of the post nasal inconvenience
Sleep falls lightly as the dropping snow
Dreaming of the spaceships and rubik’s’ of poetry
The festivals the baggage floating you beyond control. The needling of the friends to call
You drift in you drifting; you see and you don’t
Defining the terms of the debate-
We swing suddenly back into interpretation

some further words before the next notebook

Writing some things

Falling sideways

Under the whaling walls

So much falling

Why always falling?

Why always always always the same words?


<triangle circular leaf doodle>

under skirt




[dash dash dash

8 <name> vs <other name>







+ time



have you ever?

have you ever?
have you ever drained a rooster’s blood:
under the dark moon:
while walking backwards:
over a fresh grave:
nothing walks with Baron Samedhi’s sayso, yuknow…
battle group seven move out
move out the way
the past, the past rises up like a shark:
the disease drinks you in:
health crystallizes in injury:
the media cry for blood
and we of the half-jacked side-tracked mind:
we the fallen:
we the trainwreck:
we long for the end of the repeating;
alternately sending one into the future:::
one has one’s time to open where one wants:
and people help one another wherever they can:
but no, this is silly.
the last shards of the image are in your fingers:
in time you let them go and forget they were ever there:
it is the way of adaptation:
the mind will never comprehend the enormity of earth’s sadness;
or any of it’s other things>
[we are but brain boxes out for our piece]