version b {all night memetic freestyling riff}

< < seem to have lost some pieces and the html is all fucked up and I know
there were a couple bits I was still wording out, and there was more formatting
to do. But the fit of inspiration has ended. Oh well. We shall have to settle 
for imperfect > >
<{Meta}: Statement: Advice: Instruction: Metapoetry: Linguistic >
 < and Cognitive Method/Skill: Item: String: Construct >
[[[ You may need to puzzle at the larger sets ]]]
[[[ and lengthier statements to find your satisfactory ]]]
[[[ fits to your <@Unique@> cognition and map of ]]]
[[[ multidimensional geometries of impressions ]]]
[[[ and to locate the links and flows within ]]]
[[[ the nested and luminous tangles of ]]]
[[[ symbol and language of theorem and ]]]
[[[ verse ]]]

[[/Far From/Very Last Written/Now/ (start of ‘verses proper’ t+0 some ways down)]] < < Various verses useful in at least some person- or cluster-zeitgeist (%)instances (((or more loosely defined probability regions/gradients or perhaps the more comprehensive –vague? generalized? both?– cognitive/event phase spaces; all the same media-data phenomena to sample; yet differently delineated and/or unit-dimensioned))) against unpleasant intrusions of unwanted superstitions, irrational/low-probability negative thoughts/expectations, paranoia beyond that which helps avoid risk or is ‘beyond sane’, [what was 1 forgot? what other similar terms unthought of] > >


< [ and dispensing with the rest of the
keeping in mind multivariant logic and checks and balances ] >

An Improbable Hypothesis

The Fish Does Not See
– Water –

The Operating System Does Not See
– Rootkits –

A Mind Does Not See Its Greatest
– Manipulator –

On the first lines, being in mind of Anarchist Concepts

(or variant less defined, [first coined by me, to my knowledge, in ≈2007, : µ$(“Radical Human Freedom”) : ])

And other contemporary gross misapplications of ethically and logically bankrupt ‘law(s)’ [[[a certain of which excess regulation and systematic persecution of competent consenting parties’ production, possession, use, and study of psychotropic substances]]], of which I imagine there may be many

< < Δ∑variants and crosses of type-families∞ / / æ*~analogous isomeric practices~*æ > >

sapient and competent person(s) –

(definitions not to ever be fixed for any broad class of consensual acts, locations, times, or —  v.{{or indeed ‘persons’ parameters and capabilities of what could be -&- defined to a linguistically capable plurality of a suitably diverse ‘representative’ cluster of <Homo sapiens> (since They are all We know, although there were of course the dolphins and octopus, yet their language unlearned .

we’ll leave limited delineation of hypothetical bounds of conceptual personhood – in terms of granting right of autonomy when not )

[ [ the true beginning follows ] ]


Your paranoia is excessive,

Yet typically not unwise

Unjust laws against freedoms of the human birthright

Induce Self-regulation of words and behavior

Beyond what One would naturally do

Constrictions of us by Our various types of rules, and by Us

Our systems abridging Our liberty, and Us

But We must collaborate

To preserve what We have, what remains, what is permitted and not sanctioned

Keep a lower risk quiet, even silence

Not living our full true Selves on our public face

Is truth a delimiter of poetry? Am I poetic in this?

In this the perceptions of Our collective truths is distorted

Knowledge of the true risks and balances and pieces of science … lost, or known only to few

A gathering of those willing to risk to take part in the movement

Willing to show a little more truth than many believe safe, or a lot

Willing to force Our .monsters. of millenia

To look at that which They wish not to see

Or have long known, but always deceive of

Is the internally addressing of Self as You proper? 

