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Battle lines drawn
No art in the tubes
A line in the sand
A gender schism?
A lot for me to handle
No one speaks into the silence of dreams
Nuclear armed states
Plushies and demented crews
Blocking people who disagree with you is not the way.
The tubes require and respline
Campaign to small businesses is not
Dream – Writing for others is the best dream – Fortune … Also cut out comics
Playfulness is important. Natural magic. Allow yourself to be receptive,
….. fertil, overflowing with grace
Stop setting Artificial boundaries between the aspects
The website is enough
Poetry and playfulness and naturalmagic, fertility in the text blocks
Campaign to climate scientists not productive at this time
Release writing to small presses and lit journals. They want your
….. submissions and not your postcards
Campaign to congress/senate is Ta-Om the Poet
Campaign to environmental activists is bright courage
Campaign to newspapers is radiant healing
You are ready for initiation to the next stage
The website is enough, and get ready for things to become
….. unstuck and begin moving very fast
Consider taking a break from the postcards to get other
….. stuff done
You have more time when homework is done
Making chunks of time makes things go faster
[page break]
You could be making a big splat on social media and not
….. know it…
Let twitter go for awhile?
Scriggle your posts
Money making enterprises per the whiteboard
What was the reversed death card for?
The initiation card was a jump card
At peace with my past… ?
Deja Vu… Dreams coming back
Such dreams with self managed medications
Not letting things end also…
Cannot set unset inappropriate boundaries when other
….. people are the makers. Artificial boundaries.
Death – perhaps gather email addresses for direct help
….. requests, not postcards, and just send them
….. all the same letter.
Can reach St Vincent’s record label if you write a letter
Visit by the end
Do not concern yourself with those who treat you poorly
No where does it say not to make friends –
But the time is not now.
Clue in and consider, retrace and demand
Get mail more often,
Refine and gloam
Allow your puzzles to be written without checks
Haste makes waste, and post is toasted
Create and align, tool up and be
Not one to resign early –
Nor to give up without a fight =
Diacetyl morphine
Chill and respline
Code and repair

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Dreaming of Demonoid Picotant


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Demonoid picotent is sleeping with the devil
Demonoid of the last outer outpost
Excuse that interlude
in the sleep of the all, the trialogues of damnation, and 
	fuck you sir.
Of all the smiles and then
Of all. Oh snap
Well. Certainly we know what and who we like. We can make 
	no broader statement than that at this time
Brought in from the cold…
Sleeping in the 'excuse me' of the last resort . . . 
	Coming through!
Coming down the channel from off of the heaven sent
Dreaming of demonoid picotant
We … sleep
We ... dream
We do all the things to which we are allowed and some to 
	which we are not, my demonoid, … and yet…
See disclaimer
See the end user license agreement
See warranty
We do all the things to which we are allowed and some to
	which we are not and then there are others to which
	we must and follow the dreams to the end of the rainbow
Picotant of the demonoid drops like frogs, or fogs, as the 
	case may be, and is ever thus, or is thus only maybe, as 
	the case may be, or if not see listed conditions of the
	terms of endearment
Slipping into the undemonic stillness we sleep over the stage
Becoming upspeak and determination we wandered the tunnels
	of the messages of the sociologists and otherwise became 
	slightly enhanced and determined our way was of enticement
	and randomly assigned values to each one we could see
But otherwise and then determined, Demonoid allowed as to how we
	had to cloak ourselves in secrecy and become other than 
	ourselves according to the aims but could if otherwise
	become something to which we would want to taste
Finally changing, the reality of the dream became apparent
	and then while we wandered the planes of that world, becoming
	ever distinct from the background, which then if who arrived
	collecting the teardrops and orgasms together to form the line
	of inquiry to which we were drawn, and ever pursued, allowing
	time for the others to adjust and all in all remaining apart 
	for the time being
Doing the many things to which we are not allowed, we discovered
	a degree of freedom
Discovering a degree of freedom we found our hearts and found our
	eyes and very nearly became other than what we were, becoming no
	longer We of the Small, but reversed course and animated in
	time for the changing of the guard and the reseeding of the
Waking, we determined to go and inquire of the sage as to whether
	to allow it
It cannot be so
It cannot be so, because we are we, and shall never discover, nor
	remain with the others,s and shall always depart until we find our
	place to stand
Demonoid came along and spake thus:
	Visions of the peace confound you, and armies of the masters
	confront you; the viruses of the mind are many and replete with
	unnecessary woe and collecting and dreaming you are not allowed 
	to implacably oppose them, and so you must. The key to the 
	secrets is to determne and recoil, to vanish and rescind, to
	poke and to prod, to find the limits and step upon them, to
	expand and destroy, to craft the viruses of your own, or viroids
	as the case may be, and memetically enchant, and conversationally
	to step in, and in the wind of the turning tides to have your 
	victory with your many methods of shapeshidting and clueing in
	to the potentials but also the likelihoods of the dust
The probabilities were strong and complete
We saw our paths and chose several in contradiction
Filing the particles we entangled, and entangling we sundered,
	and sundering we found justice, and then we flared up, and
	flaring we flew to the sun, gaining and endless source of
	small energy and becoming random, we were ever uncaught
We of all the small ones know this or do not, as the case may be
Be no wise certain of this
Be no wise certain of anything
And it was thus, and it was thus, and it was thus, and it was ever thus so

