Call for Feedback

ddtm-thefairymarket ______ Charles Vess, ‘The Fairy Market’ from “Drawing Down the Moon”

[note: only asking for feedback on the 1 page below] Looking over my manuscript, preparing to change it up (formatting) for BookBaby ebooks, I am having some misgivings about the ‘Prelude’ poem. Thinking of cutting it or replacing it (or leaving it as is). Thought of making edits to it while I was typing it here, but reading back over it, I feel less that way. I thought I would put it out there for feedback before I reach a final-ish decision. There are also a couple of poems that I wound up putting in two different places in the book to make the flow from piece to piece work, and should probably replace one instance of each, but that is a whole ‘nother thing. Just looked up hanging indents in LibreOffice Writer, and that’s simple, so one more problem down… Here is the Prelude, for your consideration. Any comments are encouraged and welcomed. The final version is to be called Synaptic Syntactic: of unbounded phases and entangled echoes unless something changes, and BookBaby publishes to over 60 ebook markets reaching 170 countries, so you should be able to get it on your device of choice.


In all the days of it
We worked and we toiled
We of the silting up of the works
In the alterations
In the alterations of we all the small ones
In the alterations of we all the small ones we woke
In the alterations of time we sought a chance. In the
_ _ _ alterations of time we sought a maker. In the stillness
_ _ _ of time we sought our changes. In the stillness of changes
_ _ _ we sought a place to stand. We all the small ones
_ _ _ sought our places to stand. In it we of all the small
_ _ _ ones were ready to work.
We of all the small ones dream of death
If thus it ever was thus and so, we dreamed it
Repetitively we beat this drum
Claiming to see everything they woke with a start
Coming up to claim to see everything they woke up without
_ _ _ their pants on
In the snips of pieces we collaborated on a play of
_ _ _ we of all the small ones, dreaming of the day of
_ _ _ the night of the day that if (see disclaimer) any
_ _ _ were ready, we would dream the dreams of bringing
_ _ _ down the moon
Demonoid picotant drew by the side, saying it was good
Our roles were reversed, and the splitcase boy drew by the
_ _ _ side and indicated his dissent and multiplicity
We all the small ones are eating and the land allowed
_ _ _ us to eat
Something grasping this way comes

Oops! (Updates)

Due to errors and changes in workflow, my previous notices about postcard file availability (in 300 dpi suitable for printing) were incorrect. This has been fixed. They are now available at Psychic Fugue Studio. For quantities smaller than a full print run, please visit my shop on For text of some of the cards already sent out, see Poetic Postcards. Currently reformatting and making a few changes to the ebooks on Amazon to make them look right on Kindle, and in the next week they will likely be coming to actual paper! via CreateSpace, and possibly to some independent bookstores after that. I will also soon be offering The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up On Some Foreign Shore as a freebie if you sign up for the mailing list over at Psychic Fugue Studio. But I have to check the formatting on it and add the sign up form first… And when the budget allows, they will be coming to 60+ ebook markets in 170+ countries via BookBaby.


Two Free eBooks!

Two free ebooks (one unpublished) to people who will read and do a brief review on Amazon and Goodreads and mention at least 3 times on your social media of The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore. Limit 5 for now.

Samples at Look Inside (Amazon) book page and at my website. Also check out my facebook Lostinmist Twitter tribal ephemeral and my Tumblr tribal ephemeral

Questions, Your Thoughts?

Pondering some things, the oracle suggests that I reach out for help to friends…. I would love to discuss your answers if you would like to share thoughts on the questions below or any other thoughts.

1. How can I reach a wider audience? This question has multiple parts.
—- So far I have sold 8 copies of my ebook and only managed to give away five during the 5 KDP free days I’m allotted during each 90 day period. This despite giving away pretty cards with the title, sidewalk chalk, Google Adwords, Facebook announces, amazon ads, a couple open mics, WordPress announces, my website, and beginning to be active on twitter. I think all the paid ones have been family. I may have some reviews forthcoming from contacts made through (think I’ve got that right), but they are not out yet, and with my experiences so far it is hard to think about real success. There were no conversions from any of my plugs on WordPress, btw. (Looking for amazon reviews! be the first!). Also should I cancel Kindle Select so I can go to other marketplaces and platforms?
— I suppose more ads in combination with existing reviews may help.
— So that is one part of the question. How do I sell people on poetry ebooks?
—- How can I reach a wider audience? It just occurred to me a few minutes ago that I could more effectively use advertising by advertising for example my twitter, and then plugging my book regularly while keeping people interested with my twitter poems. I have been steadily adding followers (from a base of two, up to I’m not sure but perhaps 14) on twitter and going up and down by one on here (having taken 3 years to reach the current 317)… I don’t want to puff up my Facebook friend list. I like it how it is and don’t want to go adding all the people from high school, middle school, acquaintances etc. I was off it for four years for a reason. I don’t currently have anything in the bank for more advertising, though…
— What ideas do you have to expand my followings faster?

2. Thoughts on my work. Strengths, weaknesses, eccentricities, places where it gets monotonous? I will of course not take your word as gospel, but I will listen to and consider all critiques. What am I doing well? What grabs you about my work? What is limiting my appeal and is it something I ought to change, or just part of being different?

