The Runes at the Side of the Canyon

The edits are made and discarded
We walk into the silence of the desert
Policy states that none may be distinct from any other, except in those cases in which they may, but see disclaimer
There are times when the moon simply will not do for what you have in mind
All the times of loss are compounded into an aroma of strawberries
The choke points are there to compromise your resolve
Yet unbeknownst to you there were some ravens by this way last night
My feeling about the direction things are going –
– Let us not forget the orbiting of those blue shadows –
– Is that there is a strong wind coming,
And we must all be prepared to take to the sea
The wind
It comes
It is not for us to be here when it arrives
The moment is come to leave all familiar things behind
The moment is come to strike out alone

Not for one instant did I see the dynamite under congress
But in the ends of the alleyways,
There are cases when you must put your lenses on and study
The runes at the side of the canyon are powerful and foreboding
The chaos to follow will be as nothing compared to your inner shadows
I call on the strength of 1,000 shadows and Jesus Christ

Let us become parrots, and flap about in jungles
Let us become house pets, and lounge about in the sun
Let us become mice, and dance beneath the moon
Let us dissolve into two dimensions

Change the cases and change the game
Change your eyes and you change what you see
Change their purses and escape the country
Change is good

Luna, We Call Her

Who can say what direction the moon favors?

One side is light, one is dark

And always it is ever turning around the Earth

The moon carries our dark secrets

As it carries the Apollonian rays of mental light

The archer who shoots the moon scores tremendously

Our buttons are pushed, and we react from it

In the evening when we relax,

It brings sweetest sleep

The serpent powers of the stars come down to slither upon it

Needing no one’s permission,

It turns, bending our emotions, this way and that

We come together under it to dance

Bringing down the mice of the moon’s cheese

Luna we call her, technically

Ever turning into the evening

Ever turning into the day

It lights our ways at night

And bringing all together,

We bring it down

A fantastic collision

The space faring creatures

Know not what to do with us

The moon-mice are now everywhere

Eating us out of house and home

As the Earth is reshaped

Together, you and I

We face this bravely

Not giving into fear


under the wailing wall

we lie in wait

for western warriors waving wands

under the moon’s eyes we see the light

we watch the programs and see a vapid society

we read the rare pages and we see the freedom of possibility

unrealized except among a few choice clusters

but then

there are the others

who is to say they are not also doing something to keep back the violent

where are we in this strange land of 2014

where everything is on edge

and all the thoughts are in play?

(if not all the actions)

where is the moon; it has vanished

where is the earth; we find only vagueness

where is the .

entwine well moon


disassemble your parts

what are you in there

the jenga tower of nervy pieces

chain reaction machine

partly flow the spores

the drifting wind of tone

there is no time in place

unscrew the hunger

No answer.

Just the ringing empty

of the thanatoic sandworms

piling on the sweaters

against the cold of nothing

there is no love drifting

no peace or pain

the mind throws strange images

unrestrained its parts not imagined

it‘s something you do

not something that happens

your understory unlike the clock-world we built

we are stranger