Fortunes 1-25-2015

The timeless quality of your marriage
Is about to disintegrate
Get a therapist
Learn to meditate
Shreds of dignity moving by themselves
Falling to the concrete
Your generalized anxiety disorder
Should not be your master
Consult a psychiatrist
Or a drug dealer
The tremulous airs of your daughter
Are due to sadness not drugs
Do not give her a piss test
It would be a breach of trust
And consult with her about researched options
Let her choose her own treatments
Or none
Sanguine blood courses through your veins
Do not turn down all the offers
It may ease your pain to be
In the arms of another woman
As your wife dies
No one need know
Fresh out of valium
You are going to have a bad day
See if the head shop has anything
Or get some cough syrup and stay home
The triumph of our times
Was to be
Social liberalization
Do not ruin it
With your authoritarianism
Or it will go badly for you
In your next life
In the general election,
Run to the left
Your base will reward you
By not staying home
Vote for Bernie Sanders
If the opportunity presents itself
He will do a better job than others
At combating Citizens United corruption
Some skateboarders will be in your street
Call them over for a conversation
It will brighten your life
And save them from a reckless driver
The terrorists are not your problem
Cut out the gay jokes
Or you will have a meeting with your boss
You are lonely and you have space in your house
You have money and time and get along with people well
Consider taking in a homeless person
Or a boarder
You might get caught up in traffic today
See that you are not behind a red car
Or you may get rear ended

uncertain title

trixy fluids running down legs
under the warm beam of the shower, the life returning
relaxation – sweet brief piece
– the unrelenting grind of the unit
reading noise food movies news sleep shower food
interior spaces dulled – i see nothing in meditation anymore
however tried yet undone – time to stop
time to rejig my plays – reduce reuse recycle
unfiltered moss on my brain, the hard rock, coral-like
building time to serialize the nightmares, one by one, we go down
serialize introspect classify introject
profession made of naught but mist
needs be consultative not command based
talking wizards of noncoercing serialize slow deaths
wizards wander the woods; at night, black as sin
midnight, midnight, the witching hour, unite
professing ignorance we gather touching tones
touching off chain reactions interfering
static status quo statute untoward gaame
rinking the rankings, changing alliterations
untoward gaze – serializing – objectifying
depersonalizing – refusing to answer my questions
preserving your subconscious precession to being of a different rank
presuming presumptuous collapsing de-fiending
untelling those lies you told – ah you never can
never trust them

Morning Comes

Morning Comes and I feel fine

Massive hallucinations

Greater than I have ever seen a couple days ago

From fun to terrifying

No drugs involved

Unless you count insomnia & (1) lion’s mane & (1) turmeric

Had a massage earlier that day

May have broken some things loose

Turns out no psychiatrists are available on notice

And the ER I wound up at had none except for the geriatric wing

What utter BS

Time to head to town, make some real coffee

Beat this system somehow

And another massage

Bye now have to get ready

Listen to the Patient


Listen to the patient

He knows his body much better than you, doctor

And in the case of this one

Bad Medecine. partymonstrrrr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Bad Medecine.

He also knows pharmacology, & psychiatry & addiction/withdrawal medicine better

In his defense he was not a psychiatrist

But apparently there is no such thing

As an urgent care (doc-in-the-box) for psychiatry

Celebration gone bad CC BY-SA 2.0 docpop

Celebration gone bad
CC BY-SA 2.0

I sense a market niche in need of filling

[was given 1 drug I definitely should not have been allowed to take home, and none of the drugs I needed to manage my condition] [now if only I could cook some more benzos up, but I don’t know how]

I know better than you lily white straightlaced doctors. I know drugs. I know drug states, I know withdrwawal states, I know hallucinations. You just know how to fake a patient seizure to make some money cuz your hospital is empty] ….may be slight paranoia on that point, but it would not make any medical sense for me to have had a seizure and memory hole at that time