Objections to Poetry’s ‘Gatekeepers’ (the Atlantic)

Poetry Isn’t as Useless as a Lot of Folks Say It Is …. “That’s because folks like Alexander have worked to create a myth of an essential poetry, poetry that is important because of what it is, rather than because of what it says. It’s long past time, therefore, that we stopped asking “What Use Is […]

Rejection Letter from Hermeneutic Chaos

For the Jane Lumley prize, not general publication: “We always look forward to reading literature that moves us, excites our aesthetic sensibilities, and inspires our imagination to explore realms that are unique and enthusiastic. And there was much to admire in your work as it presented to us a narrative landscape stunningly wrought with haunting […]


Trying to quit again (again#again$again@again:::_} day 1 (well, I bummed 3 at intensive outpatient this morning) … Is not the best time to try to push productivity into high gear. Or handle important appointment making and court stuff :; Zen koans do not necessarily make for the best therapeutic readings (although I don’t really know […]

Seeking Exposure

Beating on the door of success Contests submitted but not yet won Knowing however that I tried A progress toward perfection Open mics with regularity Spilling the truth into other minds No acceptances no publications 50 top literary magazines to submit to Shoot for three a day Ship on demand to get books at the […]