Progress Update followed by Sympathy for Loneliness

(Skip intro and ramble if you just want the poem) A cool post from Scriggler (@iScriggle). I had a very strange and interesting and intriguing dream about the I just remembered now, not going to go into it though. A lot of things but it involved their computer systems and meshings or invasions between them and and various governments or some shit. And they say they tweet almost everything posted to their 50,000 followers which netted me about 300 views both times. Haven’t checked in to see if they’re still rising. I send them a tweet asking that my post be promoted just in case it’s missed or passed over. Took them 4 or 5 days to get to it after I posted “As You Disintegrate” which btw at the last minute I decided must go in the current book. And as I think I said, I’m planning to publish to paper when I learn to navigate (an Amazon company) (A fairly successful author (although it is far from his primary income) tells me Amazon actually does a pretty good job of promoting createspace and kindle books, and I guess he knows his shit) (I guess that means there are discounts for bookstores or something, cuz if there were only one price you wouldn’t be able to sell so easily above the Amazon price for one. I dunno I guess people (customers) in bookstores wouldn’t know they could get it from createspace? yeah that makes sense). Dude also says a big chunk of his income comes from book design going into createspace and he contracts out to families and stuff and does cons…. Ian McLeod is pretty awesome. I have read two thirds Bilge Pump of a Turgid Mind (poems). It is more challenging and interesting than the commercial poetry book my parents got me for Christmas. I have had to go slower and most of it works with topics that interest me… (The Christmas book is actually pretty good, though, Nick Flynn, My Feelings, significant amount of shit about death in it). And I have read a big chunk of Thirty Minutes More Or Less chapter 14 of Ian’s (wait it has a different name, I dont know if he sent me someone elses book or thats a pseudonym, I think its a pseudonym Joshua Lee Andrew Jones) The Excess Road, and it is, to put it bluntly, awesome! We have had some very fruitful exchanges on marketing and publicity (well not really publicity, I’ll have to send him a link to Publicize Your Book! recommended by Carmichael’s Books for anyone who participates in their consignment program. I read a lot of it before I got desperate and sold it for beer, and it is really good. (Sigh, I am a writer with no books. I sold them all. Well, I have like maybe twenty but half of those are things I can’t sell and have no interest in reading. Hoping paypal to and monthly recurring donations to will start rolling in when the first 70 postcards in my 1000 postcard campaign arrive at their targets tomorrow. May be too optimistic. We’ll see. Perhaps instead of doing Louisville I should be mailing to poets and poetry magazines. But I got the “Unity” card (only drew one this time, I swear) in the Faeries Oracle when I drew a card to see if it would be good to target San Francisco next after Louisville. I suppose I can just mail them to whoever I can find who I feel like in the moment rather than stick to any set plan… but some must go to poetry stuff and some to san Francisco. I sent one to Mayor Fischer, which I believe he will see and dig, but have so far elected not to send one to Obama or our new dickbag governor Bevin. Fly under the radar, I suppose, no? New landing page at later tonight (it’s next up unless I meditate first, but in this moment, I am feeling totally ready for web design… a rare feeling unless I’ve been sober a couple weeks, so I guess I’ll hit it) maybe I’ll take out some ads… I believe this is the correct Ian McLeod but he doesn’t appear to advertise his books on his site; how odd!




A playful study on the characteristics and values of loneliness.

If loneliness had a flavor,
it would be like the taste of paper . . .
referring back to the days in grade-school,
when consuming paper
was a more likely occurrence.
Milking from those memories,
the recall of pulpy spit-wads and
the “not-entirely-offensive-yet-savagely-unappealing” flavor –
but lonliness would not carry so much the certain and confident character
of dime-store, college-ruled notebook stock,
lacking that level of definitive identity.
If lonliness had a flavor,
and it tasted like paper,
it would carry the musk and frailty of an old paperback,
yellowed and pungent with the nuance of time and use,
reminiscent of cookie dough, but without the sweet . . .
or anything else really “cookie-ish”
save for the soft top-note,
a bit musty and almost familiar,
nearly comforting at first,
growing more daunting and unfullfilling
in the lengthening of its presence
on the palate.

If lonliness were a guest at your door,
it would be a face familiar . . .
one you had almost forgotten about altogether
and one whom . . .
when upon spying through the peephole,
you would quietly mouth the word “damn”
and wish you could reverse time
for just 5 mere seconds
to resist the cheerful “just a minute!”
you offered at the call of the bell . . .
betraying your option of feigned absence.
And you would exhale long . . .  and slow . . .
and brace yourself before opening the latch . . .
reluctantly welcoming and all-the-while wondering
how long this visit would last . . .
fighting the urge to keep gazing at your watch
forcing the conversation,
wishing you really had something else to do
and wondering what it was you did,
which wrought upon you this karma.

If lonliness had a sound,
it would be voice of a solitary violin,
weeping fervently,
the wanton bow and resin of sorrow
dragging across the threads of unrequieted desire
resonating the throat of sadness,
and echoing the hallowed empty halls
of absence and desolation . . .
still  . .
and low . . .
and constant,
offering no hint of resolve or pause.

