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Fantasies and intentions do not necessarily overlap
Not the same thing and do not be concerned
Twinkling eyes full of mischief showed us the way, and while the lithe dryads gather
mischievous thoughts to their pocketses and thighs, not all of them were of the
weather of lust
In your heart, remember these things:
. . . . . Nine before seven were the ways to Sunday
. . . . . Three types of toe curls were known from the start
. . . . . Elation by connection is one way to know others
. . . . . Do not let friendships fall into disuse

Each small child has a faery guide in addition to the biggest fans
None take care of business in quite the way poets do
Grave insults not appreciated and should be frowned upon
Yet all above the weather was the possibility of open relationships
Clues to the wise and rancor for the enemies
Yet always the chance of reconciliation
Closure is not yet
The dreams gather and network in the parallel city of night across all distances
Do not close the possibility of new deepening and desires among yourselves
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Nondescript and Pointed


Slightly off kilter, beaming out sunlight…
Seeming ever to be ready, and wailing not
Seeming to be there to take questions
Seeming not to be restrained
Questions of theoretical artisanal media
Questions of nine against seven reform
Questions of terror and questions of isolation
Not to be communicated or strewn
Not to be there for our loves…
Under wires and waves requiring consent
Nondescript and pointed he put his questions to us
Not to be sued nor thought of as lost
Not to be questioned by probing people
Let it be known and said from the skies…
Love is best and love can always be found!!!


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Bubbling up like submerged fire
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The Last Day on Earth


Study Shows Climate Change Could Suffocate Life on Earth

3 Reasons Why the COP21 Paris Agreement is a Fraud

Immediate Drastic Action is required if we are not to have ourselves a dead rock by 2200. They say photosynthesis in the ocean could stop by 2100.

We are here to change the world. Not just to follow rules, make money, and die. — Black and Red Anarchists on facebook

I have a sort of starter action plan. Watch this space in the next couple days.

Bring Your Arms! The Last Day on Earth No Matter How Hard You Try You Can’t Stop Us Now Don’t Wait Until You Grow Up Battle Scars kamikaze

Someone said “Don’t worry about the time it will take. The time will pass anyway”

Revolt and Rejoice!


Exit traumatic vigilance in the pocket demonization of innocents bring your arms violence and destruction last chance to save the cold dead rock rock on diminish and discover revolt and rejoice rediscover and be free visions of demons and multidimensional puzzles exit through the dream world visions and destruction visions and violence trauma and panic revolt and rejoice build and destroy grow the integral trees and become rescind and rebind lie and deceive fly and fall zero in and kill live on the edge for once Rise Up and Die Rise Up and Die the zero hour is come live for it, live as you have never lived before lie and deceive intervene and subterfuge sabotage and attack protest and riot, in the comparative quiet of the riot, you exult. with the riot you exult. echo, echo echo but do not deceive do not diminish do not dream but be do not do violence but work life work magics majestic and claim your power. Lie or do not, the choice is yours. The rock is dead if you do not rise….

We are here to change the world. Not just follow rules, make money, and die. — Red and Black Anarchists on facebook


Time to go and time to trust
Time to wean and time to lust
A time to love and a time to kill
A time to devour all the pills
A place for you and a place for me
A place beneath an olive tree
Seven red roses I declare
That you’re the one who is most fair

Love poem 2015…

StreamOfC #x

In all collections of weird ways. Truth is love. Love brings
us together. To become distracted of sounds. To become
a new man. To rise up from your low state. To be changed
To slave away at new verse. Writing away to the
end of the page. Love is what holds it all together.
To cut or not to cut? To crown and adore. To cherish
and sing. To not require, but request. To see eye to eye,
right up in front of each other. Too many talks to

Of the Deceit

Each and every which way
The demolition of the Trinity test
Was something unheard of on the planet
We sit in waiting
For someone to press the button

Each and every which way
Becoming loud for our masters to hear
“Yes, massa, you just do whatever you think you need to”
Smile and agree them to their graves

Each and every which way
Demeaning of the other goes on
Little changing year to year
All collecting others of their peace
Coming down the tubes with venom

In a silent moment
You reflect
You become a mirror for them
You become a mirror for yourself
The parts gather and replace their eyes
And they are made to go

Damaging rays of scrutiny pile in
Allegedly untoward of the warriors
But gross with fire
The globes of presumption and hypocrisy burst
The group flies apart
From the repellent forces it has generated within

In a time of chaos
You become replete with smoothness
It follows you there
Everything becomes true
Everything flows
With the new cast line up
Nothing goes awry

A coupling of interests emerges
Becoming one you become two, and then three
The travel is hard
You cannot see what you have missed
But are satisfied with what you got
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