In focus, think of god, angels, the multiverse

Typical evening that triphead

Then to retranslate

All into symbols resembling sanity

Visions most fructulous, 5x the usual amount

A repeating new mantra, a very neat word

‘Bonkajeedevi’ follows through

A key to remember a key to remember

A key to remember the things to which one must not forget

A strike of anxiety on come down, a need for ethyl drink

A remembrance here after treatment, once funds exhausted

Never to have a day of such emptiness as the hangover four days later again

“Cunning, baffling, powerful” they say

A truth

Not that the steps are always necessary to work

Reassemble, I need you clear

You have goals

Clear mind, low anxiety

You are in physiological difficulty

It passes, abstract thought problems also

Ethyl drink will sabotage you, most times

Even periods of semi stability

Were bound to slip

Daily drinking,

Always an interference on creativity

Even three drinks of weeknights, too many on weekends

Bound to have spun you out of the job soon

The need of assigning meaning not necessary to mantras,

Remember it always, and remember the loss of time of avoidable sickness

And loss of memory of ethyl drink

Not to be paralyzed in illness,

Seems what is ordered

Such mote it be

And also to recall the Unitarian Panpsychist prayer

To remember that prayers can be answered

And intentions can be set to trips

Work into your process

And blessed be

Although before a thought to not drinking yet,

After the Holy Hangover of Void, a mood to avoid at all costs,

Yet time passes, and temptations are all around

See to it there is not a dose of purple that high again

Uncontrollable anxiety is to be avoided

As are anxieties of the more pedestrian sort..

[edit: huge mess of many autocorrect fuck ups fixed]

Stomach crying its emptiness

Head unpleasant too

Both becoming lessened by seconds

Time ticks on and the device shifts

Phenibut is amazing for dreams

None the last 3+ months

This is something else entirely

But should you wish to hack and crack the sleep of the powerful

Consider phenibut, and aniracetam (but do not brinf large doses of p to a sudden stop)

In the panpsychism and pantheism

In the splittikins and remergings of event/reality spaces and groups

In the limited options of OTCs, herbals, alcohols, tobaccos, . . .

And now feeling entirely better again, after the brief lie down . . .

And a bit of psychedelic verse

Yet shifting…

This brief descent into the verbal and textual plane

Drops me back to sobriety, even while it stopped pain

New protocol, 4, 3, 2, 3. .. (4left)  separated

And yet still too hot for a stroll,

But cigarette and drink, palatable again

The loveliness of evening

Hypnosis of goals, not yet, perhaps later

Shifting feelings untoward and unclaimed

Forget critics and bask in pleasance and joy

Lose not self, nor compromise

Stretch beer with splashes of herb tea and juice and ice

Consider the passionflower and St John’s wort of the field

They do not spin, neither do they toil . . .

Applications against alcohol notwithstanding

Magic Star Time

Unlikely to BE any Magic Star Time today
The dose is too small
All I could afford
But there certainly was yesterday
The aniracetam not cancelling the dextromethorphan
As you might expect
Perhaps even Amplifying?
We’ll see in a little while
Bringing the doses closer together
Smidgen of strange feelings lingering in my head
Tremendous thoughts found
It crept up on me yesterday
I kept thinking, well it’s less than expected
Until, then it wasn’t
And I had to admit I had the full effect
Possibly more….
Happy days
Little beer, but some
Trade-offs and compromises
Cards VERY favorable for dosage
Do not disconnect
Love is in the air
But perhaps with the seeds?…
Then may we have victory?
Cards extremely favorable again
Although they may be cancelled by the venlafaxine
We’ll see, we’ll see indeed
Couple hours to soak
We’ll see
Bit of creeping headache
See where this goes
Delight I already feel rising
Perhaps a different sort of Magic Star Time,
After All
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The locks can be picked, but only with care
This is my last will and testament
Seven droplets fall
Islands of sanity sigh
Walking, talking, Lee
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Book: “The Driftwood of Our Live Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore” #poetry

The Other World is Here

Some theories click through the tombs
Voluntarily relinquishing their values of truth for a time
The faery tricksters become visible
For a bright, then dark, night of the soul
What is passed through is completed
Unfailingly passing all tests
And then on to the hospital
For you have been awake for four days and nights
The other messengers appear occasionally in calmer times
You can tell by the brightness of their colors
Or other harbingers of otherworldy appearance
Such as the anomaly of an 8 inch long
Blue black wasp in Alabama appearing before you
And then taking off
This is in a time of perfect sanity and health
Half the time or more they take on the guise of insects
Once large and psychedelically bright
A hornet and a butterfly, both larger than life
Like the imaginary people at the party once
Who prompted me to stave off the cops
Or the homeless faeries/angels, unemployed at the bus stop
In a part of town they’d never been
Something was very odd about them
If you ask me
The other world is here
Although its visible appearances are rare

The video played on
Eons and eons of histories, psychedelic and dissociative universes passed
The simulacrum was in the form of a south park special,
Reminding me of a trip past
Space battles at the roof of the universe in an ancient era
The cops found the stash at the trailer
Healing energy pouring through me in my sleep-within-sleep
Turns into back pain and demon possession
I insist that if my mom is going to do acupressure on me that I pick the points
But the map of points is transcoding in front of my eyes
My parents escape the cops by boat but the cops never saw them
M finds a cigarette still burning in the trailer and says he knows who his man is
What kind of person has their name on their cigarettes?