Hop to Hop


The Complexcity project

Cross bus switchups

Pity the fool who doesn’t know Google Maps’ Magic

Any point to any point, any time now or then

Takes longer, but brings a stop to jangling of continuous-on-life at home or office or car

When the pawn…

Radio off, notate cards

Da /:/:/

[transmission interrupted by bus arrival]

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Unitarian Panpsychist Prayer

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Hackable Icicles

They line up like soldiers

And fall one by one

As in videogames, such as Mega Man (?)

Such that inside, you see the electronics, you see the vortices of quanta

Nonlocality smeared out, not averse to a puff of magicking to persuade them to come loose, just then

“You’ll shoot your eye out”,

Ah, it was never so true

Rescind and replant, rebuff and rejigger, it was never so until you said it, and now you’ll be careful what you wish


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Vapid ramblings of unbound mind

Flows pain me to think, but I prefer the mindless

Candle Burns holding sacred space, incense streams, as Sacred Dove sits in witness

Hypnosis of goal finding, lies and excuses to boot; lift me up, make me something to sell

A prayer is thus said, a choice is thus tAken, false self-obsessed friends abandon, those who remain, we know . .

No lovers, lo these many years, a time of growth, expelling demons, gaining boundaries and assertions and the strength of ‘No’

No, I am not what is spoken by that one, no you may not show up at 545am drunk and expect welcome anymore, no I do not need your mathematically looped prejudices and complications, no I don’t want to listen to your chained series of chimerical delusions, nor Your repetitive blogs about how aweful all the others are


In time two saints know, that in their virtue they had lost all vitality and significance

In time they see they awoke too late, the world has already spliced their bloodless pronouncements into its social, technical, and legal D/RNA

In time the march of the fascists, in time the march of the imperious judging mind

Divide not into worthy and unworthy, respect difference, seek to understand and be understood

Yea, all life is sacred, yea, all people are granted basic respect . .

Admiration of The Star, Exaltation of the Ace, the 8 of Cups . .

Departing in disgust

From my Facebook


Fantasies and intentions do not necessarily overlap
Not the same thing and do not be concerned
Twinkling eyes full of mischief showed us the way, and while the lithe dryads gather
mischievous thoughts to their pocketses and thighs, not all of them were of the
weather of lust
In your heart, remember these things:
. . . . . Nine before seven were the ways to Sunday
. . . . . Three types of toe curls were known from the start
. . . . . Elation by connection is one way to know others
. . . . . Do not let friendships fall into disuse

Each small child has a faery guide in addition to the biggest fans
None take care of business in quite the way poets do
Grave insults not appreciated and should be frowned upon
Yet all above the weather was the possibility of open relationships
Clues to the wise and rancor for the enemies
Yet always the chance of reconciliation
Closure is not yet
The dreams gather and network in the parallel city of night across all distances
Do not close the possibility of new deepening and desires among yourselves
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Dreaming of Demonoid Picotant


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Demonoid picotent is sleeping with the devil
Demonoid of the last outer outpost
Excuse that interlude
in the sleep of the all, the trialogues of damnation, and 
	fuck you sir.
Of all the smiles and then
Of all. Oh snap
Well. Certainly we know what and who we like. We can make 
	no broader statement than that at this time
Brought in from the cold…
Sleeping in the 'excuse me' of the last resort . . . 
	Coming through!
Coming down the channel from off of the heaven sent
Dreaming of demonoid picotant
We … sleep
We ... dream
We do all the things to which we are allowed and some to 
	which we are not, my demonoid, … and yet…
See disclaimer
See the end user license agreement
See warranty
We do all the things to which we are allowed and some to
	which we are not and then there are others to which
	we must and follow the dreams to the end of the rainbow
Picotant of the demonoid drops like frogs, or fogs, as the 
	case may be, and is ever thus, or is thus only maybe, as 
	the case may be, or if not see listed conditions of the
	terms of endearment
Slipping into the undemonic stillness we sleep over the stage
Becoming upspeak and determination we wandered the tunnels
	of the messages of the sociologists and otherwise became 
	slightly enhanced and determined our way was of enticement
	and randomly assigned values to each one we could see
But otherwise and then determined, Demonoid allowed as to how we
	had to cloak ourselves in secrecy and become other than 
	ourselves according to the aims but could if otherwise
	become something to which we would want to taste
Finally changing, the reality of the dream became apparent
	and then while we wandered the planes of that world, becoming
	ever distinct from the background, which then if who arrived
	collecting the teardrops and orgasms together to form the line
	of inquiry to which we were drawn, and ever pursued, allowing
	time for the others to adjust and all in all remaining apart 
	for the time being
Doing the many things to which we are not allowed, we discovered
	a degree of freedom
Discovering a degree of freedom we found our hearts and found our
	eyes and very nearly became other than what we were, becoming no
	longer We of the Small, but reversed course and animated in
	time for the changing of the guard and the reseeding of the
Waking, we determined to go and inquire of the sage as to whether
	to allow it
It cannot be so
It cannot be so, because we are we, and shall never discover, nor
	remain with the others,s and shall always depart until we find our
	place to stand
Demonoid came along and spake thus:
	Visions of the peace confound you, and armies of the masters
	confront you; the viruses of the mind are many and replete with
	unnecessary woe and collecting and dreaming you are not allowed 
	to implacably oppose them, and so you must. The key to the 
	secrets is to determne and recoil, to vanish and rescind, to
	poke and to prod, to find the limits and step upon them, to
	expand and destroy, to craft the viruses of your own, or viroids
	as the case may be, and memetically enchant, and conversationally
	to step in, and in the wind of the turning tides to have your 
	victory with your many methods of shapeshidting and clueing in
	to the potentials but also the likelihoods of the dust
The probabilities were strong and complete
We saw our paths and chose several in contradiction
Filing the particles we entangled, and entangling we sundered,
	and sundering we found justice, and then we flared up, and
	flaring we flew to the sun, gaining and endless source of
	small energy and becoming random, we were ever uncaught
We of all the small ones know this or do not, as the case may be
Be no wise certain of this
Be no wise certain of anything
And it was thus, and it was thus, and it was thus, and it was ever thus so