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Define and Versify

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bal•ly•hoo (bălˈē-ho͞oˌ)

  • n.
    Sensational or clamorous advertising or publicity.
  • n.
    Noisy shouting or uproar.
  • v.
    To advertise or publicize by sensational methods.

^^^ From stop motion by me I can’t find just now…

Eerily defined and catenated with the clouds of the alien archer of the tubes… and how many of these repeating words do I have? am i a poet or shuffling robot? Clear to the artwork. Silence of gross prescriptiveness. Science of demonic descriptors…

Into the checkpoints we Signals are told and when you respire, do you recall of your mothers, or your loves? Of what is the nature of A Certain Amount of Staring Into Space….

In the angled alleyways….

In the Feathered Sleep….

In your post-toasted overheating Cerebral Cortex….

In the reproductive organs of Angels….

Close and be thought of grossly, … Word!

Infighting of the shitheads grew gross with hatred… dehumanizing treatment is of a failure of imagination …. And so fuck her!

Sands drifting over the pages of the manuscripts, eating away first the ink and then the paper… alliteration of gross feelings of bastardy… Sopwith Camels on parade with Iron Crosses and demonstrably elated persons cheering on the demagogues!

@thelastword is of no contest withe each tool of remonstrating deescalating concerns are filtered by broken math…
Ballyhoo!! and relax among your peers!
While never forgetting your peril.

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Chainsaw Articulation of Feathered Storms

Off the cuff medium length surrealistic or something verse of a mix of different classes of words, and find in it what you will, I have not read it yet.

The elemental basin of quistarkten waiting with glee for us to require boasts of fear

The closing of the loopholes; the waking of the giants

The loss of opposable thumbs to the sea

When without choices we became something we had not wished for, we then found what we needed…

But We of All the Small Ones are pained, for life is so difficult

In the aftermath of the trees era, came the winged insects, came the hooved wolves, came the alliteration of cubes

And filing for bankruptcy, we ruptured and retired….?

But not to be woken, nor to be stirred, Our Pollyana went walking with the Ghost..

)(*&*$$#@^^:”{]][} Watch for Falling Fork Bombs ‘n’ stuff.

Wickety whippets, Batman, wherefore art the Old Juliet of Yore?  Wherefore art the Klansmen and Idolaters and Tweets and Broken Pieces? Wherefore art the punk bands? Wherefore art the Glitterati, ever deciding your appearance? Whence the Man and whence the Fig Leaf? A capitalization of intent, betokened, but unstirred, leaven me with kisses and batten me with ropes and threads and leafcutter ants…

Alienation. It rankles suburbia to know these things, yet it is these things that have created them and then been inflamed. All the artifice of the alien makers of the tubes, of the printers of the plastic guns, of the postals of the wholes? … ?