Or an aberrant and People harming habit

Of millenia of Acts and Community and Energy Flows

Built on obedience {elsewhere noted as “that primeval sin”}

Though sin is a word suspect

That internal Self referring You, a shadow second ‘self’ { &%# }

Learned from patterns in place before Your conception

But not Created, not of true Woman-Child-Man

And not forever in Our species

Just a very new flash –

– perhaps one day to be forever recast…

As just the small piece of learning it is within Us

Not forced into Us from all directions from birth or soon after

A tool we possess, not possess but is in our cognitive and <*spiritual*> and/or Spiritual (this word perhaps an aspect or facet of Whole Self, not true and only essence of Whole Self, not a looming controller (and, in some ways, and some moments, protector – ) protector from controlling .You. of Others, and demanding You used without … learned from your beginning to be a controller, growing vastly beyond its rightful roles, a virus built of the edicts and -force(s) and demands and false limitations; those of the aberration of the .society. of command and obey, yet still in its nascent infinitesimal novelty, perhaps soon to be swept back away, never to be just as of old, to have accumulated knowledge and lessons to be recalled and reintegrated into the progressive emergence and evolution of the evolved archaic Self, the one who has learned changed through studies and tribulations of the journey of ~10,000~ cycles, and finally resynthesized, through each of the many iterations of birth and growth, in the proper and liberated relation of and to its components and world (no absolute separations between Self and Universal Whole), the Whole Self not encrusted by the deformed and mutated internal You imposed by the drive to control manipulate and force

< < < Interjection: [Type of Construct: -lengthy text-messages > > >

< < < filled with many layers deep of nested contexts- ] > > >

<{Meta}: Statement: Advice: Instruction: Metapoetry: Linguistic >
< and Cognitive Method/Skill: Item: String: Construct >
[[[ You may need to puzzle at the larger sets ]]]
[[[ and lengthier statements to find your satisfactory ]]]
[[[ fits to your <@Unique@> cognition and map of ]]]
[[[ multidimensional geometries of impressions ]]]
[[[ and to locate the links and flows within ]]]
[[[ the nested and luminous tangles of ]]]
[[[ symbol and language of theorem ]]]
[[[ verse ]]]


.Our Whole (and complete) [individual] Selves,

always in communion with the totality of our uni(multi?)verses’

nonlocally linked, etc and so on,

being, spirit, consciousness

the same in any language,

unique to each Speaker of Tongues,

formed of different blends of <self> and ?other? and

[ ~whole continuum~ ], as in each subset of

living creatures, Earthly and space matter,

what-have-you-else, (more

similar each blend within

 a species than outside, within living types than without,

yet all similar in the ground rules, nesting

and entangling our energies and

thoughts etc between

and within

each possible relation of subsets, sets, supersets, and entities and phenomena

which we without words therefore shall say define(?) DEFY{.!.} description in

set theory

{ { { by the time I finished the rest of the piece to flesh out and complete this block, I had forgotten what the multifocal array of verbs and objects and other miscellaneous classes of word and indeed the entire intent I had been thinking of to add a predicate and complete this lengthy and highly flexible outlining of the common defined parameters of the subject, the although, hypothetical(?dubious?) Whole Self, intuitively and undeniably felt by all Humans* as Consciousness(amazingly bendable in various ways), Identity(admittedly remarkably fluid), Body and various other bits and pieces, social, supernatural or beyond, or what-have-you defining properties ascribed to the other labels… which although felt and affirmed by right-thinking, people-who-I-agree-with- {intentional incompletion}

{ { { completion of above statement interrupted by rapidly shifting priorities/new ideas, which while being written down, eventually resulted in never completing. Attempt at reconstructing and completing incompletely imagined assertion was made later the same night/morning. Result has been provided at end, to add to mystery and encourage imagination/puzzling/fun. Result is believed to have significantly more words, with some central key terms/concepts/images having altered?, not yet complete… } } }

... [[added after completion of main-piece: believe before priorities changed in 
mid-sentence and I forgot to return with it, this would have read 
"people-who-I-agree-with-on-one-?fundamental?-?philosophical?-?concept?" .......
<<wording was not fully formed or finalized, also applies to below portion of 
block>> and then add some statement ??loosely incorrect??: believing that all 
{+sombunall} agree {+sombunall} people have loosely the same kind {{{+in a range, 
key medical exceptions, alleged ! religious exceptions, dolphins, octopi, 
hypothetical lizard aliens in human disguises, and what-have-you's (linguistically 
capable golems, droids,} of felt sense of 
@being/self/consciousness/identity/+~spirit!soul~@ and in some 
as-yet-undetermined-way this makes-necessary/implies-categorically _{in my 
mind, at least, on the multi-hour continuous writing of same piece}_ 

