When in the middle of the night

Waking on a sudden zap

You think on your mountain of piled sins

And in each instance

See reflected the ignorance of children

Then you imagine that you are without aim

And then betray your sense of valuelessness

Then at certain dark predawn moments

Gather puffs of ominous uncertainty

You see how far from our daily questions

The deep sense of the real can flow

One – People – Liberation – Night

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∑ < • { : e – e : } • > ∫

People run in with machetes and sacks of ball bearings
/ / People have visions of transformation of their world
/ / / / People are left with no choice but to fall under spells
/ / / / / / People let go of their feelings for those they cannot have
One takes thought for the times when one has nothing
/ / One takes thought for the inevitable changes of heart
/ / / / One takes thought without stopping for the fears
/ / / / / / One takes thought to run up tabs and walk out
The liberation of crows is the liberation of magic
/ / The liberation of people is the change without the effort
/ / / / The liberation of elvenkind is the one thing that never ceases
/ / / / / / The liberation of you is your prosperity blossoming
One bit of solace becomes the thing you cling to
/ / One piece of truth is all you need to stay alive
/ / / / One iota of attraction is all you require to be enraptured
/ / / / / / One fragment of self-worth is all that’s needed to move forward
A night under the stars with a lover on a trip
< < < < Is all the method you need to reach a new level . . .

∫ < • { : x – x : } • > ∑

< < [ Taste the Rainbow ] > >

Sleeping on the nuclear switch
The cicadas buzz up a storm
A summer heat of bliss
Dissociative ecstacy lying in the grass
In the dark of the night the black cat roams free
Sniffing around the garden of weeds, then disappearing into the dark
Standing in the doorway as I wake at 9 am
We all go through the spiralling trials of life and also the spiralling realizations
Depersonalization disorder should plague the oppressors more and the oppressed less
Although there are good kinds of depersonalization, not disorders
Searing the visual cortex with a sun fired perception of beauty with a side of beer and cigarettes
The cat finds her courage
Bigots against the mentally ill and outsiders infest the local coffeehouse
Deeply unimpressed I take my business elsewhere
Realizing that I was not imagining them continually gossiping about me
Little birds flitter in the street; get out of the way of the oncoming car, you little fools
Overcast and bright today
And it is time to shower and get coffee (elsewhere)