Flipping out on the barnstorm tour,  The guides of political tourism (how dull!)  Arrange the flowers in manic fits, Sleep in 5 minute stretches Lost from their anchors to the Earth Stopped in their tracks by the site of Crocs Fearful small children are opposing spies Or worse, alien infiltrators Conspiracy theory at its worst […]

Extreme Anger

Last one on this topic for now, promise ————————————— Somber yet sullen The confused Christians or women or petulant little girls Line up to condemn But not for the witchcraft, oh no, certainly not That would be intolerant They instead allege that I have crossed a line When I most certainly have not And that […]

Tipped to be the next one in line Wandering through the aisles of insanity Searching for something, anything, to stop feeling Dreaming of the day when life will make sense And be joyful, yea In the line waiting with my boxes of slithy tove eggs and j’garblostok Checking out rambling on about the ancient aliens […]