No one looks too hard at the type that held the clueless transfixed
Mildly put, someone broke into your mind undetected


version b {all night memetic freestyling riff}

< < seem to have lost some pieces and the html is all fucked up and I know there were a couple bits I was still wording out, and there was more formatting to do. But the fit of inspiration has ended. Oh well. We shall have to settle for imperfect > > — <{Meta}: […]

on some odd days

Theists of the world: you may consider the thought that god(s) treats all as equals and so perhaps that is merely different and not above us (or perhaps others, either). ¬†Atheists may also profit from just pretending that is so. ¬†Why then.should you do less Or more? -Sent from my iPhone if if […]