Fortunes 1-25-2015

The timeless quality of your marriage Is about to disintegrate Get a therapist Learn to meditate . Shreds of dignity moving by themselves Falling to the concrete Reconstituting Your generalized anxiety disorder Should not be your master Consult a psychiatrist Or a drug dealer . The tremulous airs of your daughter Are due to sadness […]

uncertain title

trixy fluids running down legsunder the warm beam of the shower, the life returningrelaxation – sweet brief piece– the unrelenting grind of the unitreading noise food movies news sleep shower foodmedsinterior spaces dulled – i see nothing in meditation anymorehowever tried yet undone – time to stoptime to rejig my plays – reduce reuse recycleunfiltered […]

Listen to the Patient

/>.?./?#!@// Listen to the patient He knows his body much better than you, doctor And in the case of this one He also knows pharmacology, & psychiatry & addiction/withdrawal medicine better In his defense he was not a psychiatrist But apparently there is no such thing As an urgent care (doc-in-the-box) for psychiatry I sense […]