See to your Mind

While illness diminishes me
it also makes me wondrous
Deep and unique
The symbology of the phenotype
The literalness of our peril
The cold of january
Splitting hairs and chilling
Harming none for science
Alarming things
Sequencing the mutations
Breakage is memory
Loss is trust
Recovery is in the air
Report for work tomorrow
Learn and see career center
Clean this place
See to your mind
Set all in order

Triple Sevens

Triple sevens three times one morning
Lasiks correction, paranoid schizophreia
Oft times we see phantoms
Serial hexes of the unquiet mind
Messages from God made material, reading
Seeing too much in things, symbolic consciousness
Symbolic, apropos of nothing
Ringing ears suggesting eternal life


So. We have to redo this all over again. Fuck.


Excretion. Ingestion. Metabolism.

Alkaloids. Alcohols. Aminos. Ethers. Ketones. Sugars.

High. Low. Smashed. Wired. Hurtin’. Trippin’. Twisted. Blowed. Lit.

Smokin’, Shootin’, Drinkin’, Snorting, Poppin Pills

Livers, Brains, Hearts, Lungs, Skin, Occasionally Kidneys.

Mystical, Dreamy, Hedonic, Verbal, Repetitive, Healing.

Nervous, Panicked, Enlightened, Compulsive, Depressed, Manic~

Persecuted, Invincible, Hunted, Shamed

Produced; Interdicted

Stopped, Shot, Jailed, Hospitalized

Inhibited, Broken, Healed, Cured, Damaged

No matter which way, you are changed.

Change is a threat.

A threat to something, someone, somewhere

The good robot no longer operates as programmed

Defy or misfire, its all the same to the combine


Capitalization really does make a difference when looking close… I see

Dissociatives? Speed? LSD? Fascism? Alcohol? Breakdancing? *&

Plus we go shed our bodies

we walk along sideways through


The dissociative panopticon


No swimming that night

Else we go

Left is dragon extreme

The speeding through constellations

Of thought

Working our minds around

Our condition

Shed the bodies


  • into the minds
  • Endless corridors of rooms

Losing ourselves in introspection

on the state of &+_


Takes supreme confidence

Taking all pieces,



The map expands, perhaps

Beyond ^ comprehension

In the blending of the other

Triahalogos  mystic screed

Working through

How much can you hold?

All comes back in some form e

Emerging after


The silent mind

entwine well moon


disassemble your parts

what are you in there

the jenga tower of nervy pieces

chain reaction machine

partly flow the spores

the drifting wind of tone

there is no time in place

unscrew the hunger

No answer.

Just the ringing empty

of the thanatoic sandworms

piling on the sweaters

against the cold of nothing

there is no love drifting

no peace or pain

the mind throws strange images

unrestrained its parts not imagined

it‘s something you do

not something that happens

your understory unlike the clock-world we built

we are stranger



{strange word object here}

Looking at today’s prompt  I considered doing it, but felt I was not prepared to write in anyone’s style in my present State.  I considered Wanderings in the Labyrinth ( and thehazeisgone ( and then thought ‘hey the only blog I regularly read not counting in the course of my secret writing project is ‘  But that was not to be either.  So challenge declined.  Here is one in the style of me instead.


Only the lonely Come along, Sam

Come along, Sam

Come along, Sam

Item scale three zero two oh one

Item scale kickback

Come along sam


Far from anything

Market ware

We weren’t there to see

Nothing in the air

in the water

Nothing to see here

Silent movie playing so

Empty halls of meaning

Psychosomatic Conceptual

Like the dark places

when we drift into dark corners

On those strange nights

Nothing makes sense

But all is comprehended

A thousand points of light