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Finally made an about page for my index site Psychic Fugue Studio. Gave it a v0.01 which eased the pressure to make it super-definitive. ::: …”and chipping away at prep work for a sort of divination/creativity/game tool product idea”…

As mentioned before, I started a Message of the Day feature there, too. It is being archived, as well. The ‘newest-ish’ links at PFS have aged some… I’ll have to do some new regular posts. But getting this shipment of postcards out is first. :::
“Love endures deeply
Lies like fleas multiply
Liminal spaces are created & experienced”…

Face-meltingly good short stories reviewed: Amber Sparks‘: May We Shed These Human Bodies :::: “But many of these stories touch down in the real.  Some of the most poignant and well-developed stories are those like “You Will Be The Living Equation” which takes us through a teenage girl’s stages of grief. ”

Maria Popova – 10 core lessons from 10 years of Brain Pickings:
“Presence is far more intricate and rewarding an art than productivity.”…”for, as Annie Dillard memorably put it, “how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.””
“Most important, sleep. Besides being the greatest creative aphrodisiac, sleep also affects our every waking moment, dictates our social rhythm, and even mediates our negative moods. Be as religious and disciplined about your sleep as you are about your work.”

14 Ways to Find Potential Buyers by Bowker for self published authors

“Love the earth and sun and the animals, despise riches, give alms to every one that asks, stand up for the stupid and crazy, devote your income and labor to others… re-examine all you have been told at school or church or in any book, dismiss whatever insults your own soul…” ::: Walt Whitman’s Advice on Living a Vibrant and Rewarding Life ::: Brain Pickings

How Dream Jobs Fail Expectations, or “Don’t Follow Your Passion”.. haven’t finished yet. Such as how running a design agency takes you away from most designing, forcing you to spend all kinds of time on management & business-y things instead.


Printing 1/4 page is not very hard. If you live in a place with street under windshield wipers is one way 1/4

to go. Art & science are choices of material too. Not just & events. Parking lots technically require owner permission 2/4

1h1 hour ago
& you can make different ones 4 on each side, instead of all the same A few of these Harder to skip over than posts 3/4

some possible things to spread, my 4/4

scattered pieces
train unwrapped
exploded diagram
signal moving parts
around chiral centers
narrative #eclipses the whole

inbuilt self
unbuilt unwatched untaught
set on path by a lone pebble
unweathered by fear
#calculus has nothing on this topology



Fluid dimensions of apathy
Lacking the proper drugs, I…
Word to the wise..
Balance your neurotransmitters.

Become educated.
long time no see that one

Feelings after the digression
Method of distinguishing symbols from things
Tiredness after sleep and behind on homework,
But doing the best we can

Not particularly abstract these few weeks; so what?
Words on the screen, none on the paper
Diminishment of thought to focus
Artwork suffers
Damned elections
We shall see how it goes!

And never forget to: Ballyhoo!!

Save the Oxygen Please, Pretty Please?!

Poetry Ebooks:
http://amzn.to/1Klzoyz 5 stars so far “Ziggomatic Keys: Synaptic Syntactic”
http://amzn.to/1Osm1R2 4.5 stars so far “The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore” on sale 99 cents 2/1 to 2/4 and then $1.99 for three days, or something like that

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154th or so postcards



Froma louisvillian. There were
2 broken ones by the side of the
road. I tried to pick one up but it
refused. [something] a tremor
ran through me as I saw with
horror. But the gas was not all
burnt up yet. As we get closer so
will the urgency of the efforts
but it would behoove us to NOW
make a voice perhaps. Perhaps
I will meet someone. But who
? Where to begin? the method is
untested. two localities and
targeted but this does not ripple

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bit.ly/1QlxYvc … bit.ly/RjPvUg … bit.ly/1KRWaW … bit.ly/1mrpgi3
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[this is about how if the ocean warms six degrees, which could happen in 100 years, the phytoplankton may die out, denying us of two thirds of our oxygen supply, one about 3 reasons the paris climate deal is a fraud, and a link to the poem down below below on my site, psychicfuguestudio.net/poetry]

