Progress Update followed by Sympathy for Loneliness

(Skip intro and ramble if you just want the poem) A cool post from Scriggler (@iScriggle). I had a very strange and interesting and intriguing dream about the I just remembered now, not going to go into it though. A lot of things but it involved their computer systems and meshings or invasions between them […]

Change of Course: One Major Insight

These have really showed me what I need to do to begin to build a career and audience, instead of all the shortcuts and cut corners and internet jiggery pokery I’ve been trying.

Paper Chains

This is what it has come to: Your people have been devalued; Your true skills have been devalued; You are devalued; Your bolted-on skills are undervalued and worsening; You compete against exploited &/or inflated foreign workers & hobbyists There is a 0 tolerance of deviance & inability to communicate or negotiate & no chemical resources […]