3. A friend tells me some of my work ought to be submitted to European surrealists presses (in particular As You Disintegrate). Does anyone have names of any of these, as she has so far not deigned to give me any?

4. It is exhausting looking at the online samples of literary journals to see if I would be a good fit, which the experts say you ought to do before submitting, particularly when I do not fit most of the ones I look at as far as I can tell. Any recommendations?

5. Since I am saving a lot of my work to keep offline and use for submissions now, there is little going up here (although I have been doing twitter poems @tribalephemeral). I suppose I should post a bit more regularly, but it’s hard to let go of things I have just written out of nowhere, so I will now ask for any requests for prompts or topics you’d like to see, and those ones will go up on here for sure, and I’ll leave a note on your most recent post letting you know when yours is up (odd how has no private message feature, is it not?)

That is all I can think of for now. I’ll put a condensed version of my questions on facebook and twitter too. Also, please follow my facebook page, Lostinmist! And if anyone is a Tumblr, I’m at Tribal Ephemeral and have no Tumblr followers yet! I look forward to any and all answers or other comments and suggestions and observations. Have a nice night.

Change of Course: One Major Insight

It has come to my attention that continuing to post a lot of material to this blog will interfere with my career goals, in several ways. One, there is the time. Two, there is the inability to use previously published material in most(?) literary journals/magazines. On the other hand, it is nice to have my stuff out there and being read and liked. But I have other necessary career goals, too, like finding a paying job, starting, completing, and going live with a website for a friend (also paying), improving my web design skills and portfolio, getting an A+  certification and perhaps other certs, writing more carefully written and less repetitive poetry, and doing sites and development for and (and trying to sell

So. I will be posting much less poetry, though perhaps more other stuff. I may stop posting poetry altogether, as if it is good enough for me to put out there for 314 (pi!) people to see, perhaps I should consider submitting it to a literary journal, since, unlike contests, they don’t charge reading fees, and I can’t write an unlimited number of awesome poems to submit to so many journals. I have recently found the ways to do this, the traditional way to break into the literary world (which can happen even without a degree thankfully; but I AM going back to finish my degree in liberal studies, which is not what I started in, either time. But I graduate in one semester). As follows:
Ultimate guide to getting published in literary magazines
Top 50 Literary Magazines
These have really showed me what I need to do to begin to build a career and audience, instead of all the shortcuts and cut corners and internet jiggery pokery I’ve been trying. Also, you should submit not only to the top fifty but to smaller magazines that are more of a ‘fit’ for you (less competition, but potentially no money. but you get a credential and may connect to the audience more). It will be time consuming to find what is perhaps a good fit for me, and I have not begun yet. And some of these things still require snail mail (cuts down on the slush pile, I imagine).
All that said, my first book is still available on Amazon as a kindle file: The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore, and if it actually started selling, I might release another that way.
And I will pursue Patreon for a while My Still Rough Pitch Page and you don’t have to give the $7 per month that it is auto filled with. That level has a special reward, which is subject to change. All donors will get free electronic files of Unreal Demonoids and the Tale of We the Many or something like that I’m not sure if I changed the wording of the title, when polishing is finished, which I would be more inclined to do if I had at least one donor, but I suppose since I’m offering it as a reward, I should get on it so people can get it right away. One more reason I can’t blog much anymore.
And I may set other goals on Patreon, such as a goal for 250 print-on-demand copies of a manuscript, like the one I submitted to the Tupelo Press Sunken Garden chapbook contest. The monthly donations I have my Patreon account set up for (not a per ‘thing’ payment, as I think that might charge people every time I post there) can be canceled anytime, and with people who do charge per ‘thing’ you can set a limit on how much you spend on each of them each month.
Also there will be patron only posts, if things begin to go right.

And I hate to add to my competition, but I came across this thing on twitter today, a poetry contest with no reading fee, from Amazon:
Amazon Little a Poetry Contest

So. I have to apply to some jobs (what hopeless drudgery) and do some code for Mack today (what interesting drudgery!) and have a lot of work ahead of me preparing to begin submitting to magazines. And possibly clearing a bunch of stuff off this blog so I can submit it (no one will know it was out there before, muahahaha. I think).
There will be less poetry here but there will be some non-poetry. And I suppose I’ll keep you posted on my progress on this venture.

In closing, a poem from this morning (not a facebook poem, a paper poem) (which was preceded by some freewriting, which I have not done much at all in a long time):

One Major Insight
The check is in the mail
The dividends you will reap
All the plays of the poetry
And now metamorphosing into work
No more shortcuts
Look for smaller literary magazines, too
2 hrs looking for a job
2 hrs working for Mack
4 hrs looking into literary magazines
And selecting pieces to send
Or more
20 minutes clearing email
Take your pills
All the coffee you need
Remember to eat
And shop for food
Day 1 no cigarettes
And I am free
A little too early, still
To look for girls
But we’ll see what happens

Seeking Exposure

Beating on the door of success
Contests submitted but not yet won
Knowing however that I tried
A progress toward perfection
Open mics with regularity
Spilling the truth into other minds
No acceptances no publications
50 top literary magazines to submit to
Shoot for three a day
Ship on demand to get books at the store
A job to get the funding
Web design clients to proliferate
To make it whole we make it one
Writing pages ever daily
Cutting through the block each time

Top 50 Literary Magazines to Submit To

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