What is the puzzling N icon on my phone?
Almost looking like it could stand for NSA?
Why is there no information on it?
The cockroaches attempt to be rebranded
Stilling the heart for the moment
Vigorously promoting your victories
And whence the great sky god?
To be is the question
Never to be undone
The V for vendetta
Is coming to a head
Totalitarians should be fearful
The Jabberwock returns for another round
Apparently it was for NFC. Now switched off, as is Bluetooth.

Five Hundred Thousand

dddThe top half million most troublesome Americans
Can’t get connected jobs
Or rent in a new city
The Man likes to keep tabs on us, ruin our lives.
Is this so?
What we are not is *Nebbishes
We are not nothing
We are not cogs in the machine
We may be ground to dust by *some machine
But we are no cogs
Not in any machine we dislike
We have our own Philosophies
We cannot be threatened or bribed into compliance
We never approve of or cooperate with blacklists
We are not rational
But no man, woman or child was ever rational
We are smart, we are dumb, we are patient, we are impulsive
We are not all things to all people
We may be poor liars or adept
We want to live; We also want right in the world
But not at any cost to freedom
We are powerful and weak
The oppression of a half million
Is a certain crippling blow to the economy
Free all the prisoners. Your local pigs (or ours) are sufficient
For all deformed visions (except yours & other fascists)
The oppression of any – is a mortal wound
To the republicdraft_lens17566281module148461932photo_1298482406scared_of_being_blacklist
Subversive things thinking up to say to your children
– Such as that Satan brings their Christmas presents
It would make an interesting cartoon


The Telepath Invadez the Secret Police

Title says it all

We used to do a lot of drugs in high school and beyond

It brought unexpected gifts/curses

Title says it all

contact local media and they will never believe ou

try foreign media instead

The Special Children of the NSA (aka Treason)

UPDATE: my network started doing that thing where the DNS servers disappear every 2 minutes as soon as I posted this.  Bastards.

UPDATE 2: This blog has recently been followed by the international english broadcasting apparatus of the state of Iran.  It is not impossible that they are also logging who clicks the like button and comments and stuff (and there is another possible reason for an anomymous blog).  On the other hand I’m thinking more seriously about self publishing now…

This is how Moore’s law work.  Consider the recent NSA scandal: we use the same amount of data as we did before (okay maybe 2 or 3x more) but their capacity to store and decipher grows along the lines of Moore’s law: this is why I tend to disagree with the recent article I read where one Netroots Nation blogger said that “I know what metadata is; even with the most powerful computers they couldn’t store all the calls”.  Audio is not that gigantic of a data stream and once unbreakable passwords and keys can now be cracked in 10 minutes by a cluster of servers on Amazon EC2 (https://www.wpacracker.com/)… They are limited much more by manpower than computers however many people of my generation and younger do not care if their network activity is followed (or interfered with(?))… (https://optin.stopwatching.us/) however in order to get true security you need not only well behaved spies but also passkeys that would take like ‘the age of the universe’ or equivalent for a single PC to crack (1/1000th of that for 1000 cloud VMs)….

What other options do we have for security? 1) use passphrases instead of passwords where possible https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passphrase … use HTTPS Everywhere and Ghostery in your web browser, encrypt the disks and your phone, and use Silent Circle (https://silentcircle.com/) which encrypts your calls and message and also has a ‘burn after reading’ function….  You could join the Tor onion routing anonymizer too I suppose.  Paradoxically this may get you very close scrutiny from the evil spies (one recent headline said ‘If you encrypt anything, the NSA thinks you might be evil, so they keep everything until they’re sure’) …

Do I do all these things? No.  And the sad fact is that these cryptofascist children, with the new parallel processing technology of using graphics processor chips instead of just CPUs to handle bignum computing, could easily have an encryption hacker run 1 million times faster on 1000 machines, not just 1000 times.

The right is up in arms over this while the left dislikes it but is perhaps still too fatigued and jaded from the Bush years to work up a sweat over it… but this is an opportunity to change the law, if they can reach some agreement, left and right quarks, strange and charm quarks on this burning issue.  Turn off the TV (programmable hypnosis, numbness, and social atomisation for all!) for a moment and lets run this thing back into the maw of Azathoth where it came from.

Also sign the petition: https://optin.stopwatching.us/

Of the things mentioned, Ghostery and HTTPS Everywhere are the easiest, followed by using the internet as a tool only, and not as a pervasive entertainment device.  That and throwing out your cellphone and getting an old fashioned one.  (no I’m not ready for that last one either). Alternative: keep your phone switched off except when its needed.

It makes me highly suspicious when my phone stops delivering messages to someone I have known for a year and had not quarrelled with…

For more on cryptofascism …. well I’ll just let you google it and see what you find; or if you might prefer not to have your searches and clicks recorded duckduckgo it instead ( duckduckgo.com )

Drawing the Sign of Azathoth Around the NSA’s Datacenter



Whatever you think it is you know

>>> About me

You Do Not Know Me

You Do Not Understand Me

I Am

>>> A Cloud of Secrets

I Am Encrypted One Million Layers

>>> Deep

Under the Water One Million Miles

I And My Army of Hacks Will Defeat

>>> All Your Theocracy, Fascism, and Orwellianism


Not Later

You Have Never Stepped Below the Crust

You will (probably) not be harmed

Merely Driven Out

In Disgrace

You will make sandwiches at the Mall

Or Mickey D’s