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Invocation collage – Casting yourself as a spell – base 2014(?) – top 2015(?) – most image swivel/xacto-knifing 2011

I’ve been selected to be one of Tupelo Press’ 30/30 Project poets for March. 30 poems in 30 days going to their rather larger-than-mine platform/audience. Part of the deal is that I also make an effort to fundraise for them. One of the options is a year’s subscription series (9 books for $99, & you can choose from prior years back to 2009 as well). Tupelo Press is a non-profit press and they’ll be setting a page up for that through Network for Good. This will be my first non-self publishing credit other than the short-lived Purple Pig Lit ezine.

Meanwhile, to get the Message of the Days (target: ~2.5 a week) I post to Psychic Fugue Studio by email, occasional announcements, and a copy of the 3 sample poems and bio that got me the gig, please fill out the contact form at bottom. I’ll be using MailChimp, and I don’t really know how it works yet, but unsubscribe links should be included in every email.

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Calculating Toadstools
Discordian Postcard Conspiracy, Series B #171

Above border: From a 3/17 Tupelo Press 30/30 project selectee

They went by hex, they went
by text, they went with art
& nitrous carts, they went along
on callousy foots. They found
the Flots that gobbled dots, they
knew who was the man to see,
they altered coats and rolled up
goats, they had too many shots
for me. They knew the time,
it didn’t rhyme, but each
loose cannon heard his chime,
and in the end, your ear to bend,
your coat, your heart, your
mind, push send. A fallow
field, a toe unfelt, a time to dance…

:: to be sent to an NYC poet

Additionally, Synaptic Syntactic is finally near completion of revisions and is estimated to be in all major ebook markets worldwide by 3/21 at the latest (BookBaby has a 3 week turnaround time from submission to publication.


PoeticPostcards: #48-53 – Series B


Another round up, also to 20003 area. They may’ve arrived by now? The draft said it was 3 days old, and obviously I must type before I send them off… PoeticPostcards

“Knowing not what to
say, she babbled: “How can it
not be so when it was ever
thus? Who makes the mix tapes?”

300 DPI postcard design from me to you!

Unitarian Panpsychist Prayer

Psychedelic Film Criticism for the Already Deranged
Caretaker Sparkle: ROOM 237 [[<<film title]]


PoeticPostcards: #42-47, Series B

…”know just how many
times to spin the errors &
wash your clocks ….”…

work for a plumber of the
ideograms’ syntactic semant-
ic vehicles.”…

Going against the grain of paranoia I will say that my focus on the mental health industry has shifted over to individual therapists listed in the Capitol Hill area (more cards and spots to come).. My inclination is to throw all my time into this project, but that is not good business. There are other things that must be done.

Full text & some context of cards here

Psychoschemata Vector Seeding

Fast launch
Better than meticulous perfection
Stop trying to do all pieces at once
Assemble & tweak, subvert & rebubble
Set all in one way together, set all those against aside
Let not it be said that nothing was tried… – My own unique strategies & tactics
Resembling nothing so much as the symbols of the heuristic schemata ladders –
We take our shots by chaos, by coil, by screw, by bloom

2.71828 = lim[n→∞](1 + 1/n)n

New PoeticPostcards – Series B #36-41


http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2015/11/want-to-get-into-bio-hacking-heres-a-beginner-bioreactor-for-engineering-cells-at-home/  [[click through to get GIF animation from above]]

New Postcards, Series B #36-41 @ postcards home. Series A reached 600+ before stalling out for a few months.

…. “Some things are like
this; others require certain
knowledge. Nevermind… Rem-
ember, though, this: Always
make a thorough study of
the alkaloids in question, yet
keep in mind also that your
mileage may vary… Think
not of roses but of stones” ….

Still sending to the psychology website people. The next six, using the directory of individual therapists, have been written, but possibly going to get my revised ebook and new homepage up before I push them through. A different group of zipcodes in the sites this time.. ***

Postcard Image files 300 DPI – free to replicate!

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New PoeticPostcards – series B #30-35

New Postcards, Series B #30-35
 : postcards home
Series A reached 600 +/- then stalled for a few months.

…” No sequence of right answers
will release you from mys-
tery. It is, instead, like
Zen riddles. No unanswered
traumas appear. “…

At present, aiming at those involved in mental health care as addressees. Have sent to a couple websites’ staff and some others… Now having the directories, will forwardly be sending to individual counselors. But is the Louisville area the most sensible target? “Always stick closest to your local reality” says an ancient (~2006), possibly incoherent, manifesto of mine. Is it valid, or do you have suggested localities?

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