Seeding Chaotic/Emergent Information Flows: another method (++addendum,++)

I’m leaning towards, if you take this up and decide to post them, avoidance of including the serial numbers. If you thought people who got your verses might get value from treating them as collectors items, you might want to be sure to include serial numbers. Advantages over postcards: passes through many hands/eyeballs, good chance others will add on or pickup, money highly unlikely to be thrown away, no printing, stamping, or address deciding time or money cost, less time to write or archive. Seeding unpredictable changes…

Forgot to add: had been meaning to try spellwork-by-dollar for some time. Last week I put some symbols front and on back the same as the first pic on a 1. Today got paid with a 5 that had written ‘black lives matter’. Cannot recall last time I saw an annotated bill. Synchronicity, although temporally spaced…

Notable news: notwithstanding the multiplicity of extant & extinct alternative currencies, this obit from this week’s Economist newspaper of an artist of money-like objects: JSG Boggs

Neurons in an Uproar

Itchy to control outcomes
As strategy evolves
But little comes of all I do
Someone can see what you would instead hear
Violence is done without care
The neurons in an uproar
I should do something about that

Yet uncovered
The recluse without a choice
Seeking for money on the angles
But no way out, no way through
Alas, my resources gone

Method of Divining by Seashells the Movement of the Fed

Begin by placing a conch shell to your ear for a few moments
Arrange in a circle thirteen cowries
Do this on a square glass mirror without frame or backing
Pour the phial of anti-sense in the direct center and remember to regard the magnetic chirality of the Earth
The glass will shatter
Restrain the polarization refractors until the shards produce holographic rainbows
Place three sand dollars in a beaker of indigo in acetone
Apply gentle heat
Spin three times around and throw your hands up facing the Pentagon and scream “Ayiyiyiiii!”
Exchange the cowries for a Bangladeshi garment worker as in Africa in days of old
Set the garment worker to alphabetizing your books according to the Hindi translation, and with respect to their Turing-completeness
Throw the conch shell as hard you can against the brick wall of a bar that has exiled you
Throw one virgin hedge fund manager into the ball pit at Chuck-e-Cheese
Examine a trilobite in a museum, then steal it
Pour the dissolved sand dollars into the overturned trilobite within the squalid home of an independently wealthy junky
Take the junky’s hand and stare deeply into her eyes
Examine the pattern of the rainbows of the shattered glass of earlier
Flip a silver dollar high into the air until it comes to rest on the glass
Unless it lands on its edge the Fed will be blamed

The sweeping changes are coming hard
Hard to go all the way down to no cigarettes
Hard to stay occupied all day without beer
Hard not to steal 40 cents to make a beer
Hard the angst and anxiety
Everyday I struggle
Every day I have s few moments of peace
Are there solutions out there beyond this?
Or just more of the same?
Is this addiction?
Is this intractable depression?
Is this just boredom?
Or is this just life, which I am not cut out to cope with?

Value For Money

Value for money
A lot of corrections to be made
Some dream of finer things
Some are irreversibly stuck to the rat wheel
What is the true value of a symphony?
It is not based on ticket sales and payments to musicians alone
We continue making them, though they do not turn profits
And no one complains about this
What is the value of a poem, though it gathers few likes?
We write them interminably, for our own gratification,
And hoping someday to make a buck

Climate Change Polemic

Tearing through the fabric of apathy
One goes up against much
The apoplectic deniers
The people who cannot be bothered
Our ways are too weak
We cannot change
Nothing can give us the strength
I say to you,
We will have it
But will it come in time
To avoid the worst?
The totems are all different
The mystic has less meaning for many
But we must remain strong in our resolve
Not to be hypocritical
But to act as we ought to act
Take the actions
Make the protests
Inspire the politicians to will
Yet also the corporations
When the quarterly profit is All,
How can they be made to change
They must
We must take things in hand
Stereophonic wires
Plug into the messaging systems
While we still have
Our electricity and mechanization
Why can we not move towards solutions faster?
It is because of the monetary system
As we see with Greece
The spell of money remains too strong
People still believe it has Real Reality
When will we see
The end of money?
Over the land and through the weather
We ride in our insulated boxes
There are other possibilities
There could be a second
Hydrogen sulfide catastrophe
As the anoxic zones
Of the oceans grow larger
The carbon piles up
The soils deplete
The aquifers are pumped out
The system reels ever closer
To ever more drastic changes
Yet until we develop more energy
And bring down population growth
Through education and rising incomes
How will we change?
The problems of incomes and educations are key
We know births go down as they increase
And it is not as we can just solar power away
All our impacts
And yet
The system is intractable
Everyone has to borrow their money from someone
Wealth cannot just be created
There is incentive to hoard it
And people duly do so
And yet
There is hope
So where do we go from here?
What is your answer for something to do now?
Please comment
And by the way:
The Other Money
Economics of Well Being

And Yet…

The end of the outro

Is the very end

So many ways to look at things

A lot of baggage to claim

Could not and would not

Want to replace the deceased partner

He occupies a box of his own

The clearance of the word

Seeming to be other than you are

One thing or another

It happens to you

So many things

A jump in perceptions

You do what you do

You get money.

And yet…

Never to be ceased

Let the tide flow