What is the puzzling N icon on my phone? Almost looking like it could stand for NSA? Why is there no information on it? The cockroaches attempt to be rebranded Stilling the heart for the moment Vigorously promoting your victories And whence the great sky god? To be is the question Never to be undone […]

Five Hundred Thousand

The top half million most troublesome Americans Blacklisted? Can’t get connected jobs Or rent in a new city The Man likes to keep tabs on us, ruin our lives. WE WRITE POEMS, CREATE ART, WAIT TABLES WORK IN UNIONS, HAVE MENTAL ILLNESSES, POLITICAL INCLINATIONS Is this so? WE ARE DEMOCRATS & REPUBLICANS, INDEPENDENTS & DISILLUSIONED […]

The Special Children of the NSA (aka Treason)

UPDATE: my network started doing that thing where the DNS servers disappear every 2 minutes as soon as I posted this.  Bastards. UPDATE 2: This blog has recently been followed by the international english broadcasting apparatus of the state of Iran.  It is not impossible that they are also logging who clicks the like button […]