PoeticPostcards: #48-53 – Series B


Another round up, also to 20003 area. They may’ve arrived by now? The draft said it was 3 days old, and obviously I must type before I send them off… PoeticPostcards

“Knowing not what to
say, she babbled: “How can it
not be so when it was ever
thus? Who makes the mix tapes?”

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Unitarian Panpsychist Prayer

Psychedelic Film Criticism for the Already Deranged
Caretaker Sparkle: ROOM 237 [[<<film title]]


New PoeticPostcards – Series B #36-41


http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2015/11/want-to-get-into-bio-hacking-heres-a-beginner-bioreactor-for-engineering-cells-at-home/  [[click through to get GIF animation from above]]

New Postcards, Series B #36-41 @ postcards home. Series A reached 600+ before stalling out for a few months.

…. “Some things are like
this; others require certain
knowledge. Nevermind… Rem-
ember, though, this: Always
make a thorough study of
the alkaloids in question, yet
keep in mind also that your
mileage may vary… Think
not of roses but of stones” ….

Still sending to the psychology website people. The next six, using the directory of individual therapists, have been written, but possibly going to get my revised ebook and new homepage up before I push them through. A different group of zipcodes in the sites this time.. ***

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Tetris as a Metaphor for Life

The pieces are always falling, and you are always spinning, jimmying them into position and together.. Eminently arranging your selves, your thoughts, your time bits and pieces and hours and days and weeks.. You put together things and sometimes they work out and bang, your lines disappear! And sometimes they don’t, or you miss deadlines, and you have a rising and unruly pile…..

But in this metaphor, Game Over is not death… it is the stacking and stacking of unresolved things, be they material or immaterial, rising and rising stressors, unfinished business to get around to one day, &c & etc.. Game Over is akin to a breakdown of one sort or another, loss of job, relationship, nervous breakdown, freakout, spiritual crisis.. Tetrising is a peak experience (in case you never knew/never made one, A ‘tetris’ is making four lines disappear with the straight piece at one moment!………

You arrange your time. Do you arrange it by lists or calendars, or vaguely in your head, or always make lists and always overload and fail them? Do you make progress to your goals…? All different ways of spinning and sliding pieces. Priorities and entertainments, accumulations of junk or bank accounts or spiritual progress… All pieces either on the ground or in the air…….

The pieces never do stop coming. A clean slate is possible.. But one should not necessarily aspire to a total emptiness… Are you happy with your zeitgeist? Or are you feeling that perhaps, some way or another, something must give, You Must Have A Reset! There is no reason to fear Game Over (well, perhaps…) But throwing your Very Own Game Over Party, is one way to have that reset on your terms… Or perhaps you need to get rid of half of what you own, or change careers, or go to treatment..

Only you, only your own Self-Concepts can say :::: Cheerio!

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To-Do Lists & Organization & Wholeness

In to-do lists, make time loosely blocked, yet if there is a fixed set that has shortly worked, do not neglect to consider it.

Do not overload list if you can, this is a downfall of disappointment

Leave room below for day notes. These will help you refine your approach and know strengths and weakness. Here add with ++ things to add for the day.

Make separate a list of all that other things not on the list of today. Make this list today. Make to-do dailies the night before…

Admit to self that there will be little interstitial things and distractives, but meditate on minimizing them

Seeming ever to be ready, burst forth into life!

Often there are hidden parts of ourselves that work to keep us small and out of fulfillment. These can be uncovered and worked with by methods inventive or prescribed. Is the dream really you, or is it a fantasy of evasion?

Tend to your four fires. That of coal, your basic level of life and health, that of flame, the enduring things projects passions that make you whole, and those of arc and star… (Evolutionary Witchcraft, chapter on North/Earth/Body/Material/Money)

Among times of Star, between times of Tube… See between pieces where to generate more time..

Lists and lists, my methods use 4 notebooks in a day currently…

Seeing between pieces the tools of opening.. Tools of creation.. Tools of balance.. Tools of true self..

Do not neglect to reduce isolating going forward, or if you have the opposite problem of lots of draining and distractive togetherness & messaging

Know or begin to search for your proper limits of what to take on..

Self, pride, power, sex, passion

Knowledge, law, liberty, love, wisdom… Note the sequences.. (EW, iron, pearl pentacles)

On the morrow one step closer,

On this eve, sleep in peace!

Blessed be.

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Self-Concept Commutative Telegrams x0001 five stars, I think..

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Additional Notes: KDP Poetry Formats:

Adding onto my recent Poetry Formatting for Kindle (2016 update) here is another key I had not yet remembered to learn but which is a requisite for successful self-publishing with KDP: Make Table of Contents in Word 2010 That’s Clickable in Kindle

As it happens I have OS X 11 and Office 2011 instead of Windows 7 and Office 2010, but judging by the looks of the Word interface, everything should still be gravy. And I saved my final Word file after fixing all the line breaks and indents as well as the original and every step in between in different version codes (filenames), so I’m all ready to go. There may be some font issues I still need to learn about, but she says the user can change them any way…

[ [ NOTE: short of learning to use a versioning system like Git (designed for coders) or getting and learning some app for novel writing, the file naming and folder organizing is key if you don’t want to lose stuff, and also if you want to preserve earlier drafts, reorganizations, cut ups and collages, etc. ] ] …. { { One reason I love TextWrangler, it allows me to have as many documents open in a single window as I wish, all listed in a sidebar, with the ones with unsaved changes highlighted, and still multiple windows, other options, etc. (‘soft wrap text’ is key for prose writers wishing to work in TextWrangler plain text, and I just checked, you can indeed set soft wrap to be default } }


A Question of Retraining

We each go our separate ways after the course
There were things to be done and people to be seen
We were to save the Earth, and build on our successes
No one could stand in our way
A talk was had among significant others
A talk was had among city leaders
Small gains were made
One had been blown away by the weather
Lost among the junipers of alcohol
Sweating beneath the sheets
As it eventually became clear, he had been plotted for another purpose
Send the slow vibes towards me, and let me be free
Send the praises in the form of sustenance
Send the light among your peers
Break not and want not
This is the only Earth we have
Earth Activist Training
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Stop the Oxygen Catastrophe!
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Planning and Execution

Job applications
Send them off into the ether
And never hear back
Or get interviewed and rejected
Time and time again
Criminal record to back you up
No way out of it this time
Time to be certain and strong
Time to remain on the uplink
You must build and rebuild
Build portfolios and expertise
Build all with a presence
Rhyme it with timers
Recover ideas
Gather together on the wall
See what can be seen
When we get the computer back
The sky the limit
But time must be divided
All in proper measure
To each project a portion