*Some Medical Plausible and Probable Exceptions


In praise and/or *Praise* and Affectionate Appreciation of

Amazing Conversations,
Unique Experiences - Never Repeatable in the Same Way,
Lovely and Mellow or Intense (or both at once!) Flows of Feeling(s),
Friends, Allies, Fellow Travelers, Partners, Circles, Chance Meetings, and *All the Rest
Fascination, Entrancement, States of Flow, and the slow poison of cigarettes...
Poetry, these turns at embodied life we have all been given, and [[redacted]]
& the rest we have not the desire nor need to tabulate

[[ ++ <much later, at completion> & my presumably holy in some sense and etc, experience of self in all its many dimensions (not to delve into the rest of the possibilities listed in Quantum Psychology by Robert Anton Wilson) ]]

[[[Note for certain phenomena, more prevalent in some body-mind states than others, trust your gut, your instinct, your true belief, listen to but do not let override that, voices inside the mind, ever or sometime with their useful but disrupting and contradictory advices and blurts and bubblings up, some perhaps signals from elsewhere or otherwise, always filtered up through the shaping lenses and distortions of your history of experiences, biology, more, most most likely ripples of Self and inner .You., yet always still reshaped through the mirrors of all your other pieces and components and parts]]]


*All: Some exceptions

may be granted to this

quantifier, although

due respect is, under

best practices granted

to those whom One

cannot or will not


(This last word may be interpreted according to personal terms or lack thereof)


< < < Imperfectly Flawless Completions of the Integral Memetic Program, > > >

< < < because in poetry the thing is, I do whatever I will, and that is the > > >

< < < ∞§Entire Method§∞, and, my Lovelies, so > > >

< < < Indeed, may You… > > >

[…and indeed any number of Others and even computer programs at once, even on the same construct, just for extra methods, make up a few tricks, like cut ups, ]

Did you know there are countable and uncountable infinities in ∑mathematics⇔  and 2 college logic classes can immensely reduce paranoia and fear?

Aside: Logic is as basic as math to divining truths and likelihoods from the many impressions of and for the many I’s of this Earth, yet not offered in any high schools, while required of hardly anyone in colleges? And what of the relation among these two and set theory? And as yet me not having unpuzzled in the slightest constructor theory, where does that all fit in among it?

#if poetry is code,

#according to the

#identity relation

#in first order logic

#then (^^^ my turn)

“Code is poetry”

– & Automattic Inc (or?) slogan

Thank you, dear readers, fans, secret admirers, and others contributing energetic support to this and all my work, thanks for geeking out with me a bit on that long exploration of some key conjectures in the sciences and politics and semantics … I hope you enjoy it and profit from it as much as I have been lightly fascinated and entranced from the writing of it… until we meet again, we end, my plethora in constellation of beauteous, surpassingly intelligent, and exceedingly capable individuals and perhaps even an artificial intelligence or two…

&&&&&&& in the final last block,

The author of this lengthy and unique marathon-session now communicates his sincere desire, deeply felt request, and heartfelt wish to the forces of our incredible multiverse, be they divine, stranger than we can think, otherwise, or both, within or without* my local gestalt  (*should all my suppositions and learnings be inaccurate or misapplied) of true realities and ,  for recognition and income from my preferred creative outlet(s) nearby in approaching time, or wherever it Will Be, as appropriate to my journey through all my possible futures, speedy resolutions to entrenched, years persistent, and seemingly near intractable problems, as well as a success in rapid completion of the bachelor’s degree.

<<<You’re fears of other peoples’ knowledge are mostly illusions>>> — an atom of a {missing time} * forget all knowledge #/ with 1st meet *