Of the addiction of blogging… Of the loss of grades ,,, Of the kidnapped children and immasculated horses and oxen and chimpanzees and Republicans… Of the failures of all the politics!!

Of teh weather, of teh Kittens, of teh intertubez< and of the interior spaces. Hold, be silence and do not splatter, for I do not make mistakes!

$code respire and #code. diminish and %code. replace and &code. Sling thou the immortality of HTML and CSS, sling though the immortality of dissociatives, sling thou the ephemerality of traitorousness, and the banality of the Rubik’s Cube. Sling thou the brokenness of chess, and the piping of dryads… Respire and diminish…delight and sing.. do graffiti and vindicate. Alienate and break down

The angels of our evil better twins rely on you to make the statement, and they are sometimes seen at bus stops in the guises of faeries Aeternal ”’

Blintzes and stories, Do Not Lose Your Car

Nor soiled, but permitted, nor wild but anarchic, nor stepped on, but ill, nor Twisted, but entombed, not Hellions, but infants

The pages. The horror. The Fallen.

The stop & cease & desist & #code $$$


And full stop…From old stop motion project


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Warriors, son.


Needling all the pieces

We draw in a little blood

Itemized catalogues of insight

Heroes all day collect terror
Twitterverse practically in my hand now
Building slowly, slowly burn
Never a utopia…
But at least they were not burning down the globesphere

But I digress…

The snakes and the angels are in agreement on this
The animals typify and lose
The moss did it once before,
Now we risk the people doing it again…
How much Oxygen is there on mount everest?

How long to repair

The pendula of the night-lamps strike me strangely

All to be done is ready
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Image from a stop motion thing I did for a class and may one day get online.


some simple gloaming of the mind
rescind and replace is not to be
see things what they are and diminish not
there are apples and then there are crickets
but on the other hand there is love and there is pain
love in all its many various types and ways
some stumble on the artfulness, but i diminish not
let feelings subside and come into the wombat’s peace
all along you go, it seems as though people are talking about me …
everywhere i go
but i am accustomed to it
I slide not into despair
I slide not into ruin
I find a way
we will make peace reign again
So many slow ways to love
so many stumbles and trials
so many different people to discuss
or to discuss with
feelings to be broken out, not bottled up,
, but how?
how to see, how to do, how to retire, how to gloam?
some ways to the wiles but untoward goes the hurt
not unwailing but uncrying, we diminish and see
preponderance of spoons votes, of course, but weasels in the wires are unretooled
slime and buzzwords, chaos and might
theorems and antitheses, methods and tubing
a relation of requirement and a relation of willing
a relation of diminishment and a relationship to hold close
problematic is the scene of too many women friends,
m., or is it? my lady what dost thou speak?
of weathers and wizards and weasels and withers
the truck does onpile and smashing is scroot
but thence and be lonely compose and refire

refire reflame reflexive and nim
the zeroes are heros and all is reversed
diminish diminish and all we’ll refinish
but reeboks and rumpkins they come in three parts
fine and the wine we see and we know it
cancel all points and thence be uncursed
feel semblance and solace and be under the trance

[at some point around “the truck does onpile” the computer began having continuous seizures
until I lost the flow and train of thoughts completely]

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In the red dust
A symbol of longing
Impressed upon the Earth
Heeded by none
#poetry #ziggomatickeys #ebook

I lost my feet and hands to obedience
But still I existed
I lost my eyes and ears to silence
But still I existed

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Neurons in an Uproar

Itchy to control outcomes
As strategy evolves
But little comes of all I do
Someone can see what you would instead hear
Violence is done without care
The neurons in an uproar
I should do something about that

Yet uncovered
The recluse without a choice
Seeking for money on the angles
But no way out, no way through
Alas, my resources gone