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we demand new order
Watch for spirit
But some things are true
Who wants to be in charge
Who is anxious about what is going on the next line?
Do you. Need. Customers.
Build many small matrix networks.
This is vital.
You must not forget.
Glass Bead Game Transience Transcendence
The dry bones of the dead pursuits are
_______ now in the reality of integrating into one
But we are in the throes of it
Being unable to stick to to-do lists
_______ is your weakness
this poem written specifically for you
ruling arts for some things

A Poem With No Curse

The game is in play
The vision is near
The fame and the fortune
Do need not come here
Just there a bit here a dot
A little greasy wheel
In need of a cot
When one time you know
Another you see
And all I and Escher
Go down on one knee
The zeros are heroes
The methods reversed
And all the time waiting
A poem with no curse

Progress Update followed by Sympathy for Loneliness

(Skip intro and ramble if you just want the poem) A cool post from Scriggler (@iScriggle). I had a very strange and interesting and intriguing dream about the I just remembered now, not going to go into it though. A lot of things but it involved their computer systems and meshings or invasions between them and deoxy.org and various governments or some shit. And they say they tweet almost everything posted to their 50,000 followers which netted me about 300 views both times. Haven’t checked in to see if they’re still rising. I send them a tweet asking that my post be promoted just in case it’s missed or passed over. Took them 4 or 5 days to get to it after I posted “As You Disintegrate” which btw at the last minute I decided must go in the current book. And as I think I said, I’m planning to publish to paper when I learn to navigate createspace.com (an Amazon company) (A fairly successful author (although it is far from his primary income) tells me Amazon actually does a pretty good job of promoting createspace and kindle books, and I guess he knows his shit) (I guess that means there are discounts for bookstores or something, cuz if there were only one price you wouldn’t be able to sell so easily above the Amazon price for one. I dunno I guess people (customers) in bookstores wouldn’t know they could get it from createspace? yeah that makes sense). Dude also says a big chunk of his income comes from book design going into createspace and he contracts out to families and stuff and does cons…. Ian McLeod is pretty awesome. I have read two thirds Bilge Pump of a Turgid Mind (poems). It is more challenging and interesting than the commercial poetry book my parents got me for Christmas. I have had to go slower and most of it works with topics that interest me… (The Christmas book is actually pretty good, though, Nick Flynn, My Feelings, significant amount of shit about death in it). And I have read a big chunk of Thirty Minutes More Or Less chapter 14 of Ian’s (wait it has a different name, I dont know if he sent me someone elses book or thats a pseudonym, I think its a pseudonym Joshua Lee Andrew Jones) The Excess Road, and it is, to put it bluntly, awesome! We have had some very fruitful exchanges on marketing and publicity (well not really publicity, I’ll have to send him a link to Publicize Your Book! recommended by Carmichael’s Books for anyone who participates in their consignment program. I read a lot of it before I got desperate and sold it for beer, and it is really good. (Sigh, I am a writer with no books. I sold them all. Well, I have like maybe twenty but half of those are things I can’t sell and have no interest in reading. Hoping paypal to cooper.dozier@gmail.com and monthly recurring donations to patreon.com/lostinmist will start rolling in when the first 70 postcards in my 1000 postcard campaign arrive at their targets tomorrow. May be too optimistic. We’ll see. Perhaps instead of doing Louisville I should be mailing to poets and poetry magazines. But I got the “Unity” card (only drew one this time, I swear) in the Faeries Oracle when I drew a card to see if it would be good to target San Francisco next after Louisville. I suppose I can just mail them to whoever I can find who I feel like in the moment rather than stick to any set plan… but some must go to poetry stuff and some to san Francisco. I sent one to Mayor Fischer, which I believe he will see and dig, but have so far elected not to send one to Obama or our new dickbag governor Bevin. Fly under the radar, I suppose, no? New landing page at psychicfuguestudio.net later tonight (it’s next up unless I meditate first, but in this moment, I am feeling totally ready for web design… a rare feeling unless I’ve been sober a couple weeks, so I guess I’ll hit it) maybe I’ll take out some ads… I believe this is the correct Ian McLeod http://ianmcleod.com/ but he doesn’t appear to advertise his books on his site; how odd!




A playful study on the characteristics and values of loneliness.