But it has no flavor,
no face and no song.

It is in its essence the absence of something,
unnamed, unknown, unseen and unheard,
and still universally understood,
regrettabley mundane,
brazenly eventual,
and effectively uniting us,
to make the rain taste sweeter than spit-wads,
obligations more meaningful and important,
and sad songs somehow lighter.

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Change of Course: One Major Insight

It has come to my attention that continuing to post a lot of material to this blog will interfere with my career goals, in several ways. One, there is the time. Two, there is the inability to use previously published material in most(?) literary journals/magazines. On the other hand, it is nice to have my stuff out there and being read and liked. But I have other necessary career goals, too, like finding a paying job, starting, completing, and going live with a website for a friend (also paying), improving my web design skills and portfolio, getting an A+  certification and perhaps other certs, writing more carefully written and less repetitive poetry, and doing sites and development for and (and trying to sell

So. I will be posting much less poetry, though perhaps more other stuff. I may stop posting poetry altogether, as if it is good enough for me to put out there for 314 (pi!) people to see, perhaps I should consider submitting it to a literary journal, since, unlike contests, they don’t charge reading fees, and I can’t write an unlimited number of awesome poems to submit to so many journals. I have recently found the ways to do this, the traditional way to break into the literary world (which can happen even without a degree thankfully; but I AM going back to finish my degree in liberal studies, which is not what I started in, either time. But I graduate in one semester). As follows:
Ultimate guide to getting published in literary magazines
Top 50 Literary Magazines
These have really showed me what I need to do to begin to build a career and audience, instead of all the shortcuts and cut corners and internet jiggery pokery I’ve been trying. Also, you should submit not only to the top fifty but to smaller magazines that are more of a ‘fit’ for you (less competition, but potentially no money. but you get a credential and may connect to the audience more). It will be time consuming to find what is perhaps a good fit for me, and I have not begun yet. And some of these things still require snail mail (cuts down on the slush pile, I imagine).
All that said, my first book is still available on Amazon as a kindle file: The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore, and if it actually started selling, I might release another that way.
And I will pursue Patreon for a while My Still Rough Pitch Page and you don’t have to give the $7 per month that it is auto filled with. That level has a special reward, which is subject to change. All donors will get free electronic files of Unreal Demonoids and the Tale of We the Many or something like that I’m not sure if I changed the wording of the title, when polishing is finished, which I would be more inclined to do if I had at least one donor, but I suppose since I’m offering it as a reward, I should get on it so people can get it right away. One more reason I can’t blog much anymore.
And I may set other goals on Patreon, such as a goal for 250 print-on-demand copies of a manuscript, like the one I submitted to the Tupelo Press Sunken Garden chapbook contest. The monthly donations I have my Patreon account set up for (not a per ‘thing’ payment, as I think that might charge people every time I post there) can be canceled anytime, and with people who do charge per ‘thing’ you can set a limit on how much you spend on each of them each month.
Also there will be patron only posts, if things begin to go right.

And I hate to add to my competition, but I came across this thing on twitter today, a poetry contest with no reading fee, from Amazon:
Amazon Little a Poetry Contest

So. I have to apply to some jobs (what hopeless drudgery) and do some code for Mack today (what interesting drudgery!) and have a lot of work ahead of me preparing to begin submitting to magazines. And possibly clearing a bunch of stuff off this blog so I can submit it (no one will know it was out there before, muahahaha. I think).
There will be less poetry here but there will be some non-poetry. And I suppose I’ll keep you posted on my progress on this venture.

In closing, a poem from this morning (not a facebook poem, a paper poem) (which was preceded by some freewriting, which I have not done much at all in a long time):

One Major Insight
The check is in the mail
The dividends you will reap
All the plays of the poetry
And now metamorphosing into work
No more shortcuts
Look for smaller literary magazines, too
2 hrs looking for a job
2 hrs working for Mack
4 hrs looking into literary magazines
And selecting pieces to send
Or more
20 minutes clearing email
Take your pills
All the coffee you need
Remember to eat
And shop for food
Day 1 no cigarettes
And I am free
A little too early, still
To look for girls
But we’ll see what happens

Paper Chains

This is what it has come to:

Your people have been devalued;

Your true skills have been devalued;

You are devalued;

Your bolted-on skills are undervalued and worsening;

You compete against exploited &/or inflated foreign workers & hobbyists

There is a 0 tolerance of deviance

& inability to communicate or negotiate

& no chemical resources for you

To increase state Or hold it steady

There is nothing

You are nothing, as you are so often told

You live in paper chains

This is not why we are here

This is a 10 millenia delusion

We are supposed to connect with one another

Technology has merely increased what was already present

You hurry on incessantly

For no purpose but forced paper chains & inevitable death


Not exctly where I was going when it came to me, but I forgot.

Lines 2-5 are close to the lost original idea.

The Paper Code

The paper code

Dots & dashes over time sequences

Use for music construction

How to do the items in 1 2 3 


Too many courses

If you could just let go

The worry and fret fade away

You could certainly get this all done

Though it take night & day effort

All the time takes to get there

You emerge victorious