awake since 1:30
a tremor in the night
a long way to fall
we shall see what shakes out
#micropoetry #mornings

a sleep that lasts for days
my longest at 15 hours
all because of something…
symbolism of dreams
a chaos piece
longing for change

Visions become nothing
Speed requires sleep
Swarms of giant spiders
Crawling up your leg
A terror of visions –
Don’t freak out when they come for you
Giants of the days of the week
Water gets everywhere
A little piece left for you –
Nothing is required to change –
– Yet longing for it
Asleep for days
Awake for minutes
Hearings on expulsion
Call a stone a stone
Become other than what you are

– aka TribalEphemeral


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Early morning reading
Waking up far too early
Waking up far too often
A common side effect I had not been experiencing
I am only drinking 4 beers a night
This morning I cut my antidepressants in half
My brain must have improved on whatever imbalance was holding it back
To suddenly begin getting this side effect
Four days ago

Morning 3

How do Mormons wake up?

Splash cold water on face?

Hot showers?

Prescription drugs?


…and brought much more clarity than in a long time

on the morning cigarette effect

S’pose I could do nicotine gum (but it’s only 7 minutes)

Only 7 minutes

Starting the day in a place of stillness; it’s worth something

Sane & effective; it has never been so uncluttered since I moved in

& Standard I/O is workable & working; first time in a long time

Not the only thread / No dishes, desktop resurrected

Where are those cables ;;/ Back to coffee and %magic%

Other meditations ahead, and more production

6:43 am

Morning 2

Personality loading…91%

Early morning coffeee

See if AT aminos overload me when

Taken before coffee & with meditations

Doing the 5 minute sit in silence

Before cigarette or coffee; is tough

That is useful information

Extents of the addictions

Yanking the shackles; Up, Damnit! Feed me drugs!

Yeah I got through them

Morning 1

My coffee is getting cold
My cat is getting old
Time for something bold
Sometimes the cat needs love
Can’t leave her alone all the time
(Why do you always show up when I just started something?)
<Because you are always drinking coffee/
or smoking cigarettes/
not my fault>