Less than optimal habit… (Extended Exploration of Ideas) – Attraction and Desire


The correct response when a girl turns you down is not ‘oh that’s cool’, although thats steps above many other possible ways to react. ‘sucks for me’ would be one possible response, or some other thing…. that would be better than that. ‘oh thats cool’ implies that it is up to you to grant that it is, indeed, cool, when in fact it is always their call and always cool… bitchy, irritated, and angry, etcetera responses, i reckon, are far more common than we would like (guilty, although not recently) and particularly more common among people .. (thinking, of course of boys and men here, since i am one, although i imagine this is equally applicable, although likely not (nearly?) as common among other gender pairings, or the female in a hetero conversation (which would imply that she took the initiative in something, something i imagine many straight guys wish women would do more of) .. who have through lack of experience, just age, or the myriad other factors, have yet to find a (relatively) strong place of confidence and/or self-worth to stand on within themselves. I suppose an unexamined sense of ‘entitlement’ would also be pointed to by many … but I don’t feel like thinking up alternate terms or definitions for the ‘entitlement’ noted, and I feel that ‘sense of entitlement’ is often used as a derogatory club (such as by baby boomers talking about millennials, or in myriad other places where it may be someone’s go to phrase, and may the accusation of ‘entitlement’ does not in all cases reflect a solid knowledge of what is driving the supposedly offending behavior … such as in cases where someone in a privileged position or class objects to a less privileged persons claim on equal treatment or some right or privilege that the privilege one believes they are not entitled to..)

Hope that is not too difficult to untangle and that I didn’t miss anything integral to the points. I shall try to remember to use a better response next time I get shot down instead of ‘oh that’s cool’. Somewhat of a bummer that my request and response seemed to spin the delightful young lady out of the deep and complex ideas and philosophical discussion she had been flowing effortlessly through with me (mostly me listening with brief comments) touching on and linking so many things together so quickly that I can’t really remember all the bits although i suppose it was sort of ‘theories of reality’ ‘theories of people’ and various other stuff and onto more mundane everyday things, and individual people… I wonder what I could have said that would have made the same request without breaking her train of thought (did I?) although I think we did get back onto some interesting stuff after that. it was a sort of unique and you had to be there sort of rap/exchange, which would have been impossible in that form if there had been a third person in the room. Do hope she comes around again soon and often. Some people, and under some circumstances, their magicalness shines unusually brightly to those with eyes and ears attuned for what is happening. Totally put me in a way better mood than my antisocial and brooding on the other problems before she came to hang out in the living room away from the rest.

Ray of Light

Have been sort of concerned I may have put her off due to various past misadventures, errors,  negative conditioning, prevailing mindsets or unconscious attitudes absorbed from society,  and lingering traces of lack of confidence in, for lack of a better word I can think of just now, ‘affectual’ exchanges [edit: perhaps, ‘making a move’?] with women from my younger life. [Difficult sentence to untangle, I see now, but I do not want to fuck with it; I might just make it even more convoluted and impossible]  But judging on the large bulk of what passed thereafter, I think I am reading imaginary things into just a couple of signs. Truly doom and gloom can whip up a hurricane of doubt and fear over a little glamour (in the magical-cognitive sense) on nothing.

It is just more correct to say something more reflective of what has actually happened, rather than weakly affirming that you are not going to have a violent negative emotion from the turn down (and implying that anyone needs your approval or permission to turn you down). *Le sigh*, woe is me, another unavailable person who is so much of what I really want, at least seemingly. I suppose I shall have to actually get my income stream and other problematical things like disastrous housekeeping and some effort on dating profiles into a more passable (or perhaps even outstanding) shape one of these days (sooner than later, one hopes!)… Some improvement has happened in a quite small way on income, help with housekeeping/reorg/rehab, and social life, although there are also drawbacks to having roommates for dating I suppose, just recently.

My suspicion is that she is already attached to the other friend we (the current and former roommates/roommate respectively who were hanging out with the new younger folk) just met who later turned up to give her a ride, rotten luck again for me… There are so many other things we could do together as friends and allies, and in which the age difference would not be looked on with suspicion/disapproval/what-have-you by those who will judge others choices.

I could probably keep this rolling on to other things, but I would like a few people to actually finish it.. [note: a key reason I decided to go ahead and say what I said was that she had a few minutes earlier commented on how problematical it is for people to suppress things, although I forget the precise context of the node in the rap she was flowing through. So I said, “Just in the interest of not suppressing things [what I was desiring].”