If loneliness had a flavor,
it would be like the taste of paper . . .
referring back to the days in grade-school,
when consuming paper
was a more likely occurrence.
Milking from those memories,
the recall of pulpy spit-wads and
the “not-entirely-offensive-yet-savagely-unappealing” flavor –
but lonliness would not carry so much the certain and confident character
of dime-store, college-ruled notebook stock,
lacking that level of definitive identity.
If lonliness had a flavor,
and it tasted like paper,
it would carry the musk and frailty of an old paperback,
yellowed and pungent with the nuance of time and use,
reminiscent of cookie dough, but without the sweet . . .
or anything else really “cookie-ish”
save for the soft top-note,
a bit musty and almost familiar,
nearly comforting at first,
growing more daunting and unfullfilling
in the lengthening of its presence
on the palate.

If lonliness were a guest at your door,
it would be a face familiar . . .
one you had almost forgotten about altogether
and one whom . . .
when upon spying through the peephole,
you would quietly mouth the word “damn”
and wish you could reverse time
for just 5 mere seconds
to resist the cheerful “just a minute!”
you offered at the call of the bell . . .
betraying your option of feigned absence.
And you would exhale long . . .  and slow . . .
and brace yourself before opening the latch . . .
reluctantly welcoming and all-the-while wondering
how long this visit would last . . .
fighting the urge to keep gazing at your watch
forcing the conversation,
wishing you really had something else to do
and wondering what it was you did,
which wrought upon you this karma.

If lonliness had a sound,
it would be voice of a solitary violin,
weeping fervently,
the wanton bow and resin of sorrow
dragging across the threads of unrequieted desire
resonating the throat of sadness,
and echoing the hallowed empty halls
of absence and desolation . . .
still  . .
and low . . .
and constant,
offering no hint of resolve or pause.

But it has no flavor,
no face and no song.

It is in its essence the absence of something,
unnamed, unknown, unseen and unheard,
and still universally understood,
regrettabley mundane,
brazenly eventual,
and effectively uniting us,
to make the rain taste sweeter than spit-wads,
obligations more meaningful and important,
and sad songs somehow lighter.

– See more at: https://scriggler.com/DetailPost/Poetry/438#sthash.zvzn9XCZ.dpuf

Ziggomatic Keys ( * & Synaptic Syntactic and Really Fantastic & * )

Huntsville poet and novelist Ian McLeod says of the first draft: “They’re both good, but the Jabberwocky section in the Ziggomatic Keys book was some fantastic verse–you touched on (or perhaps impaled and nuked from orbit?) a number of important subjects and problems without coming off as too didactic, which is not an easy thing to accomplish and is always rewarding for the discerning reader. Your imagery is vivid–dreamlike and nightmarish, as appropriate.”
“Ziggomatic Keys ( * &  Synaptic Syntactic and Really Fantastic & * )”
Will be through Amazon’s review process in approximately twelve hours, in time for the arrival of the first 70 postcards. Now I’ve just gotta hack on my landing page at psychicfuguestudio.net! How Exciting! I’m really excited! La! Send address to cooper.dozier@gmail.com to get a postcard (as noted before. Be the first! no takers yet). Card blanks 75 cents each minimum 10. Ziggomatic Keys will be $4.49 since amazon said that was likely to maximize my earnings. I had thought to do $5.99. There are extra spaces that aren’t in the real subtitle, because apparently (I think) those sequences of symbols are illegal.

[Update amazon link is: http://www.amazon.com/Ziggomatic-Keys-Synaptic-Syntactic-Fantastic-ebook/dp/B01A3P9TSK

or http://amzn.to/1Klzoyz ]


Social Media

Who wants to have a social media burst for contemporary poetry? If you tag ‘contemprorary poetry’ in wordpress you can get in the top two days (two pages) of results. maybe if we all made an effort on facebook, twitter, and youtube, we could make a serious blip on the radar of contemporary poetry booksales, and get the motivation to enter more contests or magazine submissions, as well as more fans of contemporary poetry. If you do, please make an effort to tag your best work only.
Upcoming post on how Patreon can work for writers, when the goblins stop eating most of the links I click on. (We have an ISP problem or a virus here, that can’t be resolved by web chat with AT&T :(. Sad)

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