Following the trail of peace
Building good will among men and boys
Becoming diplomats and fighters
Becoming aid workers and good neighbors
Becoming true to ourselves
Unhypnotized by consumer culture
Unhypnotized by the media circus
Unhypnotized by terror and fear
Leaving our old lives behind to find purpose
Leaving our old lives behind to find joy
Dreaming our way to new tomorrows
Dreaming our way to an Earth with true Justice
Realizing in time our successes
Realizing in time what we cannot
Realizing in time there will be struggles
That we may rise in triumph
Becoming in our innate nature truest

Strikes in the Night

The beastly creatures stalk the Earth
We are not ever watchful
They come and come again
But do not cover yourself in the horrors
Some watch with watchful waiting
Others to be rounded up
The monstrous demagogue will meet his demise
And another will rise to take his place
The victims grieve or die
The end of this challenge not yet in site
Reconciliation and peace in the Muslim world
Not to rescind freedoms
Wherefore the will to end this suffering?
Wherefore the might and goodwill?
Wherefore do we go for allies?
All are with us, or nearly
An end to Israeli oppressions, too
An end to war in Syria

Of the Deceit

Each and every which way
The demolition of the Trinity test
Was something unheard of on the planet
We sit in waiting
For someone to press the button

Each and every which way
Becoming loud for our masters to hear
“Yes, massa, you just do whatever you think you need to”
Smile and agree them to their graves

Each and every which way
Demeaning of the other goes on
Little changing year to year
All collecting others of their peace
Coming down the tubes with venom

In a silent moment
You reflect
You become a mirror for them
You become a mirror for yourself
The parts gather and replace their eyes
And they are made to go

Damaging rays of scrutiny pile in
Allegedly untoward of the warriors
But gross with fire
The globes of presumption and hypocrisy burst
The group flies apart
From the repellent forces it has generated within

In a time of chaos
You become replete with smoothness
It follows you there
Everything becomes true
Everything flows
With the new cast line up
Nothing goes awry

A coupling of interests emerges
Becoming one you become two, and then three
The travel is hard
You cannot see what you have missed
But are satisfied with what you got
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Not Another Lawnmower

Rage with the world
Unstable feelings
Needing no one
Needing a line of credit
Waking up to a new day
You simply will not do
Demons of peace
Demons of trouble
Stripping down to boxer shorts
What is she doing now?
Not another lawnmower
Not today
Today it is wrong
Some stealth in the air
A treatment for your lesions
You meet me with punishment
When I have done nothing wrong
Stealing away every option I have
Leaving me with nothing
But this empty house
And a cat
Dreaming of a day when things were better
But how to ever return?
Something must be done

eastern daylight time

kid finally calming, maybe
calm down, kid, calm down
you can’t sleep with mama forever
were having adult time here
trying to have some adult time
the new random word is concurrence
i am powerless to stop it
the fear of the dark
and perhaps manipulative
it may be a long nigh for us all here
ah ye batten down the hatches, ye salty dogs
only getting louder at this point, yarg
it is time, it is time to distance this invisible thread
how long, oh lord?
how long can we hold out?
11:18 pm EDT
peace, may the peace holdIMG_3034