[End Note: I do and have, often, sincerely wished open or polyamorous attachments were more the norm, although never having really had the opportunity to try that, I cannot be certain how well I would handle it. And due to numerous factors, I have never really stuck to (or in certain cases blew the option) a relationship long enough for it to really deepen and grow extensively entangled [example: living together as a couple], so I cannot truly say how satisfied I would be with the monogamous option with someone who really hit all my buttons like that conversation. Or various other times I remember failing to grab or blew the chance or didn’t have the option to pair with (or even date) someone I really felt was the one I truly wanted in that particular moment (or year…) of the zeitgeist of my existence. Sometimes it seems having the polyamory option being acknowledged as on the table in ‘normal’ circles of society in 2016 would make everything so much simpler and easier for those who used it. And would close or mitigate some of the popular routes and rationales or excuses or emotional pitfalls that torpedo so many relationships now and throughout history.] … [and would allow delightfully expanded choices for living situations and relationship geometries and dynamics] … [Breaking the Barriers to Desire is a delightful (and the only I have read) book on polyamory (and peoples’ various paths into that choice) that came highly recommended.]  ]

2nd Fin! Wonder if I should see if she’ll read this and what the reaction would be?


An interesting wikipedia clade: “Wikipedia trivia: if you take any article, click on the first link in the article that isn’t in parentheses or italic, and then repeat, you will eventually end up in “Philosophy”. from the mouseover text of which the picture for I can’t post for some reason. I find this fascinating and think it must have deep implications. Although I would like to point out that from philosophy the chain goes to reality to existence to world to human to hominini to tribe to biology to natural science before reentering the main loop experienced with all the other articles tested. I personally find human, reality, and especially tribe the most interesting of these links (although to be fair it was “Tribe (Biology)” not tribes of people. But tribe for biology emanates from our original conception of the word tribe.

Tested articles as follows:

10 steps from indefinite and fictitious numbers

17 steps from hebrew bible (which i accidentally clicked on instead of the first link in the above page (3rd link))

Supreme Court of Judicature Act 1873 (random page)
9 to contemporary philosophy
30 to philosophy

chicago police department 21 (random page)

The end of the chain or central loop you usually run into is thus

science to knowledge to fact to experience to experiment to hypothesis to explanation to set(mathematics) to mathematics to quantity to property (philosophy) to logic to reasoning to consciousness to quality (philosophy) to philosophy

Which “natural science” (which philosophy itself runs into above, remember) connects directly to science thus closing the 24 member loop at the center of wikipedia (unless i miscounted) (and thus the sum total of all human knowledge (oops strange loop))

Dissociatives? Speed? LSD? Fascism? Alcohol? Breakdancing? *&

Plus we go shed our bodies

we walk along sideways through


The dissociative panopticon


No swimming that night

Else we go

Left is dragon extreme

The speeding through constellations

Of thought

Working our minds around

Our condition

Shed the bodies


  • into the minds
  • Endless corridors of rooms

Losing ourselves in introspection

on the state of &+_


Takes supreme confidence

Taking all pieces,



The map expands, perhaps

Beyond ^ comprehension

In the blending of the other

Triahalogos  mystic screed

Working through

How much can you hold?

All comes back in some form e

Emerging after


The silent mind

on some odd days

Theists of the world: you may consider the thought that god(s) treats all as equals and so perhaps that is merely different and not above us (or perhaps others, either).  Atheists may also profit from just pretending that is so.  Why then.should you do less Or more?

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Life is so constructed that an event does not, cannot, will not match the expectation.
Charlotte Bronte

Time is an Illusion

Mesh of semantic grids, divided

Fliter through unfocused I’s view on the world

Shifting, changing, various from person to person

To animal, to plant, to particle, to time piece

Waves of sound permeate

Stretching the differentiation of change to sameness

No clock tells reality

Reality is change

Change is motion

Motion is energy

Time is a frame of mind we use

To divide, measure & digitize

There is no time

Just as the origin of the ostensible big bang’s Cartesian coordinate

is empty

just another relative place

in a relative space

& altered by the ostensible observer

just as heisenberg taught

I am a strange loop says Hofstadter

logical train collision exclusion across dimensions

“i” am


Float like animals

You are stiff

of Overwork


Wild ones do not walk

Bounce play cavort

& fear tremble kill


Neat pieces of life

Stitched into your garments

Rend them and run naked


Actor in the world

No object of analysis

You, have power, & art


Diagrams of targets

Potency of uninhibited flow

Let fly the syntactic vehicles


Watch them flourish,

spread & grow