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Magic Star Time

Unlikely to BE any Magic Star Time today
The dose is too small
All I could afford
But there certainly was yesterday
The aniracetam not cancelling the dextromethorphan
As you might expect
Perhaps even Amplifying?
We’ll see in a little while
Bringing the doses closer together
Smidgen of strange feelings lingering in my head
Tremendous thoughts found
It crept up on me yesterday
I kept thinking, well it’s less than expected
Until, then it wasn’t
And I had to admit I had the full effect
Possibly more….
Happy days
Little beer, but some
Trade-offs and compromises
Cards VERY favorable for dosage
Do not disconnect
Love is in the air
But perhaps with the seeds?…
Then may we have victory?
Cards extremely favorable again
Although they may be cancelled by the venlafaxine
We’ll see, we’ll see indeed
Couple hours to soak
We’ll see
Bit of creeping headache
See where this goes
Delight I already feel rising
Perhaps a different sort of Magic Star Time,
After All
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Magic 1-5 and the Odd Verse

Baths, Baths, Baths
Said the spirit reader
Your spirit is unclean
Because you invite
Too many kinds of things in
And the querent noted
In the post, days later
The ridges of the toothed comb
Run through your hair
Combing out old experiences
Cut your hair off
And they will trouble you less
Especially if you have
Kinky, curly, or frizzy hair
In that order
Do a salt water cleanse
Anointing yourself with some
Then write a verse on the sidewalk
Put the cleanse water
Into a measuring cup or a pitcher
And pour a circle or a square
Around the verse
Tracing or invoking
Your preferred symbol over it
Then if the spell concerns a place
Or a person
Walk a circle around
That or a related place
And with your chalk
Draw your symbol
Within the circle
And say the words you find necessary
For complete freedom
Cast your implements into the sea
And dance
Preferably around a fire
(Careful not to get drunk and fall in)
You may get new implements
But know that such elaborate things
Are not necessary
To many magics
Adjust rituals
As needed
William Burroughs’ Chaos Magic
To ruin a place
Make a recording
Of the ambient noise
Circling and pacing about the place
At various times of day and night
And when you get home
Record over it at various places
‘Trouble sounds’
Such as sirens, gunshots, screams, fights, explosions
And return
Circling and pacing again
Again day and night
But this time playing back
They will soon be gone
And nothing will sustain there
For decades
Not that I would ever risk such karma
But I imagine such a technique
Could be adapted
To non-destructive ends
The raven and the crow fly
The black cat pokes around
Out of doors
Other black cats may stalk
But not mine
Moving along
The worms do their composty work
Reducing my footprint
(Not really, they’re dead
But I’ll get some more soon)
The man diffuses his grappa
From dross into clear golden
Later to drink down
As the faeries that inhabit Gwirrel’s Garden
Take nighttime trips
To rain inspiration or dark ideation
On your sleeping head
Your keys represent your access to the realms
How would you characterize them and their rings and chains?
Do you often lose them?
Or always know where they are?
Are there too many, or just one?
And in how many copies
Combination locks and passwords
And identifications and credit and loyalty cards similarly
Who knows what about you?
What is your relationship to your clutter,
And how much is there;
These are important things to know
Are there dead spots in your life?
Or is it merely well lived in?
The stray dog comes through your window
Searching for safe haven
Do squirrels or snails
Plague your fruits and vegetables?
And of what do you dream?
Later I discovered
Two relations of the Fibonacci Sequence
To the number of sides and internal crosses
In polygons
The third layer being the number of sides plus crosses
The second layer being the number of sides
And the second layer in the level above being the number more than last
Although there is no third level in three
The number of sides and crosses is three
Which the second level on the other side adjacent is also a three
I’m sure this is not news to mathematicians
But I found it fascinating